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Accidental mushrooms overdose

Thinly sliced world

I'm 45, have wife, kids, dog and cat, house and job. Love them all, enjoy every minute of my life and don't ask for more.

Why mushrooms? It's a long story but I'll cut it short. Psilocybe subaeruginosa mushrooms found me a jogging distance away from home in a park where pine and gum trees grow. Starting with level 1 trips, gradually, I tripped my way up to level 3 where happily stayed for the past 2 years, finding quiet time for my personal relaxation every few months in the evenings when unlikely to be disturbed. I never wanted anything more out of subs than colourful CEVs, enhanced music perception, mild OEVs and moments of excitement when watching movies. I also appreciated the encouraged by subs pondering upon my life circumstances, civilization and quantum physics. Sometimes, this pondering sends me tumbling down a melancholic spiral, but I'm not complaining. I learned to respect mushrooms, and what they gave in return became a natural part of me. I learned to control my mind, and this saved me a few times from having bad trips.

I knew that a stronger than level 3 trip would most likely be fine with me after 10 or so level 3 trips in the past but I had never been keen to try... So the solid level 4 trip with elements of 5 was a surprise after an accidental overdose. I had 2 plastic bags with 10g of dried subs in each. One of these bags I finished in May by taking the remaining 2.5g from it. That much of dried subs had always been enough for one good trip, however, the trip then was so disappointingly weak that I thought my whole stash of mushrooms started to lose potency after about one year of storage in rather poor conditions. So this weekend I opened the second bag, put half of its contents into a grinder, thinking 5g of starting to lose potency subs would hopefully be enough. I then mixed the powder with some orange juice and drank it, hoping to at least see some CEVs... Boy oh boy, where I was an hour later I don't know how to describe.

Normally, I start feeling the effects of psilocybin not sooner than 20-30 minutes after swallowing subs. So it was a surprise that I started coming up already in about 6-7 minutes. How it began and how rapidly the feeling was intensifying can only be compared to a tsunami, when you see the water receding, and you know that a huge wave is about to fall on your head a moment later... I barely had time to turn on the laptop, find some downtempo music, put on headphones and close my eyes before it hit me. I realised of course that I made a mistake and was falling into a rabbit hole way deeper than bargained for, but it was all too late, and the best thing for me to do then was to accept what I've got myself into and enjoy the ride. So on I went flying through space in a tsunami of geometric shapes, stars and shining diamonds.

Those who experienced intense 3D CEVs will understand me well when I say that I saw objects and colours that simply cannot be described accurately no matter what words you use. The floating in space sphere did strike me with its pristine deep brown-red glow. I even opened my mouth in wonder when I saw it, realising that moment that I have never seen anything so heavenly and indescribably perfect. The thought that inevitably, in a few seconds the vision would disappear never to be seen again, made me sad. I wanted to dive inside that sphere and stay in there forever, watching the world around through the walls of the sphere, feeling completely happy and invincible.

Nature's call made me stand up and walk. That damn trivial when sober walk was nothing short of magic that night. Everything around was glowing, moving, breathing and morphing. On top of that, after a few steps a weird time glitch happened that made me feel as if I'd been walking for much longer than 5 seconds; straight after that another glitch made me feel that I noticeably moved in space without moving in time... When walking back, yet another glitch happened that made me feel disoriented for a brief moment, as if I was not home but at an unknown place. Legs kept me on the move but I didn't know where I was going. Finally, I figured where I was and that I didn't want to go back to the laptop... just didn't want more sitting and listening to music. So I turned on the TV and stretched out on the couch, merging with it and melting away. Some movie was on but I couldn't make sense of anything that was going on there. I recognised some actors but that was it, besides, I only could see clearly a small patch in the middle of the screen. Everything my peripheral vision was responsible for was just a twirling colourful smudge.

Can't say I enjoyed the TV but laying on the back was so comfy I didn't want to move. Much more fun was just looking around. I wish it was day and I was outdoors then but even walls and furniture looked amazing that night. When turning head side to side, the space around appeared as if it was sliced vertically. I stretched out hands trying to feel these thin slices, move them aside like curtains or break through them possibly into another dimension. That was the most unforgettable and magical thing that happened to me that night or ever. I thought then I indeed discovered the entrance to another world and was surprised that I couldn't see it there before, so obvious and real seemed its existence.

It wasn't all that fine, unfortunately. When I stood up to get some water, I couldn't walk and had to sit back down. For a few moments I thought I would pass out. My mind was simply switching off. I felt how room suddenly went dark. Somehow, I managed not to collapse but I stopped understanding anything at all. I looked at my fading in the blackness legs in front of me having no idea why they were there. I looked at the right arm in complete surprise as to why I had it attached to me. I couldn't even remember my name. If someone did ask me any question that moment I wouldn't be able to say anything simply because I forgot all words. I was kind of like a new born: seeing the world without making any sense of it. Gradually, some consciousness returned to me and I managed to stand up and get the bottle of water...

That was obviously the peak of my trip, after which I started coming down quickly. I was firmly on the ground within 15-20 minutes, flipping TV channels, watching the news on one of them, understanding everything they were talking about. There was still noticeable "afterglow", and I did even have couple of brief trippy moments but very soon it was all over.

This unforgettable trip, wonderful as it was, I still don't think I want to repeat. I'm glad I now know what strong trip on mushrooms means but maybe I'm just too old for such extremes. I hope I'll have many more level 3 trips for decades ahead while I can walk on my feet and have good enough eyesight to spot subs but I am now taking extra care to preserve them better and dose them more accurately. I also learned not to assume that mushrooms would necessarily lose half of their magic after a year of storage in a plastic bag at room temperature.

I hope you don't mind just one advice. If you are planning some serious trip like on 5g of subs, please make sure you are doing it in a safe place. When analysing this my trip later, I realised how dangerous it could be if I happened to be outside somewhere on a balcony or near deep water when peaking.

Great hunting and amazing tripping to you all!

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