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I took 5 grams of Penis Envy.

Life Changing.

Hello all!

Recently I had the strongest shroom experience of my life. I need to express what happened and thought this would be most ideal place.

So it was a normal night like any other,  I got off work and came straight home. My wife had 10 grams of Penis Envy shrooms sitting on the table.  She announced she was going to surprised me with them because she knows I love them. 

I had never tried this strain before, I've also never taken 5 grams at once. I thought it would be easy going like all my other trips, little did I know.. I was in for a world shattering experience. 

The trip lasted around 5 hours but felt like 5 days. When the trip started to kick off it was a great rush of the giggles and lots of laughter with my wife.  We jamed out to our favorite bands (Deftones, NIN, Tool) next thing I know, we're under the covers and my trip started to intensify, I couldn't help but think that "I've been here before" what I was thinking about was the womb. The backside of the blanket looked exactly like one (from what I've seen in pictures). 

All of a sudden I realized I needed air,  when I pulled my head out the rush of my fan blowing in my face was intense and you could say it felt like I was  being born again.
shortly after my trip completely leveled up and next thing I know I was having intercourse with my wife. It was mind melting, we felt like one being. Anyways after that I think my trip shifted for the worse. So much was going on and I started to feel ill.  I ran to the restroom to purge and boy did I ever. I was sitting on the toliet and just thinking to myself "what just happened", I felt so amazing after purging. Beautiful colors started to morph and twist into my reality and I remember looking at my hand.. then my hand started to fade away like sand in a desert. I couldn't help but be terrifed. I then started to realize that reality wasn't real, I attempted to actually crack the world around me with my hands. I remember peeling away at reality and just tossing it to the side like it didn't matter, underneath it all was a strange green and blue light. I remember telling myself "everything I know isn't real, what's really real?"

I then spent the next hour in bed while my wife soothed me from the trauma my mind just went through. I was shocked at how hard these shrooms derailed me. Then one moment later I was normal again. I was so happy to be back because my mind just couldn't handle everything I saw. 

This trip was strange, beautiful, terrifying and life changing.  I did more self discovery in the 5 hours I was tripping then I have done in my entire life. 

I wouldn't change this for the world. I am still a little confused on what I saw but I'm glad i saw it. 

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