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Trip report and some great song to listen to when tripping

My first trip

Yesterday I decided to try shrooms for the first time with a friend of mine. We both still live together with our parents, and since the winters here in Finland are pretty cold we didn't wanted to trip outside. So we ended up renting an apartment. 

This was my first time to try any psychedelic. Taking that into consideration I didn't wanted to take a too big of a dose, I ended up eating around 2.7 g. We got the mushrooms down with the help of some water, but it took some time, they really tasted horrible. Then the waiting part began. After about 30 minutes I started to feel som minor effects and after that everything got weirder and weirder. After around 40 minutes some minor open eye hallucinations took place, it seemed like the table infront of us was moving back and forth and some colors looked brighter. I walked to the nearest mirror and I realized that my pupils already were enormous. Then more stuff started to move until everything moved in one way or another. Then suddenly someone called my friend. We had totally forgot that we still had to meet another friend of ours because we had his weed. That was just when the trip started to get crazy. We went outside and everything felt so weird, I remember thinking that we were on an other planet, all the houses outside didn't look human at all. It felt like I was in a space town on a planet far far away. We quickly met the other friend and then we hurried back to the apartment. When we got inside I looked at myself in the mirror and God I looked weird, it almost scared me how weird I looked. My eyes seemed enormous and I looked like an alien. 

Then we sat down on the couch, listened to some awesome music, we had amazing, really deep conversations about life, how we could improve todays society and about the meaning of life. 

It felt like I was a small child again, everything seemed so interesting and beautiful. And I had a very relaxing feeling in my body all the time (it kind of reminded me of a really good Indica high) I also had some crazy closed eye hallucinations, for an example I remember seeing myself swinging on a yellow moon. Everything was so great and I was afraid that I would forget everything that happened if I didn't wrote it down. I tried doing that, but it just didn't worked out at all. Just when I knew what to write down, I got an other crazy thought and I completely forgot what I wanted to write down in the first place. The same thing happened when I tried drawing down my hallucinations and my feelings. 

After about four hours the trip slowed down and I became more sober. I realized that I was really hungry (I didn't notice that at all during the trip) and my stomach hurt a bit. And at the same time I felt really, really tired. So we decided that it was time to go home and sleep. My pupils were still really big when I got home but the next morning when I woke up they were back to normal again. 

Overall it was a great trip. It really change my perspective on this world, and I realized how great it is to be alive. I think that the most awesome thing with shrooms are the crazy thoughts you get and how they all the time get replaced with new even crazier thoughts. I think I'm gonna try mushrooms again, but the next time I will "do them" outside in the nature during the summer, I'm also gonna take a much bigger dose the next time, probably something around 5 grams. 

I think that the most important things during a trip is to have a safe place where you can take them in peace. Renting an apartment, if you don't have an own, is perfect unless you are doing it outside in the nature (I haven't tried that but I'm sure it is even nicer). Other important stuff to take into consideration is to do it together with a close and openminded friend (even thought tripping alone probably also is great, but it can feel safer to do it together with someone else if it is your first time). I have read on many forums that having a sitter (someone who doesn't take shrooms are with you, making sure everything goes well) is important, but I don't think it is a most. Everything turned out great even though we were alone. Music is also really important! 

Here is some of my favorite songs I listened to during the trip: (Don't judge these tracks when you are sober, it is totally an other experience when tripping!)

STS9: Aimlessly

STS9: Baraka

Shpongle: Divine Moments Of Truth

Pink Floyd: Echoes

The Doors: The End 

The Heavy Pets: 3 am 

Papadosio: Find Your Cloud

I definitely recommend everyone to try shrooms in some point of their life. It can really be a life changing event.

I hope everyone is having a great day! Keep calm and eat mushrooms! Thanks for taking your time to read my report. 

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