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My DMT expierence

DMT Level 4

My DMT experience: The first sensation I can describe is being completely wrapped in a warm blanket that just came out of the dryer, almost like a cocoon and then being shot out of a spaceship. Keep in mind this isn't visual purely a sensation. But the visuals are breathtaking never have I seen images so vivid and beautiful.
There were these very tiny blocks coated in the brightest colors you can possibly imagine, they were coming together building this massive structure as far as the eye can see, and its not flat at all theres shapes and buildings growing out of it in all directions. Nothing is permanent though the blocks build then crumble, and the bricks that crumble create again an infinite loop of destruction and creation. The movements are very reminiscent of time lapse photography where you see plants grow over periods of days, but instead speeded up in a manor that makes it seem as if thousands of years are passing you up in mere seconds. And everything is so fucking colorful.
Through out all this destruction and creation going on, one figure keeps coming out and receding like a wave. I come face to face with it several time before it crumbles away. Its a female not a human female but a female figure with a motherly nature that is very round with no sharp edges. She comes very close to me and kisses me on the forehead before the wave finally recedes and the blocks dissipate into nothingness. I open my eyes thinking the trips over just to be met with full on collideascope warfare going on in my living room..

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