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"The Transcendental Object at the end of time"


So here goes nothing..

I get a phone call by a friend of a friend telling me he had DMT. I was 20 years old at the time. Now im 23. I was extremely skeptical because mushrooms weren't even available, and as far as I knew, nobody even knew what DMT was. But this kid did.

I hitched a ride from my mom and went into his house, still skeptical. Him and some friends were sitting around the room talking about "blasting off". But they would only take 1 hit and not really smoke it right, so they were surprised how much respect I had for the chemical and why I was so shocked the kid had it. He was some heavy-set kid my age. Cool person. He goes by the name "coons". So him and his friends almost poked fun at me because I was so excited to be able to buy this stuff. I thanked him like 5 times and walked out the door with 3 40 bags of an off-yellow powder. I hopped in my moms mini-van and went back home.

I eat mushrooms that night, alone, in my room. I ate about 2.5 grams. I packed the bowl of DMT and I began to sweat with fear. I couldn't believe that tonight was the night where I get initiated into the crew of people that were oh so lucky to know what this mysterious chemical was all about.

During the peak of the mushroom trip, I put the bowl of marijuana packed with about 40-50mg of  DMT to my lips. I take 3-4 deep inhalations. As I exhaled the last hit, I am really, really high. Then the weirdness begins.

Out of absolutely nowhere, a massive rainstorm/winds start howling outside. The storm literally formed and was rocking my house in the matter of seconds. Something told me not to be afraid. So all this is going on in a highspeed mode and the storm formed right after the last hit. All the visuals disappeared. It was just me in my room, and the air seemed to be pumped out of the room. Then something starts to form  on my wall directly in front of me. Im looking at my  wall and see this portal start to open up(its still raining and windy like crazy) and it looked like this golden jello was forming inside the portal. Then all of a sudden POP...the wind/rain stopped on a dime and right as it ceased, this golden hologramatic hovering machine pops out from the wall.

This machine/UFO, I felt, was EVERYTHING. I realized that the reason this was my only hallucination was because I got so high, that all of reality and the fractals synergized together to form this "thing". My jaw drops, I am in total disbelief. So it hovers to me, real slowly. It was the size of a dinner plate. It was really complex..like it had detail to it, it resembled the mellenium falcon from star wars, but it was more "machine". So it slowly hovers up to me, and let me remind you that there is nothing else in my room besides me and this thing. No fractals, no visuals, nothing. So it hovers up to me, silently. I felt like I was in the presence of something 10,000x more intelligent than me. something truly Holy. The odd thing was, I couldn't look at this thing dead in its "eye". I was looking directly at it the whole time, but it was so magnificent that I wasn't allowed to look DIRECTLY at it. I could only see 90% of it, even though my 100% focus was on it.

Then it stops right in front of my face. This golden machine made of pure energy just stopped right in front of my face. Im thinking "HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THING"...I just couldn't believe it. So im just looking at this thing for a couple minutes straight, in pure amazement. I got the feeling that this thing knew me personally, that it was always with me and that it cared for me. So after looking at this thing for the duration of the trip, I finally start getting semi-comfortable with its presence. I then slowly reached out my hand to make actual first contact. Im about to touch an alien spacecraft that seemed like it traveled lightyears to visit ME. Stupid old worthless ME. So right as im about to touch it...it then started moving away from me! I reached further and in my head im saying "noooooooooo" as this craft is hovering away from my grasps. It then continued to hover away and went back into the circular portal in my wall and disappeared. The portal closed up and I never saw it again.

Tears ran down my face. I came down slowly from hyperspace. But since I was on the mushrooms, the comedown was really drawn-out thus allowing me to remember what had just happened for a longer period of time.

The breakthrough was so smooth. So perfect. In every way. I promised myself I would never smoke DMT again unless I was on mushrooms because it was just so perfect.

I then woke my mom up and told her what had happened to me. She replies "go back to bed, david. It was probably just a dream".

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