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First Time Tripping

Bright colors, plants growing out of my arms, the whole deal.

My friend, we'll call him Bob, had recently gotten some mushrooms after hearing that I was interested in tripping.  I went to his house and, when his parents left, he busted out the shrooms.  Turns out he had no intention of eating any, and he was there just to make sure I didn't do anything too stupid.  All he asked in return, of course, was some weed which I gladly gave in return.  I ate an eighth at about three o' clock in the afternoon, and then things started getting interesting.
I was sitting in a chair in his room, patiently waiting for the effects to kick in, when all of the sudden I noticed that the floral designs on his rug were blue.  Like, really really bright blue.  Far brighter and more apparent then I had ever seen.  I cannot recall any other instance I have seen a blue so vibrant and amazing.  I decided to go lie down and close my eyes for a bit.  It must've only been a minute or two, but when I opened my eyes it had taken full effect (it had been about thirty minutes since I'd eaten the mushrooms).
The first things I saw were my fingers.  And they were melting.  Quite literally, my fingers had begun to melt into one another, but instead of freaking out I managed to convince myself that I was just tripping, and so I enjoyed it.  The room was full of color, purples and yellows, greens and oranges, just floating through the windows.  The sheets on the bed were moving like an ocean, and the rug was waving back and forth on the ground like a flag. 
It was then when I saw his guitar.  It was a red Fender Stratocaster, already tuned and plugged into a small, yet excellent, amplifier.  I immediately went for it and began playing.  My fingers were still melting at this point, but surprisingly enough I was still fully functional on the fretboard.  The neck of the guitar began changing colors, usually just different colors of brown, but brown has never been a more beautiful color.  The neck would stretch out, and as my fingers moved across the strings they would produce different colors.  As I became more focused on my playing, colors began covering my arms, mostly greens and oranges.  If that wasn't enough, small plants and trees began to grow out of my forearms, growing to be a couple inches before shrinking back again.  I sat and played guitar for over an hour, random stuff, almost nonstop.  I literally fell in love with the guitar.
We then went to his living room where Bob played Skate and I sat down in another very comfortable padded chair with wooden armrests.  As I laid my arms on the armrests, my arms began elongating and they started to turn into wood.  Plants, just small weeds or miniature trees, began growing out of every crevace and niche I managed to lay my eyes on.  The room was full of color and life (though it typically isn't). 
As the shrooms started to wear off (it was about 6:30 now), we took a walk to a nice smoke spot through the forest.  At this time I was still semi-tripping, as colors were pretty vibrant, I felt relaxed and content, and I stubbornly insisted on walking barefoot into the forest.  After smoking two bowls of three different types of weed, I had started feeling pretty stoned.  And then, quickly, beyond stoned.  I had begun tripping again, but in a completely different way.  There were far fewer hallucinations, but mentally I was very different.  Colors were still bright, but the main difference was my state of mind.  Every movement I made felt very smooth and fluid, like I was in water; visuals became extremely defined and almost seemed to glow in a divine, otherworldy sort of way.  It was fantastic. 
The most insane thing about this part of the trip however, was who I became.  I had managed to remove myself from...myself.  I had forgotten many vital, and basic, aspects of myself and the world around me.  I could not remember how I was supposed to be when I wasn't tripping, as I could only remember myself tripping.  I frequently made up words to describe what was going on, and because of this I would say that I felt like Dr. Seuss.  I would often describe my situation and what I was experiencing as magical, a word I do not use often. 
My senses on the other hand, were a bit out of wack.  It almost seemed as though my brain registered my movements and sense of feel slower than it actually happened.  I would brush against some tall grasses and it would feel like they passed through me.  I would lick my lips and it would seem like I had done it in slow motion (quite an awesome feeling).  The biggest issue though, was speech.  I believe what actually happened was that I heard and interpreted my speech a little bit after I had already said the words, which made my tripping brain have a difficult time figuring out what I was saying.  I was constantly second-guessing myself every time I spoke, and I was quite convinced that I was saying nothing of sense, or that I was speaking in tongues.  Bob insisted that he understood what I was saying, but since he never really responded to some of the things that I had said, he may have just been trying to calm me down. 
Overall, looking back, it was an amazing and magical experience, and I am looking forward to doing mushrooms again. 

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