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Communication with our star brothers and sisters with the help from Cannabis

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Last night I once again dosed myself with three hits of medical grade Skywalker OG, a wonderfully potent strain of good ole cannabis. What proceeded to happen next as I moved from my deck to my room and bed and vice versa thoroughlly astounded me and again instilled that eternal cosmic wonder that I am so appreciative of. I was given more visions last night and was given more energy healing as well from multiple sources. First after feeling the characteristic warm cloud like vibration in my heart center area, as I sat down my crown chakra opened up, very wholly. This felt literally like my skull was opened up to the sky and to the universe, teaching me again that the body is as porous and as open as the wind when it wants to be, and all of the time really. Its just how I perceive it, and I usually obviously perceive my body to be bordered from the environment and the world. Well maybe that was how I experienced life years ago. Now I'm more used to the body's states of openness. 

After experiencing a lot of energetic body changes I was given the visions. This time my focused intention that would guide the whole experience was for me to be love. Simple. To me thats all were called to do in these times, to be love, for love is all that we are. Love is the energy of the universe, love is the creator, love is the self, love is the center. When we connect with love, we connect with our hearts, which send out thousands of messages to the environment all the time. Love is literally the experience by the one self OF the one self. This love has transmuted my entire experience of reality, and it has the potential to burn away any and all negativity that you choose to experience if you simply BE IT. And that is as easy as saying simply, I Am Love.

In the beginning of the visions I was confronted by negative spirit prescences that I have a couple theories about concerning their origins/reality. But first I must say that I very commonly experience close eyed visuals of "spirits" when I dose myself with psychedelic compounds. I guess I am part of the seventy or so percent of people that experience visions of spirit prescences when dosed with the endogenously produced chemical Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Here are my theories as to the possible origins of these beings: They could be inorganic inter-dimensional beings with the capabilities of spirit, i.e. flight, dematerialization, etc, all the powers that tribal societies have claimed the spirits have had for millennia, they could be products of the mind that mirror various negative and positive personality traits of the experiencer of the phenomena, and as well they could have simply been body sensations that were new to myself, that were represented in the CEV state by beings interacting with myself. 

Here are two extremely positive experiences I had that fall under the category of visions. First I saw a vision of a ship in a cloud being kind of scrubbed away by something. At first I thought it was a spirit, a negative one, scrubbing away the vision/my memory of this somehow, as the ship was disappearing before my eyes! That was what I felt at first. Then as soon as I brought awareness to this vision the being jetted away and I was left with the memory. I was watching a ship in a place like the cloud city in star wars, a big ship, circle around through the clouds. Its shape was that of a donut, at least as far as I could see, and there was a link/a perpendicular bite missing in the donut, it was basically a circle with a section cut out of it. My place in the vision was near the center of the cut, watching the ship rotate around the donut hole, i.e. the center of its rotation, the center of the circle. As the vision of the ship progressed I looked to the left and saw the other section of the ship, and as the ship moved my vision moved into the body of a person inside of the ship. Somehow, someway, I knew this being was me, which brings up a whole lot of questions. I was in a large library like place, which I intuitionally knew was this civilizations epicenter of knowledge. This place was the pinnacle of that civilizations knowledge and wisdom. This was just again something that I felt and intuited. 

Next after this short cutscene, the visions showed me again negative things starting to happen to me at the cause of other beings outside of myself. I called upon many sources for help, from archangel michael to my spirit guides. When I asked archangel michael to help, I would see the things happening to me be immediately shifted into light, which was really cool for me. I also called upon our star brothers and sisters for help. Like some of my experiences with DMT and like many others experiences with various substances and states of consciousness, INCLUDING sober states of mind, when I called in a respectful manner, I first felt a very subtle energy pierce my crown chakra, like a room temperature wind energetically entering the body through the top, the crown, of the head. I felt prescences around me once more, and in my psychic visual field, I saw beings all of one energy field made of light. I spoke to them for awhile, because I knew that I wanted to introduce myself. I spoke to them of wisdom and of light for a couple minutes or so, which I felt was a proper introduction. While this was happening they moved closer in and listened.

When they talked to me, they basically wanted to let me know that they were there to assist us all, aka all of humanity in any way they could. I asked them to help cure whatever was going on in my crown chakra, as the experience I was having was pretty intense and I felt they could help. At this point my entire body assumed a single vibration somehow, I felt it all become one. With my closed eyes, I saw my body become basically what I could describe as a nondescript shield of energy that looked like a body (aka very much like iron man or something like that, but made out of light). It was literally a shell housing through which flowed empty space, flowing energy and spirit. It took a lot of willpower to do this successfully, but I simply silenced my mind, waited, and felt myself for awhile as the changes happened.

After some time passed and I felt more aligned, in my close eyed visual field I was brought to a space inside what looked like a spaceship, to be standing in front of a lot of beings. And then my thoughts got the better of me. When I even considered what could be happening to me, i.e. first out of body meeting with extraterrestrial beings, I didn't even feel fear. My mind instead simply brought up the idea of fear, like, "what if I was afraid of this?", and as soon as I even contemplated the notion of fear I fell through the ship into space. I actually chased it for awhile, kind of knowing that it was futile to chase it, kind of knowing that I wouldn't catch up. Immediately as I chose to stop chasing it, I felt psychically and actually heard distinctly a very heartfelt "Thank You Johnny Wallace!". Wow. 

So that was yet another spectacular experience. Thank you universe, all is one with the heart as my center.

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