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15grams Mexican, Trent Park 28th May 2005

I live in London, UK.

I live in London, UK. I've been taking mushrooms for quite a while now. My friend Andy and I decided around 3:00pm to do shrooms, and go out to a big nature conservation area called Trent Park. One of our university campus's is in this area, so we had free reign to go around the university grounds and everywhere else. The area is massive, and you could walk for miles.

We walked down a long road called Snakes Lane, it was light and very very hot - the warmest day of the year so far. This road is surrounded by wooded area and we decided we'd sit down and eat the bigger shroom between us. We were still sober when the first weird thing of the day happened - we sat on the base of a big tree, but on the tree there hung a key. We laughed and joked about it being the key to the forest and made some crap Labyrinth and Alice In Wonderland references.

After eating the shroom we walked on into the university grounds, where we sat and ate some more - spacing out the trip so it wouldn't hit us all at once.

Within 20 minutes I was off my face! The problem was that the last two previous times I took shrooms I puked and had bad trips, so I was very anxious. I started to think it was a bad idea, my mind was going north and south constantly. Like a sinoid waveform.

I kept my cool though and did not vomit. We spent the entire evening walking around the conservation park. There is an obelisk in the park dedicated to the old owners dead kid, and we plotted there for a bit. But everything was so green and orange because of the sun. The ground and trees breathed in unison with me, and I felt like their breathing was an extension of my own.

I remember looking around and seeing the trees taking shapes. One was a huge spider that looked like it was going to attack, huge fangs and piercing eyes. But it did not want to attack me, it wanted to make me laugh with its posture. I did laugh indeed, I laughed my ass off in fact.

Another tree had a buggered face on it, the kind of face that you imagine a hobo possessing. We ate some more shrooms at the obelisk I think, but that was the last time I ate any. We'd eaten around 15 grams each by that time, and it felt like hours had passed, even though it was probably only 30 minutes at most.

We chatted and made jokes and laughed and shared our thoughts, and we walked. After walking for a bit my anxiety completely passed and I truly did feel at one with nature.

As we walked through the tree's the pathway seemed to shrink into the distance. Like in the film Alice In Wonderland, where she goes through the really small door. It was as if the path led to a really small forest. It was the most bizzare feeling walking into it. I felt like a hobbit.

We soon circled round and found ourselves back at a big hillside we had passed before. We sat here and stared at the sky.

The bushes around me made more buggered figures, more spiders, a skull, the grim-reaper, and wierd mocking evil grins - but none of it scared me. I was completely comfortable staring into the face of the Grim Reaper. It amused me. I felt as if they were doing it on purpose, staring at me to make me laugh.

There were an unusual amount of planes in the sky that night, and we even tripped out over a helicopter, because it was turning its search light on and off, we thought it was a UFO.

As we were talking I looked up at the sky, and I swear I saw a shooting star. But it disappeared before I could point it out.

It got darker and darker until it was pitch black. We thought we were done. We thought we were sober, so we headed back.

We started to walk back but we got lost in the bushes. Each little bush looked like a rock, and the ground had one of the most bizzare textures ever. We just kept laughing, realising we were still tripping.

We didn't know where we were going, and we didn't really care. If I had been sober, I would've been really anxious, but the shrooms took everything of me away and replaced it with nothingness.

We eventually found our way back to the uni, and we sat there some more. At the bottom of the hill the university is situated on, there is a big lake with trees. The lake resembled a pool, and the trees looked like objects and people sticking out of the pool. There was a duck with its human arm out of the water, a skull, and more assorted animals.

We sat there for a while talking about stuff, sharing our trips with each other, and then we went home.

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