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"Safe Grad" (laff)

This was my third time trying shrooms and i usually eat about 2-4 grams dried psilocybin mushrooms.

This was my third time trying shrooms and i usually eat about 2-4 grams dried psilocybin mushrooms. Last night was the so-called "Safe Grad" at my highschool. The idea was that all of the grads get bused out to some sort of alcohol free/drug free party in the middle of fucking nowhere. There were cops searching through your stuff as you got on the bus and everywhere. I ate about 25 minutes before i got on the bus to leave, so i wouldn't have anything on me. I started to feel the shrooms after about 20 minutes they started to fuck things up.

There are 754 people in the grad class at my school and I know for a fact that at least 200 of them were on mushrooms at safe grad. Me and a friend had dropped at the same time, and hopped on the last bus... and the last bus was saved for the trouble makers or the people who they were sure about, that was because every single person on the bus was on at least 2.5 grams of mushrooms. There were a lot of first timers on the bus who freaked out really bad, and a few of them had perma-giggles which was pretty entertaining, one of the more experienced people on the bus had eaten almost 6 grams and he was on the floor barely moving about half way there. As for me the bus ride was amazing... it was completely dark and tons of people had those cheap disposable camera's. When one of theose flashes goes off, in pitch black, when your staring right at it, on mushrooms, your in for quite a visual treat. Staring out the window at the trees and shit going by was really insane, the lines on the highway were creating crazy parrerns and shit, at the houses and buildings along the highway seemed to appear out of nowhere in the green mess the tree were creating. A few people had those stupid glow sticks that you see at raves (how silly), yet they created some cool tracers. The ride there was only about 40 minutes, and everyone on the bus was tripping hteir nuts right off by the time we arrived. There was tons of heat around too, VP on our bus, and cops waiting for you at safe grad. It almost felt like there should be bars on the bus windows. The cop came on the bus when we arrived and didn't say too much about the 15 people on the bus with huge eyes. Once there we all ran off the bus and lit up smokes, which can be a challenge when your cigarette, and peoples faces seem to fuzz and get all fucked up. I almost fell over a few times in the huge crowd of people we arrived at. After talking to a few people I met up with a group of girls i know, who were all pretty sober. They decided to spend the next three hours trying to fuck me up really bad, which made it pretty fun. Apparently while attempting to talk i stuttered out the words "I AM CANDY" which started quite the funny trip out. They all started biting my arms and licking me and shit and telling me they were eating me and stuff. Then they wrote I am candy on my arm and it felt like they were digging the pen into my arm, and it felt like it was cutting the skin and i was freaked right out, thinking i was bleeding....at this point i got really scared and wanted to run into the woods, which im glad i didn't do. My friend noticed a vein in my head (right between your eyes) poppoing out really bad... they tossed me a mirror (some chicks make-up mirror) and it was. It was really freaky because, I started worrying if I was doing ok, and bad thoughts aren't the best idea when your on a hallucinogenic. Anyway, after about 2 hours the fireworks started, which were fucking cool ( I cant even explain it) and nothing else too crazy happened.

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