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DMT, My Best Experience EVER.

Calm enough to be a 4.

Hi, I'm P, I'm going to tell you about my third experience with DMT.

My group of friends and I got our hands on a good amount of DMT, enough for our group to trip multiple times. The group consisted of (as we will call them) T, B, and Me. T had brought over the DMT, which he tended to on most weekends, but we really didn't do it that often; I have no idea why he always had it on him, not safe seriously. But anyway, T brought over the DMT. B is on probation so he hasn't been able to do anything, he hadn't smoked weed in a month, he couldn't even drink; but, he can do DMT, they don't test him for that and I don't think they could even if they wanted to. T and I smoke very regularly though, T and I were already stoned out of our minds after smoking bowl after bowl all day. This is where we start to agree on doing the DMT.

Halfway through the day, T brought up the fact that he had the DMT on him and there was more than enough for the three of us (at this point he had only a little left and we hadn't intended on getting anymore than we got). I agreed to do it again, I was hesitant at first. I get these feelings after doing hallucinogens that make me want to stay away from them. Originally I never even intended on doing it again, but here I am, sucked into his peer pressure; not that I regret this amazing trip. Anyways, B brought up the fact he could do it too and he got so excited; the first time he could do anything that made him feel high in any form.

B, T, and I got the shit together and went outside with bong in hand ready to just down some magical DMT. B had to smoke it with pipe tobacco, but he really didn't mind. I also forgot to mention that we hadn't smoked DMT in around a month. I had actually forgotten how it felt (it was more like 2 months for me). We were all afraid and anxious at the same time, so we all started with a really low dosage, only enough to make you feel euphoric, really. T started it, then B, then I. After the fact we realized that we needed to do more to really experience it correctly, as we had overcome the fear of the trip.

Now we are on round 2. T starts. We put a large amount in this time, T does his best to take in EVERY drop. After, he recounted his arms turning to skeletons and seeing B's face just floating along with B's hand being on his shoulder but he couldn't see his arm. T said his experience was nuts, unfortunately I don't remember much of what T said about his trip other than what I had said. This got B and I riled up for our next go at it. B and I decided this time we would do it together. Again, we put a large amount into each one of our devices. This is where my experience begins.

I take my hit, as much as I can hold. I hold it for as long as I can, and let it out. T tells me to "HIT IT AGAIN!", he was right but I didn't want to because I was already feeling it. He basically convinces me to hit it (this was withing 10 seconds of me letting out the first hit). I hit it again, I take EVERY last drop just like T did. As I go to hit it, my vision already was going nuts. My heart was pounding and everything was stuttering visually. Almost as if I was blinking extremely fast, but I wasn't. I take the hit as my arm stutters and lights the bowl, time dissolved. Everything seemed so slow. I rip it and hold it for at least fifteen seconds. T, being the good guy he is encouraged me to hold it longer (T isn't always right about these things but he knows when it comes to this)! After I released the smoke, I just looked down at my pants and the floor and I focused SO hard, I could see EVERYTHING! I loved keeping my eyes open in this experience! I then looked up, B and T were completely gone; erased, literally. I could see right through them, I knew they were there because I could hear their voices very faintly, but it was so fascinating. Music was playing in the background but I couldn't hear it. This is when I started to examine my surroundings. Firstly, before certain objects started to shift, vivid colors were all over the place, it was so bright it was almost like white light blinding you but it was beautiful. After that I looked at objects on the desk next to us and it was just crazy. The water bottle next to me literally (this is hard to explain, but you know how water bottles have lines horizontally on them? They go all the way down the bottle sectioning about a centimeter of plastic between each one) started to disassemble from the sections, creating the effect as the bottle was pulling itself apart all the while the sections pulling apart where changing color; I almost couldn't believe it. Then I took a look at the shovels and rakes on the wall and they were morphing and moving. I realized that this my reality was far from consistent but it was okay. A lot of the other visuals are harder to remember now, but the last visual was so profound I have never felt anything like it.

This last visual was a third person view of myself as if I was sitting where T was (directly across from me). I watched my forehead develop a line that went all the way around my head. The top half of my forehead including the skull lifted from my head (then sort of disappeared in a way), revealing my brain. I then watched my brain literally melt in my skull turning into literal mush, ozzing down what was left of my face. It was ridiculous.

The trip now ended, B and T started to come back into vision and I slowly returned back to normal as everything fell back in place.
This was definitely one of my best experiences I have ever had, no doubt.

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