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My first trip

Intoduction of me to the fourms

Well ill start with my name thats ollie :) 

Ive smoked pot for about 6 years, everyday for about years 4 now, im 18 years old and from the uk :)

i tell you my shroom story first so i can try can explain my troubles to you all and maybey find someone going through the same struggle 

I went to amsterdam for my 18th birthday and the begging of august for 4 days, i was stoked ive wanted to go to amsterdam since ive been like 14 my dream is atchully coming true, now i went to amsterdam for the weed alone, The magic mushroom was never really a thought of mine atall i just wanted the highest grade bud in the world ( which i found out isnt to much better than the stuff i get at home anyways ) but while i was out there of course i wanted to try the magic mushrooms and see carton charcter running about in a diffrent visual world, thats what my perception of hallucinogenic drugs where, so i decided i wanted to go to the zoo and take shrooms, so i went and got my shrooms from a shop 10gram box ( i must point out in amsterdam they are magic truffels not mushrooms) ive allways disliked the taste of mushroom but these were something else i struggled my way to eat the whole box,  aprox 2mins later i threw them up and no affects hit me the whole entire day i was just stoned but fine, so the next day i was like fuck this i wanted to get some more so i went and got a stronger type ( my theory being i wouldnt have to eat as much and still get  the same affect ) i believe these were atlantis truffels, so i eat just over half the box in my hostel and then decided to go out and explore amsterdam some more, it was the gay pride festival weekend on just my luck not gay and about to trip the first time, allthough i dont have anything against gays just to say, so the beginning of my tip, i was walking down the street and i was building up this extreme high is the only way i described it i remeber say to my brother later on it was like the first time i ever got high, so this high was coming up in small stages and i found it amazing i mean i smoked weed to try and get to this stage, and half an box of mushrooms at the same price of an 8th was doing this to me i feel in love with the mushroom instantly, so everything was pulsing and it was amazing, there were alot of people about but for a reason i didnt care i just kept giggling, and enjoying the moment, anyway my brother needed a piss so we went and found a pub that let us use the toilet it was almost like a wine cellar very thin and windy, i was thinking to myself fuck this is trippy but in a good way i was walking down the stairs and allmost felt like i was treading on clouds not a hard floor, went down to the toilet and took a piss my self this was the first hallucination the stale piss on the urinal went like a gyroscope pattern moving up and down the then looked down, the same thing was happening with my piss, sorry if its a bit visual but it was an amazing experience for me i turned around and looked at the mirror and i was fascinated with myself the longer i looked the more my face moved, i remember my eyes rotating round and not just the eyeball like part of the skin aswell also sort of a gyroscope action, my brother was telling me to come on so i left and never talked to anyone about the that experience untill i got home, now there was alot of walking around going through gay prive festivals live music and thousands of people, it felt amazing i got to steets with about 200 people on and i wanted to turn back and go with the vide, at that time i could of spend days in there like that lol, 
while i was exploring the only way i can describe it as was a new stage, its like i was talking to a new me and everything went to a 3rd person mode almost like a call of duty game, but what happened was i had two brains in the same head, and they now could communicate, i had my normal brain with all my life experiences and then this incredibly smart other brain which was a newborn infant and as i was going around i was teaching him all this smart stuff i already new but the new brain interpreted it and understood it for something completely different but right, i managed to look deep into aspect of death and life and with out emotion define what they really are, i wish i wrote this shit down honestly, i mean i am a person who use to have nothing but love for money related things it made me happy, i had about 1200 euros while i was on mushrooms and i looked at this money and realised its only because i think this makes me happy it truly dose, i learnt about respecting other with the time we have here and so forth, i feel like im being rude describing my trip as i have but its so difficult to explain, on the second day i was amazed so i bought some more and ate them i got not the same high feeling but i unlocked the second part of my brain again and we kept learning  i feel like i have a journey to experience on the mushroom and its something i am ment to do, might sound dumb as fuck i know but its honestly what i believe in this moment

 i mean this was a massive life changing experience for me and its just all a little over whelming which is why i have come here im not sure if im going insane or what 

ive done some research on my trip and it sounds a awful lot like i had an ego touch i felt so close to nature and so forth during this like me being a child agian, what do you guys make of my trip?

ive been back in the uk for a couple of weeks now and till now all thats been on my thought is the mushroom, and the slight problem i have is mushrooms are illegal in the uk and i have no clue, even if i could get hold of them for a drug dealer i would have no trust in what i am buying as i have absoloutly no clue myself what i am looking for , i am open to growing mushrooms, but as to how to do it i am stuck there, weather to buy a grow kit or grow the spore in an aquarium, and luckly for me in the uk i believe the mushroom season is close to starting, but again clueless in hunting

in all honestly i am looking for a sort of mentor who has the same respect for the mushroom as ive seen most of you guys here do 

thank you guys for reading, its alot for me to come and post this i have struggled telling my friends and family about the truth and honesty of this experience 

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