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Unexpected Spiritual Trip

2.5 very potent grams

T-0:00 - I ate about roughly 2.5 grams on cubes, not sure on exact dose as it was eyeballed. I had tripped shrooms a couple of times, The trip before this was 3.5g, so I wasn't expecting anything too crazy, little did I know I was about to take the ride of my life. My friend (let's call him A) ate the same dose as me and has only tripped shrooms 2 times before, and my other friend (let's call him B) ate 2gs as it was his first time.

T-0:30 - I was starting to feel the body high very intensely as well as A, but B wasn't feeling much yet. We were coming up so quickly and so hard, I was very tired as it was already 1:30am, prior to waking up at 7:00am. I was drifting in and out of conciousness and was starting to get strange CEV's that would wake me up, I was seeing timelapses of mushrooms growing.

T-0:45 - Everyone is starting to trip, As I was in the bathroom I was starting to get my first visuals, The door was breathing and the grain was flowing sideways. A is getting the breathing effect on couches and walls, B claimed the divits on the ceiling were starting to move in a indescribable way, almost as if they weren't, but they were, I knew what he was talking about.

T-1:30 - Everyone is starting to trip really hard, not peaking yet, but very hard. This was definitely more intense than my last 3.5g trip, walls looking curved and breathing with me, the Television was waving like the ocean and things were starting to shrink and twist and whatnot.

T-2:00 - The peak, this is when I had my first spiritual experience on a trip, I recently bought a laser projector that shoots Green and Red lasers all over the room that shift around, I turned these on and I was at a lose for words. 

T-2:30 - As I'm laying on the ground as well as A is, I started playing the song "Hypnotic by Vanic X Zella Day" if you have not heard this song while tripping I HIGHLY recommend it, this blasted me off into a state of pure bliss and euphoria, I was rolling around on the floor, unable too speak, just in awe by my profound visuals, it Felt as I was floating towards the ceiling and lasers, The trip was getting so intense I just had to let go and explore my own mind. 

T-3:00 - Still peaking, Iayed with my eyes closed and let the music flow through my ears, while my CEV's would shift to the beat, I opened my eyes, I was laying on my stomach with my hands straight out towards the walls, and my fingers turned into mushrooms squiggling around, the wall infront of me were the floor met starting bending downwards like I was at the top of a slide laying face first, I turned around and looked at A, what I saw is almost indescribable, his face was a black and white hourglass spinning around, while his actual faces were on the sides, seeing 4 of them, all smiling and deforming. He got up and went to his room to use the bathroom, he had ESPN playing on his Tv and he claims as he walked through his room, the people talking were speaking gibberish, almost sounded like a alien language of some sort, the doorway closing in on him as he passes through, bathroom tiles shifting around under his feet.

T-3:30 - I relized I had to use the restroom badly, so I got up and took my phone so I could listen to music, this is where my trip started going badly, but I quickly changed my mindset and it went back too good, as I was in the bathrooms the walls and tiles were moving so intensely, the music echoing off the walls and mirror, For some reason I convinced myself I had peed all over my friends bathroom (I didnt), I started feeling paranoid, moments of eternity, couldn't figure out how to leave his bathroom, eventually I calmed myself down and returned to the lasers in the living room.

T-4:00 - We turn off the lasers and I'm amazed by my visuals in pure light, the characters on family guy were multiplied, I was seeing multiple of each one. When they spoke there voices would echo intensely, the TV was bending and shrinking and waving so much I couldn't really make out what was on TV, I could only see the characters.

T- 4:30 - The comedown, still getting good visuals, but definitely less intense, during the peak I didn't know who what or where I was, but I was totally fine with it. Such a spiritual trip, I don't remember falling asleep but I must of passed out on the comedown.

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