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First time, extreme, hospital trip!

amanita muscaria

Ok I just felt I had to share this experience to warm other people that even though you only have a small amount, psychocybin can cause harmful effects. (whilst amazing ones).

I was given these mushrooms from a friend who picked them himself, he knew what he was doing. We were given Amanita Muscaria. The mushrooms were ground up in a blender and divided into 10 gram bags. Initially I tried them myself once, and threw up, I probably had a mild stage 1 trip, with increased sense of smell, euphoria and mild visual distortions.

Last night two of my friends decided to try them. I didn’t have two bags of 10 grams left.  My friend just dropped off another bag of an unknown weight, (it looked a little less then the previous bags, felt lighter) and also, some stalks. I would call my friends and myself substance enthusiasts I guess, haha. We often do mdma, speed and coke and I thought we would be capable of handling this. However I must admit it was their first time trying psychadelics (besides weed).

About 6pm they both had some ginger to help prevent the nausea and vomiting. At 6:30 we put all the stalks and the powder in my blender, added some ice, some water, and strawberries . Then divided into two cups and away they went drinking it. At about 7:30 it begun to hit one of my friends Jess. She was just sooo happy! She was laughing and felt amazing and just being a loose bitch. Having a great time. I turned on Pingu on the tv and we all sat around and laughed. Eventually we started to watch adventure time, Jess was still having good trips. The stuff in adventure time sent her on amazing trips and she just couldn’t help but laugh and say stupid things, like ‘the snakes are coming out of the tv!’

From this point however she took a turn for the worst. I will describe my night taking care of her, then after this I will describe the night from her eyes.

8:00pm: From my eyes: She started to babble just nonsense and carry on like an idiot. We all thought this was funny and let her go however she just got progressively worse from this point on. She got up and ran around my my coffee table in the loungeroom.  She was literally running around in circle as fast as she could around it, she kept banging her leg into the corners. Im surprised she didn’t cut herself or break a leg. I eventually calmed her down and layed her on the lounge. Whilst on the lounge she began to speak shit again, saying ‘thankyou’ for about 5 minutes straight, really quick. I sat down beside her head and this seemed to help as she stared up at my blankly. Eventually I left the room and one of my other friends sat with her. They were holding hands and Jess squeezed her hand so hard that she made the other chick cry. From this point on she would only experience what I viewed as bad trips, where then she would come out of them and just keep saying thankyou for minutes on end and nothing else. She often her expressed her love for whoever was in the room at the time.

8:30: Eventually she got herself up and came into the kitchen and started dancing around. I was having a smoke outside and she would peer at me through the window speechless. Finally I came back inside and she was running up and down the hallway, completely ignoring the fan in the hallway and ran into that. Knocked it over, then stepped on it and broke it. She didn’t even notice or acknowledge what she had done but kept running around off her face. We moved the fan out of the hallway and just watched her carry on.

9:00pm:She got worse, we layed her down on the lounge and she just started screaming at the top of her lungs. I have never heard anyone scream as loud as what she was. And she would do it for like 10 minutes straight. It was so loud that I put my hand over her mouth in an attempt to block out some of the noise in case the neighbours thought I was raping someone and called the police haha. After her screaming fits she would come out of that and just go back to herself saying ‘thankyou’ for minutes and minutes. If she wasn’t saying thankyou she would be saying ‘I love you’ to whoever she would see. She began another one of her screaming  fits on the lounge, I really can’t describe how loud this was, it was just fkn intense. Me and my friends decided to take her to my bedroom and then lay her down in bed, and turn on my lava lamp and someone lay there with her to keep her calm. The lights from the lamp might help..? Right? Wrong.

As we were carrying her there (whilst she screamed and screamed). We had to put her down in the hallway for a break. We thought we would let her come out of this scream fit before we would move her again. (btw, whilst we had her layed down in the halfway we had to put weight on her body as she was shaking and squirming and just being a general menance). After what seemed an eternity she came out of this scream fit and resumed to saying thankyou over and over very quick. She came out of that, and finally we could talk to her a little bit. She said, ‘I just wet myself’. I felt her pants but couldn’t notice any wetness. As she started to scream again we then noticed a pool forming from under her on the carpet. At this point we made the decision to take her to the hospital because we couldn’t control her anymore, the screaming periods were lengthening. I ran outside to juggle some cars around, and before you know it there she is running down my driveway out onto the road. Fml.
I sped after her, and two of my friends chased her on foot. We eventually caught her and threw her in the car. She calmed down somewhat at this point. And we could make conversation with her. (very basic and simple conversation). We drove her to the hospital and I pulled up and went in and asked a nurse what would happen if we brought her in. They told me to do it, and the police wouldn’t be involved. Thankfuck.

9:30: I drove the car around and pulled up. The nurses came out with a chair and it took 4 of us to get her in it. It wasn’t like she was fighting us, but she was just dead weight. We wheeled her into the emergency section. And got her into a bed. As soon as she got into the bed she begun screaming at the top of her lungs again. Fucks sake, I swear the whole hospital would have woken up. The nurses and myself tried to calm her down, but to no avail. They put shitloads of.. little circle thigns all over her and begun to moniter her blood pressure. (which we she was screaming was reaching up to 190bpm). Same thing really, she would come in and out of her screaming fits. At one point she stood up on top of the bed, completely naked lol. This continued for at least another 2 hours (where she wet herself another two times and the hospital staff had to move her around beds).  Finally at about 2am the hospital staff decided to give her 2 vikidin to calm her down, knock her out whatever.

Finally fell asleep, woke up the next morning normal. (mind you whilst all this was going on my other mate who took the same amound was helping us deal with her, and was having mild trips himself. (colour distortions etc, he said when I was scrolling through FB on my phone, that the screen as going red and green). So its funny that it affected her so greatly, and him so little.

The next morning she told me about her experience from her eyes, here is how it went:

She remembered squeezing her friends hand, and everything that happened in my house, to the point where she ran down the road and ‘got hit by a car’. Then she would wake up in hospital in a coma with all her family outside, but she couldn’t move to tell them she was ok. Then the same sequence of events would replay in her mind. So she would be back at my house again squeezing her friends hand, running around my house, then running down the street and getting hit by a car. She said everytime she got hit by a car it was the most pain she had every experienced in her life. This same sequence of events kept replaying in her mind as she had no sense of reality or time. This accounts for the screaming at the hospital. But as for the screaming in my house she can’t remember why she was doing that. As far as I can guess, at the mushrooms peak of feeling (in my house) something was happening in her mind which she can’t remember, and then as soon as she got to the hospital her since of time was gone, as she kept reliving the same sequence of events over and over in her mind. 

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