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Amsterdam tripping on Sclerotia-level 3..?)

(RLD, Ego through timeskips & piccies

Edit-I've just seen the formatting doesn't work on this part of the site-I'll reedit it when I get 5 minutes!

I've just come back from Amsterdam, where I took 15g Psiclobe Atlantis scleorita (about 3g dried cubies). What an amazing trip-about my tenth trip in my life, about 7th with sclerotia, but I'm finding the more I trip, the deeper I seem to go on the same dose, almost like my brain's learning to cope with the chemical saturation and comfortably going deeper each time-anyone else found this? 

Anyways, I've tripped a fair bit before, but often with friends or my girlfriend, who're less experienced than I am, so I always keep control of myself and keep an eye on them, not sinking too deeply into the trip, but this time on holiday, I totaly let myself go, and had some damned weird perceptions of spacetime and timeline of my life...!

I'll gloss over a lot of the early trippy detail-basically, we were chilling out in Dampkreig coffeeshop, rolling a few hash joints and scoffed our truffles, then meandered to the red light district while we were waiting for them to kick in, and went to this really chilled bar we know (on Oudezijds Achterburgwal, opposite Theatre Casa Roso)-the girl behind the bar is really chilled out, allows smoking in the bar if you ask, and it's a really chilled, relaxed, semi-quiet place for some zen. 

The gf and I were sitting on the raised area at the back, looking over an alley full of ladies of negotiable affection, when I noticed her face, under the red lights, looked like it was pulsating like the MCP on Tron. She starts giggling, telling me my face is morphing and as she says that, I can perceive her face slowly stretching widthways, her eyes moving out like a Star Wars Mon Calamari. My brain also seemed to be loving straight lines, squares and rectangles and such, giving me coloured grafitti like scratchlines all down straight lines (anything with a even a slight curve was normal. We're obviously pissing ourselves laughing at this point, and I'm very concious of the noise we're making in this quiet bar, especially when a shadow falls in a bar over her mouth and it looks to me like the shadow is a band of her face missing, with only her teeth and jawbone visable, glowing like they're under a blacklight and I just crack up laughing, so feeling a little paranoid we left for a stroll in the red light.

I won't go into the details of the visuals at this point-those of you who know the District can imagine the kinds of crazy shit we'd have been seeing at this point! Though I do remember one beautiful moment where there were bands of different coloured lights from buildings shining on the canal that took my breath away-the canal water with no light on it looked exactly like water-no tripping effect. But the places where the light was shining on the water looked exactly like an oil painting:colours, texture-I could've believed someone had just floated some oil-painted canvas' on the water.

I'm not intending to peak in the RLD-far too crazy for me to be tripping in, so now we're kicking in, I decide on a slow walk back to our hostel. Now we know Amsterdam very well, and I have a pretty good location sense, so we were quite amused to not be able to find our way out! Every corner we came on, we worked out where we were, struck out for the nearest edge to make our way back, then find ourselves in the thick of it on another street of hookers-most bizarre! We're peaking pretty hard by this point, so the gaudy clash of colours and sounds around are probably not helping and once the grafitti started looking like it was written in dimensional slashes under the half-light, I knew I'd be hopeless for anything from then on. 

We finally managed to find our way out, a bit further north than we intended to into a bit of a quieter area and start to circle around. At one point two guys started walking over to us and I instantly became wary-I've always found Amsterdam to be virtually free of any kind of trouble, but nevertheless, tripping out at 1am in the morning in a strange city, I tend to try and stay on my guard! So I'm all tensed up waiting for something, when the guy speaks and out comes the thickest Somerset accented English you can imagine (for those of you not UK dwellers, this'll go over your heads, but Somerset accents are awesome-think of a cross between southern drawl and country bumpkin, and you won't be far off), asking for directions to what sounds like "the tranny bar". Needless to say, I think he was very puzzled and self consious as we collapsed into tears of laughter and he walked away...

