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dmt breakthrough : UPDATE

mind blowing

Ok im going to try and make this as understandable as possible. Last night i had some dmt goo that i had extracted from some acrb. I used a standard a/b tek. So i start scraping this golden goo off of my pyrex pan and im noticing its alot cleaner than some of my other extractions .I grab some tin foil ,take a dabber tool and a razor blade .get the dmt on the tin foil. I start boiling it slowly knowing not to burn it ,more like vape it .I take my first hit, cool...take my second hit ,i start to feel it in my ears and face ...i can just feel the tryptamines exploding in my brain .I take a third hit to break through. so at this point i am closing my eyes looking at INSANE geometric patterns and shapes, i open my eyes and everything is warping and kinda like a rainbow color . after some amount of time a end up in this weird place and im surrounded by kings or pharaohs or Indian tribe elder/ leaders ...i dont think they knew i was there . But then a glowing figure popped up in front of me and it looked like a human body but really bright like a "spirit"  it knew i was there unlike the other people ,i think it was trying to tell me somthing but i dont think we could communicate. Ok so now im like staring a buhddist god with a million hands waving them around , it was so intense .Then i leave that place and find myself staring at a universe ,then i snap out of that and find myself staring at a sun ,like the sun in our solar system .It grows stick - figure like legs and arms and starts dancing ,it was a very enjoyable experience.   

UPDATE : so i just did dmt again and with the usual amazing geometrical patterns and shapes i also had a weird experience....after finding myself in front of a infinite kind of "sweat shop" of spirits these spirits are working and as i look up at them a great god-like being is holding on my head making me look at them . I keep asking myself "why" but he does not say anything .It was almost like the part in the matrix where they are looking at how people really are , the dmt makes them sweat shop workers   .i think its all a manifestation of how humans are losing themselves and losing there connection with the earth and universe. We all act like robots tied to our materialistic ways.    

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