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#3 all tha way.

I had shroomed 2 times but no acid till this point.

I had shroomed 2 times but no acid till this point.
I think it was Oct. My friend & I had just hooked up
wit this new dealer a couple weeks before.
It was like 2 days before we were smokin' a blunt wit
our dealer and I asked him if he could get us sum shrooms,
he said he had never sene them around here he had
just heard people talk about them. Fri. night came
and our dealer called up & told us he had about 32g of
shrooms to get rid of. My friend bought the whole bag.
I got an 1/8 from him because he was goin' camping and
I think I had to work the next day. So I went to another
friend's house. We burned a bong then I put tha fungis
on sum leftover pizza(8pm I think). I sat & watched them play video games for 45min. I was feelin' pretty high &
things were lookin' kinda different. I decided to go back
home & see if I could find sum1 to go to SW Episode 1 with
me, but once I got back my tummy started to ach. So I just
turned on my roommates lavalamp & popped in Fear&Loathing.
I'd seen the movie countless times, but it was funnier
then I ever remembered. That fuckin' lavalamp took over
the whole room so I just laid back & watched the colors run
over the walls. Next thing I knew I was layin' on my bed
naked & I couldn't remember my name. I tried to talk, but it just didn't work. I also thought I
was god for a while. I put my boxers back on & laid down
again 'cause I felt exausted. It was now 1am & I heard a
knock at my door. I opened the door and everything turned
white(because my pupils were huge & I'd been in a dark room
for a while) I heard my friend BJ, but it took a couple of
mins. before I could actually see him & the guy that
was with him. He was drunk & ask what I'd been doin' all
night. Time just didn't make sence to me. I tried to
explain, but all I could do was laugh. Finally they left
me alone and I went back to sleep. I also shroomed the
next night and made it to SWE1, but it wasn't nearly as
intense as the first night. Keep shroomin' & gettin' high!
Indo Green

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