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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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magic happens

a life changing experience

I spent a lot of time on this site researching ways in which to identify magic mushrooms before gaining the confidence to go out for my first pick. To my surprise a cow paddock around the corner from my house was filled with psilocybe cubensis mushies and it wasn't long before me and a couple of good friends had gathered a couple of hundred grams of this amazing new substance. We had a house to ourselves on a friday night and were well prepared for an adventure, content to stay inside listening to hours of our favourite music. We ate around 30 grams of the fresh mushrooms each and put some hard thought into creating the ultimate psycadelic playlist. It was hard to feel the mushrooms kicking in as the feeling was so  natural and felt like it was something that every human should experience during some stage of their life. I kept feeling waves of energy pulse through my body and i became fascinated by everything around me. i have never felt such a strong connection to my friends and we began to discuss aspects of our lives that we would never normally talk about. We all started to really deconstruct life and it wasnt long before we realised that the words coming out of our mouths were coming from some sort of higher power.  We spoke about how love for our families is what keeps us from leaving society as we know it and it felt like we were trapped. We spoke about money and how we are all slaves to the system. We also spoke about how our western minds have become so conditioned to unworthy values and the importance of money and this sharing of knowleged seemed to go on forever. The wisdom that filled our minds during this period is almost unexplainable. We started to develop a strong hate for the system and were ready to start a new life the following day. Our minds were opening so much that we began to see life from an outsiders perspective. It was as though we were looking back at our life and thinking. 'where have we been all our lives.' we were all convinced that this perspective was the new way in which we would see our lives forever due to our freshly expanded minds. We began to forget about reality and it was like we had died and gone to heaven or a parallel universe or something and in this altered state we thought we would walk out to the front garden and witness life through our new eyes. We sat down on steps leading up the front door overwhelmed by everything around us. At one point i was convinced that mushrooms are some sort of superfood that my body had been deprived of all myself because i had never felt so clear minded and creative. We went back inside still convinced that we were never coming back to reality. We started to ask ourselves, 'what if those mushrooms were poisenous and we died and this is heaven?' no one seemed to mind because if it was heaven it definately was a place we could have spent eternity. I forgot that i played guitar and when i sat back down inside i picked it up with more excitement than i have ever felt. i have spent so many hours of my life playing the guitar but never had i been able to feel such rythym and creativity before. My friends were just as fascinated as i was by this amazing instrument and when i began to play it struck me that this is how people like jimi hendrix find inspiration. After a long night of listening to music and talking about some heavy things, we made our way to bed curious as to whether we were going to wake up with this new outlook on life or if we would forget this magic place that we had been. I woke up the next morning and began to think hard about the night. The more i think about it the more i remember and the more i appreciate life and all its mysteries. Probably the most valuable lesson we learnt that night was rather than pondering on lifes mysteries to the point of unexplanation, we must embrace all its beauty and make the most of this short time we have on this miracle we call earth. The following night a wrote a poem about this experience which i hope to write a song with.

Mushroom Clouds my Brain

From this altered perspective
My new eyes begin to see
The magic that surrounds us
The magic thats in me

My thoughts come like a flowing tide
as i sit beneath the sun
nothing matters anymore
no need for any guns

I think about the system
And where i best fit in
We simply need to use it
to discover our next thing

Money is no good to me
In this world i can create
I owe it to the mushroom
The mushroom that i ate

My new eyes see so clearly
The talent thats within
Humans are so strange to me
What purpose is a king

Why do we search for the meaning of life
When its life itself we forget
I owe it to the mushroom
An experience impossible to regret.

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