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1. Blood Gives Life to the Walls...

During the summer of 2003, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, two of my buddies and I decided that we wanted to have a little fun with some mushrooms for the second time in and around 9-10 months.

During the summer of 2003, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, two of my buddies and I decided that we wanted to have a little fun with some mushrooms for the second time in and around 9-10 months. The 1st time was an awesome success (the splendor of the trip experience can be read in my formerly submitted account, trip level 2, "abc everything's trippy). Although our first trip was very fun and special in its own way, the one that I am going to tell you about now surpasses the boundaries. In other words, having a strong level 3 trip is when you really find out what it's like using this awesome drug...

So once again, it's summer in good ol' Minnesota. It's hot and humid, and for the time being, somewhat boring. A cool ass kid that we knew from school was able to supply us with a half ounce of some "more than decent" shrooms. They were psilocybe cubensis, which is a very stong mushroom that is popular up here. We lucked out, and bought the humungous bag for only 90 bucks. The reason why we got such a large amount was because of our predetermined idea that each of us would eat a MINIMUM of an eighth. Once we obtained them, there was no hesitation. We each grabbed a pepsi out of the mini-fridge and munched away with indescribable excitement. This was the first step in the most insane day of my ENTIRE LIFE.

I quickly downed my eighth, so did Tony, and Eric decided to take around 4 grams, a few extra small caps and stems. He was trippin' balls, obviously. Not one of us were expecting to start feeling the shrooms for a while, so we decided to go outside to this small picnic bench that was a classic little chillin spot right outside of Eric's house. Keeping generally cool in the shade, we just sat and talked about how happy we were (shrooms are not easy to get up here!) and how anxious we were to start seeing shit. Within 10 whopping minutes, Eric and myself were already getting the great "floaty" high, and we even started to see the ground and other things start to dance and wiggle. We were astonished and enthralled at the effectiveness of these things--how good were they? In the most brief way possible, the mushies probably couldn't have been much better, in my mind.

As soon as we started seeing the hallucinations, we walked inside and practically locked ourselves in Eric's room, a comfortable scenario, I must say. Once settled, Tony also began seeing what we were seeing. None of this was new to us, unfortunately, but things were soon about to change...

Approximately 30 minutes after ingestion, the walls were starting to wave, wind and breath very strongly. We were beginning to marvel at the room, and we started laughing our asses off, for whatever reason I don't recall. This was getting interesting now. Every minute that ticked by was another boost in how high we were and what hallucinatory things we were seeing. Within the next half an hour was when it all hit me. I started seeing colors and patterns all over. Things were beginning to melt. Everything appeared to me as if I were looking through an hour glass, warped and blurry and enclosed. I was seeing intense trails. The coolest trails that I saw that day were coming from some flies; they looked like little black dots slowly flying around and leaving 6 inch rainbows behind them. That was THE SHIT.

Time kept ticking, and I was getting near my peak. At that moment, I felt like I was entirely enveloped in a dream. I couldn't even fathom things like time. I was trying to speak about tomorrow and yesterday, but they weren't real--they weren't even there at all. I began to question who I was, and if this all was a reality. My mind wasn't able to grip onto anything around me anymore. All I was doing was laying on the opened futon, stupified at the spectacle of the newly living room. Before my peak, by the way, I went upstairs to take a leak, following right behind Eric who also had to go. I looked out the window, and everything was purple, and moving. As soon as I made it into the bathroom when Eric was done, I tried to aim at the wiggling toilet. This was very difficult, on top of the fact that I couldn't feel my dong, and I was laughing like hell for no reason. The piss went into the toilet and created a vortex. That was insane. I also took a peek into the large mirror hanging on the wall...my face began to melt, and I could hardly recognize the person within. So back to the peaking. There were flying blotches of color now, my body was stretching in and out. You may be wondering why I called this report "Blood Gives Life to the Walls...". Here's why. Within my own intense world, I began to see liquid flowing through the walls, sometimes at the same rate of my beating heart, sometimes at a constant flow. All of the walls were given life. They were now, almost apart of me, as strange as it may seem. Other things were also being supplied with what I am calling "blood". I could see it flowing through Tony and Eric. A picturesque scene, I'd argue. My ears seemed to be almost plugged--I could hardly hear things. When I spoke, it was comparable to spitting out a few last words before you die, on a short gasp of air. I felt as if noone was listening to me, and if they were, they couldn't understand me. In my confused state, I had no feelings anymore, because I was controlling my own universe, my own self, and those things were not involved with me.

For what seemed like an eternity was only about half way through the trip, or around 2 and 1/2 hours. I began to control how I was feeling again. My speech was coming back, my hearing followed somewhat. I was starting to very slowly come down. I was given a starburst by this girl, Jordaan, who arrived to see us tripping our asses off. When I tried eating it, the consistency dramatically changed. It was extremely hard to chew. Eventually, it made my whole mouth and part of my throat turn into liquid. Yes, into liquid. It took me approximately 5 whole minutes to eat 1. And I was trying really hard, hahaha, which made it even worse. I was still extremely delerious, but I was starting to make sense of things. Phew, it's almost over with.

In conclusion to this trip, it truly was a momentus time. I was in another world, another frame of mind. I was not even me, nobody was who they actually were, and nothing was like it actually is. At a strong level 3, I was bottom-line GONE. It was incredible, marvelous, insane, spectacular, incredibly amazing, and I surely will never forget it. And by the way, right after I came down, we went to a party and started drinking a little bit. I was really out of it, and was trying to readjust to reality, it being rescently stripped from me for the better part of 5 hours. I was in the oddest mood, and it would continually fluxuate from "that was SO AWESOME, and I love life" to "whoa. What the fuck just happened?" I support the usage of mushrooms over any other drugs. They are safe, especially if eaten in moderation, and give you the most desireable experience one could possibly ask for.

Thanks for reading this, and have a fucking great time eating those nasty little guys. Later...

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