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First Acid trip

first time, 2 stamps

So after reading trip reports for months, i was eager to try shrooms sadly i only got the connection to acid so here we go... 
This was a month ago and I've forgotten exactly what happened so i'll try my best to explain. 

I coped two stamps $15 each, my mom and her boyfriend left the house around 1:40 pm they were off visiting my aunt who lives about an hour away from here so i knew that they wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. Anyways i was home alone with my sister. I took the first stamp around 2:40. I finished ironing my hair and went on a walk waiting for it to hit me. An hour had passed and i was home from the walk and all when i started feeling a bit funny anyways it occurred to me that since its my first time tripping i should do 2 stamps, so at 4:16 i took another stamp. For some reason i got a craving for alcohol ( i absolutely hate alcohol, can't stand the taste) my sister didn't let me drink though which I'm glad she didn't.

Around 4:30  I put on a  movie " Who framed Roger Rabbit"  and i start seeing my sofa breathing, as I'm recording a video on my phone i saw the sheets that i was onto of, craw up my arm so i screamed at it to move or scoot over. 
After i knew it finally hit me i went outside to my backyard (keep in mind my "backyard" is a porch with a  lake which has a beautiful fountain in the middle and you get a great view of the sky). Fortunately the moon was huge and beautiful this day which i think had to do a lot with me thinking i went to Mars and talking a lot about space throughout my whole trip.  

5-7 pm - I was outside sitting at the lake with my poodle (who is great to be with on acid i got lost in her curls and i swear i feel in love with her during the trip) , the sky looked pinkish and had geometric shapes and a repeated pattern of aluminati eyes (pretty weird)  and i adored everything around me. I realized how cute life was and i fell inlove with my surrounding, and thought of them as my friend ( this is really hard to explain) after a while being outside i got jealous of my poodle because i felt that she was stealing my friends ( the sky,moon,chair) so i brought her inside the house.  I was outside listening to music really enjoying it and I remember thinking that the world was on acid, for some reason it got into my head that everyone decided to do acid that day. My friend called me on FaceTime and she looked like a cone head, i 'screen shot' a picture of her forgetting that it was obviously me hallucinating. I was outside for 2 hours. i think i was peaking here because i really don't remember much of what happened during these 2 hours including a note on my phone which said " This is what his life is but raped up like its some game shit." 

7pm- The sun came down so i decided to go inside for a while and watch a movie which i didn't pay attention to at all, i can remember making beautiful scenarios in my head. I also believed that i was never going back to school and by this point time didn't matter to me at all. I was mostly playing with my dog this time. 
My sister who was laying on the sofa with me looked like a witch to me and i would randomly call her a witch at times. My sister asked me to turn off the stove or something like that and when i went to go do her the favor i noticed tracers which i had read about. When i got to the kitchen i  laughed at how chunky and fat the stove was as it breathed and stretched and all.  I got down on the kitchen floor and started knocking on the floor and thinking how weird my flooring is. My house was SO cartoon looking i have orange/redish flooring and spiral stairs that are dark aqua and it seemed like if it was a set from the movie i was watching earlier " Who framed Roger Rabbit" 
So the whole time i was laughing, i was very confused for example i remember asking myself how am i here again? i would ask my sister if I've been home the whole time and she would say yes and i would be so confused cause i literally felt like i went to Mars and came back. Then my sister and i decided to go to McDonalds for some coffee. She drives a PT cruiser and when i was getting in the car i took a couple of steps back and laughed at how small and weird it looked to me ( i also didn't see it as a car, i thought it was a spaceship or something)  Everything looked cartoonish, the road , the interior of the car even the trees.  The whole time in the car i was cracking up, just having a total blast by myself. On our way back home i told my sister to stop the car and to fly it out to mars. She asked me what i meant and i explained to her that if you think hard enough you could make the car fly out to mars. 

8 pm - After we got home i wanted to go outside again and when i was walking to the door i felt at if i had strings pulling me back so i shacked my body to somehow untie myself from them. As i grabbed the door knob my hand morphed into a wolf hand with claws. Once i finally was outside again i put on music and was dancing around with my poodle, her neck morphed into what seemed like a chickens neck and sorta disgusted me so i brought her inside again and i went back outside alone. My friend was texting me and she wrote me a paragraph explaining something that had happened to her and i was having the hardest time trying to read it because it kept on melting on me. I also accused her of pranking me, i thought the whole thing was a trap or something. After i was done dancing around i sat down in the chair and i felt that i was cuddling with like 5 people, not really people but spirits in a way not the creepy kind tho (really hard to explain)
i also remember getting a feeling of everything being in colors and flavors like the vibe i had were colors and flavors. 

My parents get home (8:30 pm) and i rush to my room and lay down on my bed, i had a feeling that i was going to a boulevard and i was texted my friend " i still feel like theres a boulevard" 
My mom comes into the room and she's wearing this cardigan that made her look like a superhero - she says hi to me and when she leaves i look at myself in the mirror and i notice how i can sort of morph into Jessica Rabbit or into an ugly witch ( i was basically experimenting with my visions or something). It was pretty interesting how skin looked like upclose in the mirror when i started observing the skin on my face. After a while being in my room i went to the living room and sat on the couch with my mom, her boyfriend who's legs looked sooo long and his upper body shrunken i was trying not to laugh really hard so i decided it'd be best to stay in my room for the rest of the night. 

By  9-10 p.m  it was wearing off and i just kept thinking how you could get so lost in your mind, i couldn't go to my closet because on my way their i would get distracted by absolutely anything. 
Anyways i wasn't able to go to sleep until 4 am 
everything had wore off except the cartoon feel everything had and looked like. To be honest it was pretty annoying that it hadn't wore off completely because i had school the next day. which i ended up not going either way because the alarm didnt wake me up so i stayed home. I was so mentally tired that i slept the whole day.

Aftermath: I really enjoyed my first time on acid and can't wait to do more specially outside to enjoy nature. 
I tripped alone and i had a blast I'm saying this because i had researched if i should do acid alone and a lot of people where saying no if its your first time but i actually appreciated that i was alone so i could really know how its like before doing it with people.
So after reading so many trips I'm glad i finally tried it and I'm really looking forward into trying shrooms. 

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