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1st time trippin'

This trip was planned for a week and was to be done with 5 people.

This trip was planned for a week and was to be done with 5 people.

I called the dealer up and waited with like 8 of my friends in front of del taco. it was just afterschool and we had ditched last period together.4 of them were on a newly discovered cheap high, called "Coricidin cough and cold(aka Triple C)". He pulled up about 3:00pm. I got in his car and he handed me the most drugs i had ever seen and i gave him the money. I slipped the shrooms in a bag from the taco place i lived by and stepped out of the car. we went into the taco place's bathroom all at once and 5 of us split up the shrooms. it was all of our first times. we stepped out of that bathroom feeling like kings (and 1 queen). but after realizing that 4 of us had to split up due to clahing schedules, me, my girlfriend(clean), and two friends(one clean) split from the other 4 friends(all high on corocidin). my friends and i went to an internet cafe to play half life.

then it hit me. this game started becoming 3-d. machine guns started popping out of the screen and firing at me. I started to panic everytime my charater died. i started pretending that i thought the bullets were actually going in my body to trip out my friend next to me. he was havin a fuck up trip, i could tell. i stopped freakin him out cuz the bullets actually did start to go into my body. i closed my eyes and saw myself dead on the battlefield. i saw my mom, crying with my brother holding her. he was saying "there's nothing we can do." i opoened my eyes to my girlfriend saying "stop, please. im scared." i tryed to stop and keep playing the game but it was no use. as i played, alls in the level changed colors wildly and music started playing in my head. it was TOOL. Schism started playing and i decided i wanted to trip somewhere i wouldnt be noticed.

we walked toward a school's field near my friends house. at this point we were at the peak and i had no sense of reality. curbs i was stepping over grew and i couldn't put my foot over them. everything started to glow a golden -white brilliance. when we finally got there it started raining. i started to think about rain and how high up its been and that it goes faster than i can hurling towards the ground.

i started moving my hands near my face and back again. they had pink and blue trails behind them.

at that time, my friend pulled out a coke can and put the holes in it with a safety pin. then i remember taking power hits with mygirlfriend. i think we ended up smoking like three bowls.

then i looked at the sunset. since it was rainy, it looked wierd. i started hearing music again and it kept getting louder. it wouldn't stop and it started to hurt my ears. i looked out to the field of wet grass and monsters started coming out of the mud puddles. i blinked and they were gone. i suddenly felt everything restore to its normal state of reality, but something felt very good. i started to slip back into a trance. i felt like i was in the cartoon movie aladdin. i was in the cave of wonders where the monkey grabs the jewel.

i tilted my head back and released a sigh. everything turned blue-ish white. i looked up and the sun was gone. just a neon trippy nighttime.

then my girlfriend looked over at me and wispered something in my ear. i couldn't hear her but then she started kissing my neck.

ok, a quick stop in the story. have you ever had an intimate moment with anyone stoned? how about shroomin'? what about both at once?? well i don't recommend drugs to anyone, however my god that was the best feeling i have ever had in my 14 year old life. yes im 14.

anyway, at this point we gave eachother hickeys and then continued tripping out afterward(it was her second time smoking, the first time she felt it). then we went back to netropolis(net cafe) to trip some more where we ate a shit load of candy and i came off the trip.

i hope you enjoyed or learned from this story of my first trip. i know it couldn't have been as crazy as the real thing was for me.

in conclusion i learned many things from that day and have never been quite the same since.

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