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Ego loss, time dilation, connecting with ET beings, becoming one with the Universe.

3.5g of Cubes

Here comes my second trip report :) 

Some of you might know, that last week I had about 4 grams of cubes. They did not work at all for me, not even the giggles came to me and I was a bit upset about it. Well, the shrooms I got were from a close friend. I met with her yesterday and told her about it, and she was surprised as she had some small shrooms apparently from the same batch that worked great. She gave me about 3.5 grams. Cubes. I was in a big group of people doing a special meditation to connect with ET beings and just gaze at the stars. The event was awesome, but that was another whole story. 

When I got home, I realized I had an amazing energy and I was in very good mood. I decided to eat the shrooms (this was at 11:00 pm.) I was still in my car, but already in my parking spot in my building. I ate them without OJ. I felt very grateful and a lot of energy as I was eating them. I knew that it was going to be a nice experience. I was not afraid of tolerance, since last week shrooms "did not work."

I checked a few things in my computer and I could feel my energy building up fast, I am sensitive for energy and I immediately knew that I was heading into an awesome ride :mushroom2: I was talking to a close friend who started to grow shrooms and told him about my upcoming trip. It was funny, because he took a while to reply and I told him that my time in front of my PC was limiting, as I going in fast. 

About 15 minutes later, my mind started to go crazy (in a good way) so I went to my bedroom and relaxed in bed. As soon as I was in bed, I started to see an amazing combination of colors, despite the room being dark, I was able to see the energy moving around the room. I saw figures in front of my eyes, sacred geometry moving all around, it felt like if an ET being was trying to communicate with me.. I felt presences all around be, but I was not afraid, quite on the contrary, I felt a lot of joy. But the intensity was still growing, I was far from peaking. 

I could feel my physical body, I knew that it was my body, but I realized that I was not my body, that I was much more. This is something I already knew, but I was able to truly feel it. I was not able to physically feel my  body, but I felt the energetic body instead, I was feeling amazing. I had a huge jolt of energy that felt like an explosion inside of me, this was not scary, just jolted me. I needed to breath deeply several times during the entire trip, and as the oxygen came in, it felt like a blessing, I was grateful for the clean air I was breathing. 

I started to go deeper and deeper and felt a huge amount of bliss. I felt like if I was becoming one with the Universe. Everything felt like a deep lucid dream, but being completely awake and present. I totally felt I was a free spirit and I felt that my mind was capable of everything. It was very easy to jump from one reality to another, as fast as the blink of an eye and without any struggles. All I wanted to is to laugh nonstop, and I felt a lot of joy. My wife was sleeping, so I took care of not laughing hard and wake her up. 

After a very long time of laughter and traveling around different realms of existence, I  reminded my self it would be good to stay hydrated, so I went to drink some water. It was hard to keep my balance and if I did not focus my eyes, I would lose my vision almost entirely, but did not scare me as I knew it is part of it. I felt my senses were very expanded. I was in control of my thoughts, as I knew I could multiply both positive and negative feelings, so I ensured the feelings were positive, and they indeed where. I realized how insignificant we are as individuals, I felt like a spec floating around an endless Universe... which of course, it is what it is. 

I checked the time and only 30 minutes passed. It felt like hours and I felt even more joy, as I realized I still had a ton of trip time left. When I went back to bed, one of my cats jumped and relaxed next to me. As I placed my hand on my cat, I could feel everything inside the cat and almost sync with her. I felt her blood stream, her heart beat and even her thoughts. I could read everything just with my hands. It felt amazing. 

I could keep going and going, but this is a long read already. To get to the point, this trip felt like hours and hours long, all was about bliss and amazing feelings, my mind traveled to distant realms and only brought me a lot of joy, laugher and bliss. During a significant amount of time, I even forgot I am in a human body, I was just lost in my thoughts and wandering all around. 

Ego death is not scary, time dilation is not scary... quite on the contrary... it is an amazing experience :) 

About at 4am I started to come down, but still full of joy and bliss. An amazing trip.

I hppe you guys enjoyed the read.

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