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Wow-Best day of my life


I, after quite some research (but as I learned on later, not quite enough, but more than most nubes on here) I decided it was time for me to grow my own psychodelic mushrooms. I ordered a mushrooms growing kit from caligrowkits (one of those things I could of used more reading on, but hey I make due with what resources had) and Bestspores "speical" version of Ban Hua Thanon "Thai-tanic" (i will say that I was later pleased with the results, but they weren't anything like they were advertised and much over priced at $32. going with a sponsor next time.) And thus after moving, losing two jars to contams, having 7 jars make it to completeion and the 8th produces small flushes outside now and then, I was gleefuly presented with the fruits of my labour about 3 weeks ago for the first time. Was I stoked to finally be able to trip for the first time. I have no scale yet, so I just picked the two fatest fuckers I saw and munched. I had a mild yet amazing first trip. The visuals where not impressive, but the overwhelming feeling of shrooms combined with the fucked up way my eyes looked for the first time I was very happy with it. My second time was the day after. I wanted to get more fucked up and took about 5 smalls ones and munched. This is where I learned tolerance sucks but it keeps you from the temptation for a little while. However I just smoked a bowl or two and had a pretty rolling body high. The third time, I tripped hard, and learned the mad respect I need to have for these fuckers. It was a week later and I ate till I was full, losing count on some good sized thick ones :P. The start of the trip was amazing. About 2 hours in I saw visuals that were incredible for me, and the overall mind fuck fresh shrooms seem to give more often. I walked outside (and I have the perfect view for tripping, very lush and green with cool vines and shit) and looked around at a glowing multicolored intesensly bright and slightly cartoonish world. As I futhered more into my back yard time seemed to completely stop, for a few seconds nothing moved but me and I gazed on a totally flawless world. I was trippin balls. I came back to my porch where my roommate lets just call her S, was also trippin. Everything was so incredibly interesting to stare at. Everything was morphing and moving and some surfaces and objects took on a sense of life. However, as it began to get dark outside, and I reluntlently wouldn't eat even though I was starving, my trip got harder and confusing. S wasn't making any sense at all, and the intinsity of the trip got my mind caught up in a thought that loped in my head and spiraled me into a dark place. I thought (even though I'm totally confident in the factual evidence that this does not happen) that I had turned S insane with my mushrooms. I went in my room and make it black in there, something I'd later regret as I laid there for 2 hours stuck in my head and feeling like shit. However much this did suck, it later made me see other tramas or hardships in my life in a new perspective, I'll come out of it. This came in handy when the chick I was really into rejected my ass (goddammit)
About four days later (or yesterday now) I experienced the most intense and important thing I've probably ever been able to experience in my life so far. I had about 6 hours of pure self discovery and bliss, a remarkably close feeling to what I imagine X, only trippy as shit, feels like. I got up yesterday morning to a plumber working in the house. I have no idea why, but I decided when the plumbed left I was going to trip. I picked some of my new ones and took some from the fridge and munched on about 4 mushies at around 12 20 or so. I was starting to trip pretty good, but then I made the mistake of watching southpark. Idk why but this always takes me out of a trip. Around 2 pm I had been watching it for about 45minutes and totally lost my trip. Completely. It pissed me off and I didn't understand it. So I thought to myself, fuck it, imma eat more motherfuckers, and munched on a ton over the next hour or so. I was feeling nothing more than a little high and bored around 3 when I decided to go swimming in my pool. This was the best decision of the night. Getting in the pool I said outloud "this is a good idea" and after taking one dip underwater and swam to the other side of the pool I was filled with insane bliss when the water moved like cool silk on my skin, the most intesenly amazing sensation that I had ever felt. It put me in a totally new trip, with absoutlely no visuals. It was bizarre, but sure enough the closet things I had to visuals was that everything was so bright and "pure" looking. Blues where sorta animated. I swam for about an hour, the whole time growing a whole new appreation for life itself, and having one of the most powerful self relfection moments of my life. At a few points I entertained the thought that I was dead and this is what happens when you die. I've grown an incredible fear for death over the last few months and this experience totally earesed that even though I know that's not gonna happen. I was getting out of the pool where I noticed one intenese halluciantion where if I did my hand the right way underwater it made my fingures extreamly short and fucked up looking, alice in wonderland shit. I got out of the pool, standing there for about 5 minutes just staring at the growingly bright and pure world. I walked inside my bathroom where I stared at myself in the mirror. I had the visual of the flawless, animated, moving skin all over me and my eyes where bugging out. I got in the shower which gave me some more mild visuals but an intesne body feeling that was like nothing else. I finally got out and ate some more. It was now around 445 or 5. I carried on mild visuals but an intense feeling of bliss until about 7. Where I noticed S was home and I gave her a huge hug. I then went on our porch and explained to her the depth of the unforgetable void. It's signifagnace gave me a totally new mindset and a great apreation for everything in life. I was totally drained of all energy and emotianly exsausted yet still euphoric. I got sent into a whole new trip later when I discovered the massavie amounts of mushrooms growing on my PFcakes and had cool visuals for another hour or so. I further reflected on the amazing trip until I fell asleep.
I will be sharing some mushrooms with some friends today in trade for some MJ and a chill time. I have had a great wake and bake morning but damn am I tired. I can't wait to keep goin on. I won't trip again for a month or so. I plan on trying my first bulk grow. Thanks shroomery, I owe this all to you.

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