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"And That's Wonderland"

Crazy 1/8 trip at my house

Last night, four of my friends (all girls) and I decided to take our mushrooms we had bought earlier in the day. We have all done mushrooms before, and this was my 8th trip. One of my friends and I had an 1/8 each, and everyone else had a bit more than a half 1/8.  The mushrooms had streaks of blue mold through the stems, and the caps were decently sized.  After eating our mushrooms with handfulls of Captain Crunch and yogurt, we were all waiting around to trip.  We smoked a couple bowls so we wouldn't get nauseous coming up.  One of my friends put her iPod on, and we were listening to Bassnectar (HIGHLY recommended for trip music).  After about 15 minutes, I started feeling my body high coming on.  We all moved into the living room and sat on the couch.  One of my friends brought over the Disney, 'Alice in Wonderland' movie.  We put the movie in, but with the sound off, and Bassnectar playing.  We all noticed that our vision was starting to trail.  We all go to raves every once in a while, so we started playing with LED "rave toys".  My vision started trailing like crazy.  I was seeing colors everywhere.  My body high was feeling amazing, everytime I sat down, I felt like I was melting away.  Alice  in Wonderland was insane!  The part  when she starts talking to the doorknob matched up with the music we were listening to perfectly.  So everything was going great, and then all of a sudden, one of my friends says that she's starting to feel wierd.  My friend and I that had had an 1/8 started to get really worried.  She started rolling on the floor, and she wasn't able to talk.  This is when I started peaking, and it got a bit scary.  For some reason my reality was melting so much that I thought for some reason my friend was going to die in my house.  I started to panic, and my friends were trying to calm me down.  When my friend finally came-to, the trip was great again.  The movie was the best thing to be watching.  I walked into my kitchen to make tea, and every plant in my house seemed to be morphing around, almost like they were alive.  The granite floor looked like I was standing on a plexiglass floor that had hot lava flowing under it.  When I went back to sit down, we went upstairs in the loft to smoke another bowl.  When I took a hit I could feel it flowing through my body and relaxing me.  We all got really giggly for a good ten minutes, and were just staring at the wood panelling melt.  I had no sense of time at all.  Life seemed like it didn't exist outside my house.  We all started staring at dollar bills, and talking about how the government is corrupt, etc.  I had the most amazing mind trips all night.  When we started coming down, we ate some ice cream, and waited to drift off to sleep.  I slept amazing (thanks to our friend ganja).  All in all, it was a positive trip although there was about a 10 minute period where it got really intense.  I <3 Mushies

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