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"Holy Shit" 1st time

Hi I am Jeremy "BeerMan" My first time started with me and my friend Craig, along with his sister Courtney and her friend Lindsey.

Hi I am Jeremy "BeerMan"
My first time started with me and my friend Craig, along with his sister Courtney and her friend Lindsey. Craig and i had worked our butts off all day in the cow pasture picking shrooms. When we got home we chopped up the shrooms and put them in a panty hose. We then proceeded to boil the shrooms at a really low tempature.

When the water was a thick black, we all downed three glasses of the shroom tea. We spent the next hour smoking some chronic to kick the shrooms in. after a while we were all watching "American Pie", i started to just laugh my ass off. I told everyone that i would never stop laughing. then my sight went crazy. It appeared that everything was in technicolor. my friends faces were going crazy aswell. Every one was reacting deferent though. craig was cool. courtney was cool. but Lindsey scared the shit out of us she just started saying that she figured us out. what she figured out she wouldn't tell, but she was saying that she was going to take her life.

holy shit

yes we cooled her down. we all started smoking a lot of bud. and everything started getting better. craig picked up a guitar and everone watched in awe cause the strings and his fingers were turning colors. every time i closed my eyes, i would see these tight ass pictures. they were all sorts of tripped out colors. then i was alone.

all alone in the garage. i got sort of scared. i kept thinking that i shouldn't be alone. i started seeing skulls every where. then craig walked in. whoo. it was like he saved me.

my other friends then came to pick us up, cause they wanted some shroom juice.

we went out to the field and there was a lighting storm going on. it was the coolest thing i ever experienced. the wind was blowing so hard, that i raised my arms, and i appeared to take flight. i was seeing gaint mushrooms every where. we ended up leaving cause somone tripped in the mud/ that wasn't cool cause she was pregnant.

so i went home and tried to sleep. after two hours of tripping in my bed, seeing crazy shit, i slept.

the next day we couldn't find one of our friends cause while we were sleepin he ran off drinking the shroom tea. and eating some aswell.

hey thanks shoomery.org. i love to come to this site to read about other peoples trips. quick shout outs to "Pimp Smee", Dolla Bill, whitmier, aubrey, trey and shanna, and of course Crazy Craig, Courtney and lindsey. oh yea you to jeff. beerman over and out.

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