A few times we'd come onto something that totally fascinated us. My girlfriend was seeing in increbile clarity, with a crazy unreal sharpness and spotting a lot of stuff. At one point, she noticed the cobbles (under the layers of snow, ice and water) weren't uniform burgundy like they appeared, but each individually coloured and sparkling under the ice, like digital crystal. We were examining these when we both noticed it was deathly quiet, like there was no sound at all in the world-almost an anti sound playing. As soon as we realised this, it was as if someone snapped on a switch, and people, bikes and cars started pouring from every street, passing around us with so much noise and movement it was almost information overload and so bizarrely timed, it was as if they'd all waited and appeared on cue-then after a minute or so, they'd all crossed the square and it sank into an empty, deathly anti-noise again. This happened several times we were absorbed by something, all equally surreal. I'm not sure if it was us, focussing so hard on something to tune out everything else, but it was 1am and the streets were empty until these choreographed appearances of people... 

Finally came out by Centraal, both us us seeing rainbow colours everywhere and came across this, which had us standing around puzzled for about 15 minutes:

We just couldn't work out what the [b]hell[/b] it was-it [i]looks[/i] like it was designed for cars to drive on, but it's got those spikes on it and it's entirely self contained-hence a lot of standing around saying things like "Yeah, but what is it [b]for[/b]?? What does it actually [i][u]do[/i][/u]??"

We staggered off a few feet, got fascinated by something else, then when we turned around, my girlfriend is shrieking "It's changed!!" I can't even remember what it looks like before, so start trying to convince her it's the drugs, but she's adament and we start exploring it again, trying to understand this bizarre object with people passing all around us looking puzzled...as we got to it, though, it turns out we were thoroughly puzzled by the entrance to an underground carpark. :blush:

We started moving down the main road outside the train station, and there's massive amounts of building and roadworks going on down here. We're walking down the main street, and it's about 1.30am-2am now, and there are a [i]load[/i] of workmen behind this barrier, all standing around and watching us. This is making me pretty paranoid-I don't mind people seeing me while tripping, as I know they'r not going to know, but I was thrown as to why they were here that time in the morning, conviced no "workmen" would be out at 2am, so they [b]were[/b] watching me... :lol::tinfoil:

So we round the corner and see them manipulating this large, white, circular plastic hoop with cranes-it's on it's side and looks about 2 meters diameter. Once again we were fascinated-it looked too big to have come out of the street and was definitely too big to go in the street, so where the hell did it come from and what the hell were they doing with it at 2am?! It didn't help that they started raising it to vertical, and it seemed to keep growing, stretching and morphing, until fully vertical, it looked about 4 metres tall. We were confused to fuck, and kept asking what the other one could see. Then some guy stepped into it and it suddenly...skewed..'outwards' is the only way I can describe it, out of 3D space entirely, was twisted around in 4 dimensions and was suddenly about 8m across. We were kinda freaking out , not at it growing so much, but an insatiable deire to know just what the hell they were doing with something that big in the middle of the street!! In the end, I had to take a photo just to look at the picture and see what was really there!

Right, back to the PC and quite nicely stoned on some smuggled hash. :grin: Here's that photo:

Also behold the back of my girlfriend's chemical-saturated cranium.I'm sure she wouldn't mind. Still don't know what they did with it, mind-went back the next day and it was gone. And I'm telling you, it couldn't have gone into the ground-it's like burying a fucking stargate!
Conspiracy, y'all... :tinfoil:

God only knows what we looked like that night, clutching each other, trying to spark up a biffy in the freezing bloody cold, pissing ourselves at these workman and their magic warping rubber ring. :facepalm:

