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"Maybe we should turn around"

This all occured last saturday evening and didn't expect this night to be too crazy.

This all occured last saturday evening and didn't expect this night to be too crazy. I've tripped on shroomie goomies a number of times but always have had mediocre level 2 trips...this night turned out to be VERY different.

My friend and I started the evening out by drinking a few screwdrivers and waiting for this kid to score us some nuggets. I brought down what I had left of my homegrown shrooms and we decided that we would try to divide them up. I had about 5-6 medium sized shrooms while he had close to 3-4...we ingested and patiently waited.

Well, that night my brother decided that he wanted to have a party at my house because he actually found a full keg back in the woods and was anxious to party-hardy with it...so all these people I don't know start showing up, but I'm thinking "no big deal" cause I can handle my shit.

About an hour later, the kid with the pot shows up and him, my friend and I decide to go smoke a bowl. We get into my friends car and things start to get weird. There were all of these strange looking spheres of light coming off of his CD player and I'm thinking that this is going to be badass cause I had never had visuals before my peak before. We talked for a while and apparently this kid says he can get vials of leary acid (but that's another story).

I go back inside and the movie "Balance of Power" is on. For those of you who are not familiar with this movie, it stars Billy Blanks (the tae-bo guy) doing the worst job of kung fu I have ever seen. We laugh forever about this cause the last time we dropped acid, this same movie was on and I think we laughed the entire time we were watching. Bottomline, SEE THIS MOVIE!

Then I decide to go the bathroom and I see that things are really strange. The toilet seems so far down and I look up and ceiling moves further away from me. I look at the wall paper and the flowers on it are dancing and swirling...then I look in the mirror and see my perma-grin...I'm loving it!

My friend and I then decide to go get a blunt (in retrospect, this is probably not such a good idea, but we wanted to smoke a PHATTY) We put on some Dead and are on our way...about halfway there I start peaking and everything looks like a cartoon...the ride seems like a video game and everytime we make any kind of turn I'm like "WHOA Louie slow down!" Then I say "maybe we should turn around" and my friend just starts laughing at me.

We finally make it to the gas station and I have to go buy the blunt...it took us forever to get our money straight though. I finally get it and get back in the car. I put on some Disco Biscuits and start jamming the fuck out!!! (sidenote, BISCO is fucking great!!!) We speed back to my house so we can watch southpark.

We get back and put it on the show...it's the one with Lemmiwinks and everytime that song comes on, I just laugh my nuts off. I get on my computer too, but I can't read jack shit cause all the letter are moving around. This whole time too, fractals are everywhere I look.

After the show I try to tune my guitar but I can't cause I cannot focus on the tuner at all so I give it to my friend to do and he starts playing the most beautiful music ever. He plays Phish and the Dead and I sing along with every song and it's just perfect.

We finally decide to smoke the blunt that we have been sitting on for a while now...but he rolls it so shittily. (oh well, it still got me high) I finally dritfed off to sleep at about 3am after reading some Bathroom Reader Books and sleep soundly until 1pm the next day.

Two days later, I'm still in the afterglow of this amazing trip!!! I understand much more now the power of these little mushrooms!

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