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3 grams for spiritual trip

A journy with 2 friends at the beach

I headed down Friday night to my friends beach house in Long Beach Island with 3 grams of shrooms bagged out for me, my friend and his girlfriend. I hadn't done shrooms in over a year, my friend had never done them and my friend's girlfriend took some a while back too. I arrived at his house around 10, so we just rode bikes at night and hung out with his parents and watched movies till we got tired.

After getting a good night's rest his father cooked us up some bacon and ham on a hard roll, it was amazing. We headed down to the beach and did a little skimming till about noon. We then headed over to the pizza store to get a slice to down our mushrooms with. We sat down in the guestroom and began to eat the mushrooms. The taste of the pizza was so overwhelming that you could hardly notice the mushrooms, I tend to dislike their taste. After finishing our slices we headed back to the beach to get ready for our trip. My friend and I were relatively chilled out on our walk over, but his girlfriend would mention her stomach was upset. I kept reassuring her that it would pass and she agreed and forgot about it. We set up some towels and sat down on the beach, waiting for the onset. Within about 15 minutes, I could feel the effects. I felt as if i smoked a small joint, I felt extremely giddy and euphoric and could not stop chucking at the thought of everything. Everything was great, the vibes were very positive, people were fishing, children were playing in the sand while their parents relaxed and read books, it was very relaxing.

I looked at my phone and it had been about an hour since we ate the shrooms and this is when I started really coming up. My friend is a very laid back guy who likes to skimboard a lot and he's very talented in skateboarding as well. His girlfriend is extremely nice and polite and extremely intelligent. We all noticed a huge increase in our vision and the sand was particularly intriguing. Nature was becoming extremely vivid and everything became 'alive'. The inconsistencies in the sand cause a rippling effect and the ground began to breathe. My friend played some Slightly Stoopid off his iPhone and we all just sat together and listen to the beats. My vision became increasingly more vivid and cartoonish. The sky had a kaleidoscope effect to it and was extremely beautiful. There was a large overcast which added to the trippiness. I didn't realize how quickly I was coming up until I closed my eyes and began to see things. I felt as if it didn't matter if I had my eyes closed or open because I could always see something.

Me and my friend started throwing a Frisbee and it was awesome! Normally I'm terrible and throwing a frisbee, but the mushrooms made me happy and I felt as if my arms were not being controlled by me. The Frisbee would hover so perfectly to my friend, I felt as if I wasn't in my body but watching someone else play through my own eyes. After we played for about 15 minutes, my friend wanted to go back to his house to get his skim board. The walk back to his house was hilarious. I started to crack jokes and felt like a boss. My confidence was through the roof and I was having a blast. I had very nice chat with my friend's neighbor and felt so happy to meet anybody around me.

When we got my friends board and returned to the beach I thought I was at my peak but I was dead wrong. The trip become even more intense for me  and it happened extremely quickly. Sitting back on my towel I saw all the driftwood in the sand began to melt and disappear and reappear. The driftwood began to look like mushrooms to me. Constantly growing and dying. This happened about every 5 seconds, I couldn't believe how trippy everything became. It was low tide and the waves were crashing right on shore, I walked up to them and just stood and looked into the ocean. My feet began to sing into the sand and I felt as if the ocean wanted to pull me in. I realized how powerful the water was and admired it beauty but also respected it's power. Returning back to my friend and his girl sitting on the towels I felt short of breath, taken back by how amazing the water was. At this point my friend decided to start skimming and I sat back down with this girlfriend.

