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3.4 grams of psilocybe cubensis lemon tekked

pretty far out

     To start things off il just say that me and 2 good friends decided to eat 3.4 grams of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms soaked in fresh lemon juice (for 30 minutes). We ate 2 tums each about 20 minutes after the mushrooms consumption. We have all had 7 trips before this. Wev ate cactus 3 times, had real lsd twice, and had these same mushrooms twice before, and this trip just re instilled in me the fact that it can always get different. We went to the beach and it was a bright sunny day out around 77° fahrenheit, we ate out mushrooms at 11:30 and then just walked around for a while. Before this we had smoked a good amount of weed to give us just more than a buzz, this was for nausea and to make the come up flow better. After about 20 minutes it was coming on pretty strong already seeing the patterns and lattices starting to form in the sand. I did a backflip right around then since I wanted to see how it would feel, and it was interesting but just felt like my body got really tense (since it does to do a backflip). We continued to walk around and the friend who il call Aa took a leak, our feet are starting to feel heavy and we can tell its going to come blasting on soon. After a while we ended up at our station we set up with 3 towels and our backpack. We laid down and enjoyed the intoxicating happiness, which was also very nice and clear and everything just felt so nice and clear (mentally and physically since it was good weather). 

     Things slowly got stronger and stronger, well not really slowly but as they were getting stronger time was getting longer and longer. We were laying on our towels and i was on my chest with my shirt off. I closed my eyes and and it was the same color as if you close your eyes however it was much more, i was looking into the depths of a universal flow of energy. At this time it wasn't overwhelmingly strong and i had my eyes closed for around 5 minutes. Everything was coming through in waves as everything does and generally around the peak of the waves my eyes would be closed. By now the psychedelic patterns had enveloped everything in sight, and the sky which was clear and sunny was full of radiating energy from the sun. You could see all of the energy just penetrating our atmosphere and filling the air on earth surrounding us. I could feel the energy sinking into every cell of my body with its radiating tinge. Every cell of my body felt energized as if i was a battery which is now going in reverse and just absorbing the energy of the sun which radiates down to earth and penetrates my body with its singe of electrons. Now when I close my eyes I AM the cosmic flow of rhythmic energy. I no longer have a body when my eyes are closed i have simple dissolved into the universal current wich is absolutely pure bliss and truely everything. This flow is what I picture after death to be like, simply pure awareness and absolute nothingness while being absolutely everything. A predominant thing I always notice and it does hold true to everything if you think about it is that there are always 2 sides or opposing forces. There is love and there is hate, day and night, even when you get down to the slightest detail of something it can never be absolutely one thing. I always think of an old balance the type with 2 weights, one one each side of the center. No matter how precise you amek it, it will never truely be balanced and it will always be a micro fragment of a nanogram off. The universal flow was the same it would rotate and alternate and it clearly had opposing forces and things in it. While this is going on I was thinking about all sorts of things in my life and in my body, although i didnt really think about girls and getting a girlfriend which i really need to work on doing.

     What was probably 1:45 me and Aa started talking about life, how you need to eat, sleep, urinate, and crap. We talked about how if you didn't urinate you would go crazy from having too and how if you didn't eat you would starve. How you have to actually do stuff to stay alive. We talked about how when it gets down to it its all your will of weather or not you live or die and if you had enough willpower you could simply just stop eating and drinking water and die. We talked about how we both thought we could let ourselves just stop breathing if we truly wanted too but we had no desire to do so because your going to die sooner or later and you may aswell enjoy life in this state while your in it. I have been thinking about this for a while and was thinking about it then how you can never truly be relaxed. You are extremely relaxed on psychedelics and at other times but you physically cannot be completely relaxed because that is what death is. While laying down on my towel I was observing and thinking about how my body is pulled down to the ground and all of my organs are pressing against the ground because of gravity and how your body always has to be settled with all of its contents weighted down against something. During this I did have my own struggles with this strong does such as how it effects your mucos secretion and gastric speed. I had extreme mucus so think i decided to stick my finger down my throat to feel it and i scraped out a piece and it was almost a solid, the consistency of gel. At times I did worry about breathing but i also thought about how if im currently breathing with all this mucos in my throat then its fine. So i dissasociated from my throat and just went on with the experience with every once in a while being alarmed by it and swallowing and stuff.

