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Unforgettable Images

Images I saw are burned into my memory.

Intro / 8:30
This was my 7th time taking shrooms and my first time with lemon tek. I did it with two of my buddies at my house who I am going to name J and A. We had split 6.6 g of p. cyanescens and i had an extra .8 g that my friend had picked and gave to me. I taking the most at around 2.9 g, A taking around 2.1g and J taking the remainder. So we grind it up with my magic bullet and it wouldn't powder but it did get relatively small so we decided it would be good enough. We squeeze 2 lemons each and mixed well, let it soak for atleast 15 minutes and then it was on! 

Come up: ~8:45
So in about 10 minutes J and A start to feel the effects but it wasn't until about 15 minutes for me 'til i noticed the effects. So I lay down on my bed and look at my Jimi Hendrix poster [it's a black ink blot-like picture of him with alot of different color splatters behind him which are outlined with black] that is on my ceiling and things begin to breathe and wave. As i noticed the effects creeping i decided to put the extra .8 g into a Wendy's double stack i had purchased for the occasion. So i scarf that down and we sit and watch the History channel. We had decided to go for a walk at 9 because we wanted to be trippin' harder before we left but as soon as i get up to leave i have this sudden urge to throw up. First i gag, then a little bit comes up and the next thing you know my mouth is FULL of vomit. i had to forcefully keep my lips closed to prevent any leakage. I found a bag and spit it out but as soon as i did that, i threw up more. i assume my body was just rejecting the mushies that i had ate with the burger because I usually gag when its been awhile after i eat them. So i wasn't panicking because i knew the reason. But my friends were just looking at me as if i had just seen a ghost. I worried for a sec that it would spiral them into a bad trip but i got a grip of myself and assured them i was just fine [honestly i am not sure if they were assured but i really did feel dandy] and we proceeded.

 Anyway, we go outside to walk to an elementary school across the street from my house and it was pretty cold. i thought i was well dressed for the weather but it seemed so unusually cold. My teeth were chattering and my entire legs were shivering [i have never shivered in this way ever but it still didn't worry me one bit!]. So as we approach the parking lot everything turns a tint of green. I loved it. I looked at the grass and it looked like mushroom stalks were every where growing without the caps which looked half an inch think. But i didn't pay much attention and we kept walking to the playground. So we get to the playground and i had to take a leak. So i pee near this brick wall and thats when the high got a little bit higher. The bricks started breathing pretty drastically. The differences in sizes were from 2 inches to 5 inches and i'm just thinking finally! But as soon as i'm done i turn around, i see the forest that is behind my school and A wanted to check it out. For one, the cold was really making my body high intense and second i just got creeped out by the darkness. My entire body was shivering and i just couldn't get warm. So we decide to go back to my house and we stop to look at this tree and it looked just beautiful. It looked as if a huge entanglement of 1 inch thick vines were all throughout it. We sit there admiring the tree for about a minute and then things turned very very green and i was just loving it. So we continue to walk to my house and my body high feels like an eruption. 

As we got back into my room we turn on music and it was 2 hr 15 min long playlist. Music was just amazing. We decide to trip in the dark and thats where time began to become meaningless. J and I are on my bed and A is on the floor wrapped in a blanket. As my eyes began to become more dilated I was able to see everything pretty clear in the dark. I was able to make out details i would never be able to depict if i were in the dark sober. Everything was in gray scale but I would see sounds as colors everywhere. I closed my eyes hoping to see some CEV's and boy did I! I wish i was able to draw a picture for you guys because it was just amazing. When i would look at J, the darker areas on his face like his eyes and mouth, colors were just dancing. J's head begins to become very very circular and his face looked completely different. The image that i saw, i will never forget.. EVER. Like he looked like a maniac. His pupils were the size of pennies and combined with the biggest smile in the world he just didnt' looked anything like my friend [His smile was so huge!]. It was so distorted. This image that i saw of him is burned into my memory. I swear i saw his eyes were glowing like a dog's [human eyes can't really do that]. So song by song goes by and i can only recall a few songs that i remember. I also forgot to mention i was having uncontrollable laughter starting from around 10 until atleast 11:40ish. Anything that i was trippin' on i would only be able to laugh about. I mean talking was not an option. So around 11 i begin to peak. i had to go to the bathroom to take a leak and then i looked at my hallway closet which has 2 doors and one was halfway open and the other slightly open. The doors were outlined with a shadow but as i caught attention and had stumbled, there was much trailing. The outline of the doors had many different outlines and each were a different color. I was so amazed. Anyway, i proceed to the bathroom and turn on the lights and the tile pattern on the bathroom floor did the exact same thing. I was loving it so much. I was overcame with joy because this was such an amazing experience. I then stand over my toilet and begin to drain and my depth perception was so distorted. My toilet becoming narrow and wide and the floor looked 4 feet away from the toilet. Everything was stretching, i felt like i was 7 feet tall but everything grew with me. So i finish up, wash my hands and stare at the hallway closet and the show began again. i decided to take a quick tour of my house but as soon as i see my stairs and i saw heavy trailing. I was afraid i might fall so i just decided to rejoin J and A back in my room. I then sit on my bed and I see J laying on the bed [he's was there for atleast 2 hrs.] i looked at my watch and it was about 12:15. So i turn the lights on and i was done with my peak. The rest of the night was just about deep thinking with my friends.

My thoughts of the trip:
This was the most amazing trip i had ever experienced. I love experiencing what the human body is capable of doing. The human body is so complex and this trip was amazing. For those who are considering the lemon tek method be careful. At no point was my trip a bad trip but during the experience i was really able to realize that for others it could get very intense for them. Know what you are doing and know your limits. Remember that consuming these magic mushrooms is like software for a computer, where the drug is the software and your body is the hardware. Make sure you meet the "requirements" before running the program and know that it's just a trip and enjoy the ride. 


what i told my buddies before we had consumed is to embrace the high! don't be scared of the things you see.

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