This is when I really peaked. I began to have a very unique and intimate connection with my friends girlfriend. For some reason I could not stop staring at her. I ran my eyes down from her face down to her legs just admiring her beauty. We just enjoyed each others company for sometime while my friend was skimming. I don't know exactly why it when wrong, but I believe it began after the girl made a comment about a larger woman about 50ft to the left of us. I began to notice all the imperfection of my own body and my friend girlfriend. I became very ashamed and said aloud that I need to hit the gym harder. Noticing the girl again I started to notice her stomach fat and stretch marks on her legs. This girl who I thought was so beautiful started to become ugly to me and I began to believe she was evil inside because she had told me all the psychedelics she had experimented with before. I began to think about my last ex and her problems with drugs and it started to make me feel depressed. I thought to myself that I might be going down the wrong path and felt as if I was on very hard drugs like heroine or cocaine. I tried to calm myself down my closing my eyes but my ex's face was in my closed eye vision. Then I began to feel like I was making my friend's girlfriend cheat, because she was only spending time with me while he was skimming. My friend would stand atop a the sand right before the dip and look left, as if he knew his girlfriend was cheating on him and I felt I was to blame. For a while I felt as if their relationship was ending and this girl was cheating with me. This feeling of betrayal made me feel horrible. The girl then said "he's so good at everything he does". 

I became extremely jealous of my friend because of  his skill in skim boarding and how much his girlfriend admired him. I started to question where my life was going, and who I really was. I felt like I didn't know myself and all my thoughts and feelings became extremely intense. I told the girl I could almost cry but didn't tell her why. For some reason I think she knew I was judging her because she was covering her body up and buried her head in the towel. I could see her imperfections even more and felt even more insecure. All these thoughts and feelings I was having made me feel as if I was dying. I wasn't in physical pain, but my emotions were so strong that I felt I was actually dying. The flowers around me began to wilt and all the mushrooms in the sand looked dead. I saw a vortex in the sky that looked as if the sky was collapsing. The girl told me I was a good person and thanked me for bringing the mushrooms. I can't remember exactly what she then said but was the most amazing, the most beautiful and spiritual part of the trip. She asked me if I knew what love was and I told her no.   She then rhetorically asked if love was God and I began to think about life and how we came to be. I started to feel love of everything around me, the sand, the driftwood, the people around me and especially the girl. I looked at her face and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. She was no longer ugly as I thought before, she looked like an angel to me. I looked around and felt at peace, almost like I had died and gone to heaven. Stupidly, I asked if we were in heaven, I don't remember if she replied but I want to believe she told me 'yes'.  The sun had come out at this point and the day looked beautiful. I gazed back down at my friend and was catching huge waves and I felt so happy. When he came back up to us I told him I loved him and gave him a hug. I started to feel happy again and the shrooms started to grow in the sand again. The girl spit on the sand and the clump that formed was the largest hallucination I had seen that day. It was a golden looking mushroom that grew a few inches up. The girl saw it too and we both were amazed.

The weather started to become very gloomy. The sky became dark and a large fog took over the whole beach. I smelled the air and felt rain coming and my friend questioned how I knew and I told him I felt it. My body felt tingly and and the sky became very dark. Indeed it started to drizzle, and I started to worry about my belongings in my backpack. It began to rain harded and people started to leave the beach. At this point I turned to my friend and his girlfriend and told them we should leave. I felt as if the ocean had become angy. We took all our belongings and head out. The walk back to the house felt refreshing. The rain stopped and the rain was evaporating off the streets leaving a mist everywhere. The air felt very clean and the air was cool. We were all sandy and we all took showers outside. I thought the girl was having sex in the shower with my friend and started yelling out obscenities.  "You're giving it to her raw" I even called her a whore when she got out of the shower. In reality I don't think they did anything, but in my head I felt as if the girl was a slut. After I took my shower I started coming down and realized how the shrooms had caused me to become a completely different person and think thought I never normally have.

After my shower I felt very clean and back to my normal self. I looked at my friends and they both acknowledge that their trip was very intense. I don't think my friend tripped as hard and me and the girl, and he looked angry to me. I felt a bit of tension between me and him even though we had no confrontation or arguing.

Overall the trip was very spiritual and much more intense than I had expected. I think I will trip again but need to reevaluate my own thoughts as to why my trip became so negative at a certain point. This trip was undoubtedly  the most life changing experience I have yet to date and I look forward to more in the future.

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