     We were just floating along as usual opening and closing our eyes. Another thing is that when im really far out i always here " it " the sound of the trip, its like a pink floyd type of sound like the noise is flowing like a wave, but very quickly like some sort of weird noise you would hear from a super high teck space ship. Like ~~~~~~~wawhwhwhwhehehehwhwhehehewheheh~~~~~~~ and it twindles away sort of like a projectile going through the air in a spinning fashion. i guess things weren't going as well with Aa because he said " I think im going to die ". Me and the other friend just kept laying down, but he said it a couple more times. At first I wanted him to just think about it and get over it like I had but he was entering a panic and it was apparent now. I remember saying " do you feel like your really dieing or is it just in your head since we ate the shrooms " he said no i think im really dieing. Truthfully i am a very calm person and i was when this was happening. I think my other friend who il call ax was a little surprised by how calm i was. Aa started saying stuff like im really dieing, we took to much, you don't hear about people dieing from this because no one takes this much but i really think me had to much. I knew we didn't have too much and we had even talked before about how when you get to a far enough point, the point of breaking through or ego death that it feels like your dieing. I think ax said to Aa to try to throw up which ax would later do not because he was in a panic but because he gets more nausea than us. I was telling Aa that he probably just needs to take a piss because i knew i had to take a piss and i had taken my last piss approximately an hour later than his so he would have to urinate more badly then me. While this was going on he had also said he needed the clonazepam ( a benzodiazepine downer/sedative ) and we both know that it takes like 2 milligrams to really effect yyou. Im not sure but i feel like i spilled quite a few of them out in my hurry to get him one but i handed him one and he knows what to do with it because wev had it before and he takes pills all the time to stay awake more but he aksed what do i do with this and ax said to chew it up and hold it under your tongue. What a relief he had just confirmed how confused he was by saying that, at that point he started to calm down, but not because of the clonazepam and i know that because i only gave him half a millagram. Of course all his fear and panic was all in his head and he quickly after eating it or maybe before i really don't remember he went about 10 meters away kneeled down and took a piss. I think this was afterwards because when he came back from his piss he was much calmer and i didn't type out everything i had said but i was telling him how its all in his head, but he was saying how much better he was not and how he realized that it was all in his hhead. We talked abit and he came to an understanding that it really truely was all just in his head. I had to take a leak too and i wanted Aa to think about what just went on so i asked him if hes ok with staying here while me and ax walk to the bathroom around 120 meters away. He said yes and he was much calmer now and ax went with me to the bathroom.

    Ax and I started walking to the bathrooms and we had both just went through that so we were pretty shocked that it just happened. Ax talked and I talked, and i said how I knew the whole time what was going on in his head and was not worried for one bit at all. Ax doesn't read about psychedelics as much as i do so i told him how we did not ingest a super high amount and that it is physically safe to ingest pretty much all the mushrooms we could without filling up our stomach and throwing up. He said it earlier but he was worried that he might be stuck like this forever, becasue he had read about some people who take psychedelics and just never come back. I told him that those are people who probably were schizophrenic and he said how do i know im not schizophrenic  and laughable i said well are you! You would sorta know if you were schizophrenic and he realized that is true. Later I would tell him how your only in this mindset because of the ppsychedelics which are very similar and act like seratonin in your brain and how your in that mindset because those tryptamine molecules are all flowing around and when they are not all in there flowing around you are not in this mindset and its as simple as that. I said you could try to stay like this forever but you just couldn't since you wouldn't have the molecules in your brain. He said he doesn't want anymore psychedelics and i said i dont plan on having this much either for a long time but il probably have more just not aim for this since we just did it and will be set straight for a while. Life went on and we went to the bathroom and walked back. Aa was there and we talked some more about things and how ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD some more. 

     We were still tripping at this point and we ended up talking about the weird things we used to do as children and how simple and basic the things we made were. Like those little kits for little kids where you build something. For example those chemistry sets for little tikes or like a kit to build a pair of glasses. It was very interesting and we learned alot today. I was motivated to make this trip report because of how much i feel reading all the stuff i read such as trip reports helpes me to understand what is going on and that it really is all in your head and there is nothing to worry about. I wouldn't be the super relaxed person that i am with psychedelics if i had not read all i have read. During this report i probably made it sound like i could handle it alot better than my friends and yes i did a bit but im just lucky that i have a gift of being able to detach from emotions and be complete stress or emotion free so i am able to make logical coherent thoughts, i didn't emphasize as much of what ax said during the trip because he was seperated from me by Aa who was on the towel next to me. Ax did also calm Aa down but he got into a bit or a scare himself when aa was all panicking but his fear was that he would be stuck like that. All in all by the end of the trip we had learned alot of stuff and its going to take alot of time thinking about everything. 

     From this i have learned that you cant just keep taking higher amounts of psychedelics and some people have a hard time with it so if you plan on taking alot of them make sure your in a good set and setting, and always remember that its all in your head. I recommend this to everyone just not this much, incase you didn't know the lemon tek increases the intensity of the trip.

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