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()()()()first trip()()()()

that night at my friend B-dawg's house we were expecting 4 mushroom chocolates with about an eigth of mushees in them a piece.

that night at my friend B-dawg's house we were expecting 4 mushroom chocolates with about an eigth of mushees in them a piece. i was really excited about trippin for my first time and i was dissapointed when they ended up comming in like an hour late but the guy who was givin them to us ended up givin us 2 more chocolates than we asked for. so B-dawg, his brother, and i sat there for like 10 min just arguing about who was going to get the extra chocolates. in the end B-dawg and his bro got the extra ones and i got stuck with one half of a chocolate. we all went into the kitchen and started to cook some chicken wings while i was complaining that i only got a half a chocolate. they still had those extra ones so b-dawgs brother gave me half of his (i feel like a jack ass now). then as we were all sitting there in the kitchen waiting for the wings to cook and then slowly everything in the kitchen started looking like a midgets house. the ceiling looked really low and everything looked just, well, midget hehe. then about 5 min after i noticed that the house had turned midget b-dawg said something to me so i turned around and him and his bro looked like clay figures off of gumbie. it was the wieredest thing that i have ever seen. but i shook my head and they went back to normal. i then knew that my trip had begun. after eating the wings (which tasted like water) we all went back into b-dawgs brothers room. we decided to watch a pearl jam dvd on his tv so we put it in. i dont remember watching the movie at all but i do remember watching the tv shoot upward and grow skinny untill it was like it was 10 feet tall and about 3 in wide. after bout what felt like 10 min went by (it was really only about 2) i got up and decided to walk around. i went next to his bed and watched my feet as i walked and every time i took a step a ripple came out from under my feet as if i were on water. i really dont know how long we were in his room but eventually we decided to go to bed so we went into b-dawgs room and i laid down in the soft bed. it was a bunk bed and i was on the bottom; the bed had these bars on it to support the matress above and my arms felt week so i grabbed a bar. as soon as i grabbed it, it started to wave around like a snake. so i instantly took my hands off of it in fear that i would get bitten. i tried going to bed after that but i just couldnt; every time i would close my eyes i felt like i was in outer space and my body stararted floating and i could see wiered lines in my eyelids that looked like sperms. so i stayed up untill i finally was able to get some sleep and the sperm stopped bothering me and it was all over. i dont remember having any wiered dreams but when i woke up the next morning i couldnt remember what had happned the night before untill later that day.

well that was my report. i hope you liked it. and please leave a message after the beep.

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