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Life From Start to Finish a micro-biological story

7 grams

                         This trip was one I had been anticipating for since I had left on my own. Since it was a rare opportunity for me I decided i'd go for the life changing package of 7 grams of cubes. This would be my 7th trip, before I had done several san pedro extractions, 3 grams of mushrooms, both of which had allowed me to understand my life issues and thought processes in deeply profound and personal ways, and I had also taken 4 hits of "acid" which despite not being lsd had skyrocketed me through anxiety and emotions beyond description to the infinite realization of the end, the stopping of time and the complete death of ego. From these journeys I assumed what the trip would be like yet I had no clue what I was in for.
                         After obtaining the mushrooms I waited until a good time setting. With work, college and a straightlaced roommate who would definatly not be cool with it, I ended up taking them as soon as a chance arose. As it happens I woke up at 2 am one day completely refreshed and decided 7 hours would be enough time to trip so I consumed the large dose. The come up was slow coming and in the time I thought over my philosophical beliefs. I knew the trip was coming on when I began thinking over the beauty of literature, a subject I generally disliked, I began thinking about tone and why the writing and art of a show I had seen late one night had aspired the emotions it did. As I began contemplating I found visuals had arrived and were already consuming me. Before I knew it I was thinking while an intricate 3d visual of a late 18th century village. Emerged in this visual I saw people who I automatically recognized as symbols of those close to me where walking with a man holding a lantern, riding a horse and wearing a jack o'lantern on his head. They were all laughing and when I asked what was funny, a woman said "This is your humor and he is quite hilarious." I asked my humor what was funny and he just stared and laughed. I began laughing uncontrollably but I was able to stop by contemplating how the visual was the prism splitting my ego and that other parts of my being must be in the village as well. I was eager to search this visual when my thought processes interrupted and disenchanted my mind by processing and explaining all I had just thought. I was quite mad at my thought processes and began berating them on how to think more efficiently. Mid- rant I realized that I was my thought processes, we are the same person and telling them to do something was useless and instead I need to internalize the change to truly change anything. At this time I began realizing how I paradoxically attributed to my my own inefficiencies.
                          I was stunned at the thought that took place in a range of 5 minutes and was eager to experience the rest of the trip. This is when it all took an unexpected turn. Having little psychedelic experience under my belt, I was not prepared for what was to come. After 30 minutes of intense open eye visuals I began getting a feeling. this feeling was biological. Somehow I had lived in this body reaping the existence from my own universe of life forms. All the sudden I could fathom the scale of my life and how I functioned by the teamwork of millions of cells, bacteria and protein machines. I felt and understood myself physically and was blown away by the billions of years of evolution and the complexity of every system in my body down to the billions of atoms. While I spend eternity contemplating this realization I was simultaneously understanding primitive nature. I could feel every hair of my body that would periodically change to a different animal body and I understood every muscle function, desire of this animal, and the infinite beauty of these separately evolved creatures The visuals from my understanding of the feline crossed over with my microbiological visuals summoning images and understandings from lost memories so miniscule I would not be able to recall the name or figure in sobriety. Finally the third revelation I was also simultaneously understanding was my breathing patterns. I automatically knew what breathing pattern to use for the right type of action for achieving my desire. At the time I was both infinitely in awe and terrified of my inner fears I did not know existed such as a fear of the winter and lack of food and general anxiety of life. So I nuzzled my pillow, was in fetal position, had my hand underneath my pillow to give an odd back rubbing sensation by stroking the underside of the pillow and my breaths were two sucks in and a breath out much like how a baby would nurse.
                          Unfortunately in these infinite hours of continually enlightened mind, I had the urge to piss. Knowing I had pissed already I assumed I had not pissed myself but I felt I had for my body heat made my bed feel moist. this was horrible because I also felt the need to gently vomit out the mushrooms but I was afraid of awaking my roommate and starting an ordeal I was to high to deal with. I felt ashamed and scarred but it was a minor backdrop in my infinite understanding. As 7 am arrived I had not slept and to my relief had not pissed the bed, Thinking I was in come down phase, my mind no longer exploding into increasingly complex thought, now occupying one conscious which was to worn to think anymore; I felt I was ready for school and learning. This was a bad idea for once I got in my car I realized I was not fit to drive. The sky was changing color all at once, the road was widening and narrowing, I became huge and my car small, then my car huge and me small. At the end of the street I drove back and had my roommate drive me to my morning classes, saying I was low on gas. As I got in and pulled out my notes I realized I couldn't read them. I couldn't help be see the whole page instead of 1 word or read to many words at once on accident and it making no sense. So instead I watched the words pop off my paper until the lecture started. Many of my friends tried to converse with me but I had lost my innate ability to receive and give knowledge because I no longer understood societies subliminal language that required reading of body language and tone change to judge a reply that would strengthen or stall a relationship, so I rested my head and pretended to nap. as the professor began to speak I began making minor revelations about society and had trouble focusing. Ultimately I gave up and decided to get lost in thought until I came down for good just at the end of the lecture. I borrowed a friends notes later and began contemplating my trip so not to forget any important ideas. In the future I would plan out the trip better but in the end it was the life experience I was looking for

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