Anyways, we finally started making a move back to our hostel (Oh, we stayed at [url=http://www.hostelamsterdam.com/hosteldetails.php/HostelNumber.13965]Eve's Guesthouse[/url], by the way-I'd highly recommend this place for ease of access to the city, amazing value-cheap, and we had an entire floor to ourselves, two rooms, dining room, kitchen-very cool, with an amazing breakfast set up for you each morning. That or the [url=http://www.travellerspoint.com/accommodation/10824-The-Crooked-House/]Crooked House[/url]-I've seen a few poor reviews of their basement, but the upstairs room is awesome, location is nicely on the outskirts of the 'dam and near [url=http://home.freeuk.net/coffeeshop/Mellow.html]Yellow Mellow[/url], for those who don't mind trams or a nice walk) and it was from here that I started getting some very strange perceptions. Like I said, I tend to stay in control when I'm tripping, but I think I lost it from here on. I started having strange time skips and weird internalised replays of memory. For example, we were chatting on the way of where to go, and I said-[b]knowing[/b] by my internal positioning we were three streets over from it, that we'd walk to [url=http://home.freeuk.net/coffeeshop/Chocolata.html]Abraxas Too[/url] near our hostel and decide where to go from there. As soon as we'd finished this conversation, I looked up and we were at the coffeeshop! As I was fairly sure teleportation was unlikely (I left my entire-body Quantum Tunnelling Hat(c) at home this night), I could only assume we'd had that conversation there and my positioning was off, or we'd had it three streets away and I had zero memory of the walk, even straining to  remember the latter. My girlfriend confirmed the latter, but the fact i lost time wasn't strange-it was the fact that as we were walking up the shop, my consciousness was experiencing, not remembering, actually [i]reliving[/i] the experience in it's reality as if it were my reality-to this day, my memory is certain I had that conversation, then were there. This tied in later with some thoughts I had regarding the consciousness, the ego, the energy of the mind somehow flows through time, into all these static "snapshots" of spacetime, and mine had come unstuck and was bouncing around randomly reliving strains of time. (Note:I'm well into my physics, so this isn't actually how I perceive time, but it [i]was[/i] how it felt at the time, and does tie into some of best friend's theories of time...)

So we decided not to go straight back to the hostel, and instead carried on down the lane, crossing the road (incidently discovering there was a full fledged red light allyway right behind our hostel). Then we suddenly came across this monstrosity of a shop, not something I'd wish on any of you while tripping:

It wasn't so much the horribly graphic nature of the medical models (and you can imagine what my brain was making of their shiny plasticy colours :sad:), it was the mindset we were in, needing to know [i]why[/i] things were and this shop had these medical models and I don't know if you can see (crap Iphone camera, sorry), but some weird self devouring green larvae model, head busts, religious imagery and what freaked me out the most in all this gore and horror, little happy clowns on toy cars! In the midst of this! What non-sadistic adult would take a [i]child[/i] into that horror store?! what was it for??

We carried on to a side street looking gorgeous with the ice and canal and settled right by as bridge to smoke a biffy and enjoy the vibes in the quiet, empty street. This is where one of the only bad things happened to us on our trip to the 'dam-but we do seem to attract random weirdos whenever we stop for a quiet contemplation of Life at 3am...
We're sitting there in our own little worlds, not really perceiving reality (from my part, I only pieced together this memory of what happened after we were walking away). Suddenly these two guys were by our side, between us and the alleyway. They were mumbling something and giving us these freaky fucking looks. We're not sure if they were trying to harass us or offering us drugs-I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they had that shifty approach of Amsterdam street dealers. I'm off my tits here and can't face any confrontation, so ask the missus if she's cold or something stupid like that and we up and walk past them, as they move in behind me saying stupid shit about "lover boy taking running away with his girl, huh?"
Normally wouldn't bother me, but on psychedelics and feeling such good vibes, it was really shitty, y'know? 
Last time we were there, randomly during Gay Pride Day, at about 4am after partying in the gay district, we're sitting in this secluded little square on a bench, me girlfriend lying heand on my lap when this random pissed up Irish guy came and sat right by me, drunk off his tits, telling me how he hates the gays and their fucking sin and shouting abuse at the occasional passer by. Repressed case or what? :rolleyes: Fuck, why holiday in the 'dam during gay pride if you're a homophobe? 

So, we go back to the hostel and, when I knew I was "safe" home, I really let go. I sparked up the last of my pre-rolled biffies as the girlfriend got into bed and I sat on the bed, but there was so much going on in my head, I was barely aware of my body at all. On the downs, I could just about manage to take a toke of the biffy, but I couldn't really move, though I never realised this until the gf asked if I wanted to lie down but couldn't. Was hilarious at the time :grin:

We also seemed fixated on solving problems we came across, but toally unable to do so, getting focussed on random elements in the problem. Example-my girlfriend needed the lighter, so while looking for it, I remember it's in my jeans. So I start looking for jeans, while my girlfriend is looking for the lighter. I try to explain it's in my jeans, but she's confused to hell as to why I keep mentioning jeans, when she's looking for the lighter-we just can't get each other.Then I remember the lighter is in the jeans [i]pocket[/i], so start looking for "pocket", of course forgetting the "jeans" part...just utter marx brothers shit going on. :grin:

