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The Wonderfully Weird Awakening of Alex Ward


          PART 1
Theres something going on with that guy across the street. His behavior recently has been
odder then usual. Now, im no prude. Both of my kids are grown and ive done my share
of Living to not give two shits about the personal lives of those in my neighborhood.
However, this particular young man strikes me as seemingly suspicious. I been out getting
the mail early some mornings and ive caught him stepping in and out of his house.
Doing nothing but walking out, looking around, and then finally stepping back inside where he proceeds
to laugh histerically. And i have the sneaking suspicion that he assumes no one can see him
as he does so. Ive glimpsed through my window and observed him meditating
on his porch several times. This didnt initally strike me as odd,
But last night was just weird..



         Part 2
Im not quite sure what a bird looks like. As a matter a fact. I have no idea.
People try to describe colors to me. I become fatigued. I guess the reality that is mine
is one that many can not quite comprehend. & Vice Versa.
Now, some may say that i am at a disadvantage in life, when i to the contrary believe to
be a supreme being through my so called "disadvantage". Granted i have no context to compare
nor do i have any refrence as to the differences. But the brain that is Me, is all of Me.
Have you ever closed your eyes and wondered how one could ever live without sight?
What is sight? I again have become fatigued and confused. Yet i can confidently say
that the eyes do not See. I was born blind and have never seen the sun light.
I have never seen the color of the sky nor have i observed the textur of the clouds.
But i have perceived them. I Am The Blind King of The 5th Dimension and i have no



       Part 3

"So This is the rest of my life. Ill never get to see again. Ill never watch another sunrise
or enjoy a beautiful movie. Ill never become the man i was intended to be. Life is unfair
and cruel. Is it even worth living? How could i possibly live without my eyes?! Can
i even cry?? But this is just my pity. Im stronger than this. Better Just Get
Use To It. This is the world you will forever live in and the quicker
you accept it, the quicker your progession will be. If anyone can fight through
the limitations of lack of sensory perception, it is me. If its any constolation to myself,
im this much closer to the spirit world. Dont even have to close my eyes. Can keep them wide open
and ill always be in my special place. Now, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of bed!
I hope i dont stub my toe again. I cant quite tell if its fully healed yet or not but it feels
to be getting there. The stairs make me anxious and fearful. I have a hand rail but not knowing
what is below your next step is quite an anxious feeling. I Think im going to going downstairs
and relax. Maybe drink some water and smoke a little bud. Ease the tensions of this new found

**Bong Bubbles**

Maybe this will be a different experience. Actually, im kind of frightened. This is my first
time smoking since my condition and im not sure why i didnt concider this before hand. Just Relax.
think about movies you once enjoyed. Man, Quentin Tarantino is an amazing Film Maker! Everything he does
in every scene is set to perfection. The way the drums and music kicc in during certain deaths in Inglorious
Basterds. The dialogue and depth in which he gives his characters and the actors he uses
to portray them!. I remember the first time i heard Pulp Fiction. From the Bonnie Situation to The Golden Watch.
each scene made with percision."
   Now as this thought had ran through alex's brain, he become again afraid. Why had he said it that way?
Heard Pulp Fiction. ? He knew exactly why but wasnt ready to except it. So in a frantic state
of mental panic, all while sitting completely still.. He tried his god damnedest to remember
that opening scene from Pulp Fiction. The Diner Scene. The One he head memorized forwards and backwards.
He Started Repeating the scene in his head.
  "No Fuckin Forget it, We're done with it. too Risky."
  "You Always Say that, the same thing, never again, too risky"
  "And im always right too" 
  "You know what you sound like when you go on like this?"
  "i sound like a reasonable fucking man"
  "you sound like a duck. quack quack quack quack quack"
  "well, since im never guna do it again, your never going to have to hear me quack
about how im never going to do it again"

    What had they looked like?? What was she wearing?? This man clearly had a british accent
but what color was his skin?? There had been different colored Englishmen in the world from
all nationalities, But Alex had seen this movie a hundred times! Why couldnt he remember for
the life of him, what these two actors looked like! Had he even seen this movie?!
Had he ever even Seen???






         Part 4
Aggitation. Anxioty. Irritation. Confussion. Adrenaline. An electrical signal
in the mind of a 21.24 Years and 254.91 Months, 1,108 Weeks, 7759.16 Days, 186,219.9 Hours,
 11,173,193 Minutes, Or 670,391,569 Seconds old male of Mexican(which was a combination
of spanish and aztec) and Irish(from the country of Ireland)decent was sent and rapidly released toxins
and natural chemicals in the brain which thus sent more signals throughout the brain and into
the body as to feel the previously stated sense of Emotions listed above. One Neuron in his brain
sent an unknown signal to a receptor Neuron. This receptor had never seen such a signal
and thus sent out one of its own that Its receptor would also not understand. This rapid rate
of confussion formed a pattern in the subconscious of the brains system which formed its own
Neurological patterns to answer the misunderstood anamoly. This perception is slowly
drawn away as the distractions of physical perception come into play. If one were to perhaps,
remove such a disturbance then one could theoretically concentrate at a higher rate.
Another Neurological electrical signal goes flying across the charts. And then another
and another. The extentions of the body that can handle the physical realm have found something
lacking light and color. Using this item to block out any possible perception of light or shapes,
the arms of this human being took the dark cloth and wrapped it around the two receptor
cells in the face area intended for sight.







exerpt from TripleSixAlex Ward's chatlog.

"i took my shrooms and started trippin and
then i decided to blindfold myself and simulate
 lack of sight. so i tried doing things around
 my house and going up and down the stairs and
what not. meditated a lot. like basically was
somewhere completely else in my head even tho my body
was moving around. idk nigga it was a tripp. imagine cutting
off any possible way of seeing and being in the mindstate to
convince yourself that this was the rest of your life.
and that's what i did hahah. and then when i came back after what blew my mind to end up being
like 3 fucking hours!!! the physical world was slowly bluring back
into existence even tho my eyes had opened."


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