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an afternoon of new perception

3.5g of shrooms with a few friends, and we used the best method of consumption ever!

A few friends and I  invested in some shrooms and decided to take them when we get a chance. So later in the week we took them and I had no clue what to expect. The only other time I did shrooms was about a month earlier and it was only about 1.5g, it wasn't really doing anything about an hour after eating them so I smoked weed and that made the effects come on a bit but it was nothing like this time. 
Anyways... yeah, this time was MUCH different. It was about 1 in the afternoon when we got to my friends house. Each of us had an 1/8 of shrooms and started eating them. One of my buddies that was with us, (we'll call her Jane) despises the taste of them and was gagging trying to eat a stem, as was my other friend (we'll call her Abby). The taste doesn't bug me much.
For a few minuets Jane and Abby tried to figure out how to eat them without tasting them. We all ended up taking apart vitamin capsules and jamming our shrooms into them and putting them back together then popping them like a normal pill. This is by far the best method of taking them, it takes a little time, but  if you have an abundance of vitamin capsules like Abby does it's totally worth it.
Then we waited.
And waited.
Then Abby's room stated getting abnormally big. I laughed to myself at how silly it was the room was expanding. The shrooms were definitely taking effect, same with my other friends. We were all feeling different. The cream coloured walls then had a pink tint, then it switched to blue. Straight lines were moving and things were just swaying. Everything was going so well and we were just about to venture outside when her parents come in the door. We were like "shit........." so we just stayed in her room for the time being, waiting to see what would happen. This was at about 2;30/3;00 ish, so the trip was getting gradually stronger and we didn't know what we should do. 
Abby and I ended up staring at the computer screen for a good while to make it look like we were doing something in case her mom came in. We were on Netflix and I can't even describe how hilarious all the movie cover thumbnails looked, everyone's face would morph and their clothes would swirl and sprout patterns that weren't there before. shit like that, it was more amusing than one would think. By that time I just accepted the fact we probably shouldn't leave her room (we looked fucked and our pupils were taking over our iris') so I laid down on her bed and looked at the ceiling and there were endless patterns, and by endless I mean fucking endless. Her fucking ceiling looked like a portal to infinity. I was stunned at the beauty this simple, material object was emitting. I couldn't be bothered to look away, the ceiling was too peaceful and I felt as  though my entire consciousness was on that ceiling, the peaceful part of me floated up and I couldn't help but watch the patterns dance and flow into each other. I kept watching and it kept changing, for a while I saw eye shapes on the ceiling, all in different colours. They would even blink back to me. I also marveled at blinking... when I'd close my eyes then open them, I was amazed that everything was still there and I was still there like I never closed my eyes in the first place. I don't think I'll ever be able to explain that feeling but it was a wonderful feeling. 
Whenever my friends and I would talk it was just a confusing mess hahah. I felt as though we were all on different levels and talking to different parts of each other, like when I would talk to Abby, I was talking to her inner most mind, but she didn't know that. It was almost like a language barrier between us all and every word was lost in translation. At the time I felt like it's because they weren't letting their ego's go, because what was left of my ego that day was fucking obliterated. I was so at peace and I understood and felt every bit of that peace on a higher, more meaningful level and I knew everything was going to be okay because I accepted all of this.
 So, at the time communicating was difficult for me so I just let myself be and enjoyed every second of it. I was still looking around and looked at her lamp for a bit because I could see all of our energy flowing past it really clearly (I just assumed it was our energy because it seemed to make perfect sense) I watched our energy pass along the walls and near the ceiling again. The ceiling still looked pretty awesome so I watched it some more, then I realised that my mind was really far away. I was really far away. And I had no clue where I was but that was fine with me. I let myself explore where I was some more and my friends were confused as to how calm I was, I was confused at how they didn't feel how I felt. I really wish they could have. 
Abby's mom came in around 6/6;30 to tell us they were going to a movie. We all looked sketchy as fuck and I'm sure I looked especially odd due to the fact I was watching her eye drip down the side of her face and back up over and over again. She left soon after and we were pretty relieved . After she left I remember looking at my hands and I watched my whole hand grow and it looked like it was growing around a small chain-linked fence pattern, it was strange then it shrunk back to close enough to normal. Then I noticed all my skin felt drippy. No like physically damp, just strange.
Anyways, not much else happened after her parents left, we just went downstairs and chatted and hung out until we basically came down. We never did end up going outside due to the rainy, humid weather. Going outside was one of my must-do's for that day but shit happens and I accepted that we didn't.  But everything went well and I can't wait until next time : ) 

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