It was from here that my entire real timeline perception shattered-after the fact, I've been able to piece the "real" memories together fairly easily, so it's not like a night out drunk where everything's really hard to remember and some is lost, but it's still an abstractly bizarre night. 
Although I barely realised it at the time, I was barely "in" the room at all-my mind was swinging, and I was reliving random snapshots of reality of memories, seemingly erratic, but on the down cycles, I'd see they'd relate. For example, I was trying to skin up (A hilarious sight by itself in this state, I have no doubt :lol:) and at one point, I came to in my body, having been (noticing no discontinuity), [i]in[/i] various moments, at parties, in my room, out on the beach, different places, different times, but mostly being ordered from earliest to most recent, and as I looked at the joint, I realised I was just about to wrap the cone, and all those flashes had been relating to me skinning up-very bloody poorly in the early ones, right through to now, an old pro. It was almost as if I had reached that point skinning up, my mind had triggered my brain for the info on how to roll, and my mind had consciously played my experience file, if you will, but I didn't just remember it, I was subsumed consciously into the process, immersed in it over reality. :tripping: as I was, I can tell you I calmly and sweetly spun up the nicest spliff I'd ever rolled-it was an epiphany moment. Then I probably spazzed out again. :tongue:

We finished smoking and were just lying in the bed on our backs in the dark room, enjoying the show. Have you ever noticed when tripping that the intensity comes in waves? Well, we'd be lying there silent for 5 minutes, then come down together, still quite out of it and melding with the bed, and one of us would usually come out with something like "Shouldn't sex be happening now?", :lol: again realising a problem, but not being able to do anything about it. Luckily, over 5 or six downpeaks, we were able to shimmy over and get our naughty on  :dancer: 

It was around here that my grip on reality totally broke down (sex being somewhat out-of-body anyway, I suppose). I had no idea where i actually was or what I was doing, I was again reliving various strands of memory, but each time having a greater perception of the overall pattern; imagine a classic bushy tree, inverted. That's my memory/timeline, the tretrunk representing me currently. I was starting at memories at the bottom, flashing around, reliving them bodily as far as I could discern, forward through them, through greater skill and experience and flashing back into the present feeling like I'd just absorbed all that knowledge in one go in it's entirety, and instantly putting it into practice.

To protect the girlfriend's modesty, yes, this is all during sex, but I said I wouldn't go overly into details. ;) Suffice it to say, what I'm trying to concentrate on is the shifting of my consiousness through these perceptions, but if it helps your randy little brain, yes, I was having sex with the girlfriend, and all these timeline flashes were to do with sex-not always having it, sometimes talking, or reading, or thinking, but all on highly specific themes-usually in this case random tidbits about what my girl likes and doesn't like in the sack. Some stuff I forgot and never do, some I do, but I think half heartedly-after each one of these epiphany moments snapping back into reality, I went at it like a pro. She's described it as some of the best sex we've ever had, so it must've worked. :grin:

The thing is the highly specific nature of the experiences-as I was living these moments, I wasn't consiously aware of the theme, but snapping back into reality, it was like I felt connected to the entire strand of memory, consciously linked with each and every point of thought or experience of this act anywhere in my head. 

As to the experiencing itself, I can honestly only describe it as my ego melding through different timeframes, becoming the me of that time, with only a central link of "me, the observer" left as an anchor. Time itself felt jumbled, like a string curled up into a ball in multidimensional spacetime(hey, you [b]know[/b] my mind is going to conjour Quantum Leap science into this somewhere!)-bodily, you're confined, but distinctly, the ghost in the machine can flit between these snapshots of spacetime sentiently. 

through most of that night, for all intents and purposes of my clarifications of what "reality" is, I was living a plethora of moments of my past life, as far as I could define the reality of the world around me. 

Very bizarre, is all I can say! 
I love tripping for these perceptions it can give-yes, coming up is great fun, and I enjoy it, with the crazy visuals the amazingness of everything, but the time when it hits like a brick and your (or, rather, my) mind compartmentalises as it deals with higher and higher streams of information-in those times are moments of utterly altered perception-an experience I treasure highly!!

Just got back yesterday, and the cakes are 100% colonised. :crazy2::mushroom2:

Hopefully another trip report in a few weeks or so... :evil:

And afore I go, one thing that I spotted completely off my mind on the way back that night, that' got pride of place on my phone background:

Good vibes, y'all. :awedance:

Thanks for reading. :hatsoff:

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