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  • Dementia Land
    My first time tripping was one of the most demented and evil experiences I've ever been through. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • whoa!!! too much
    hey im back! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Hell
    Last night I tripped on alittle more than 1/2 an eigth. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Happyland
    While backpacking in Europe, my friend and I of course payed a visit to Amsterdam. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Whoa!!!
    My latest trip was awesome. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • BURROWS of my Head
    I took some shrooms that had been thrown in the blender along with some orange juice, not recomended if looking for good taste, however excellent as far as intensity because they hit me really quick(Much props to the grower of these shrooms)----anyway, I began to feel, let's say "weird". (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Big time giggles.
    Man on man, man me and my homies-g's ate up on some p. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • 4DSpider-Guided Tour
    I first want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Shroomery for providing endless amounts of useful information. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Happy Birthday to Me
    There I was on my 19th birthday, walking around town with a smile on my face for the first time in a long time. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Space Donkeys!
    I got a good night's sleep on Sunday night, and consequently I spent much of Monday in a state of contentedness and general well being. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Whoa, What A Trip!
    6:00pm- Ingested 14 grams of fresh shrooms and two beers with the coolest chick around. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Complete Chaos
    the other night i was with some friends at a small house party. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Happy Halloween
    A girl's trip! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Sparked by Intelect
    Ok were do i start off,this was about my 9th or 10th trip on mushroomsand my best yet. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • sparkly shrooms
    Wow. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • I'm NOT Satan!
    Alright, here's how it went: Me and a buddy o' mine, Mike, had been trying to get our hands on some mushrooms for quite a while. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Saturday Cartoons
    Graduation night, June 6, 1998. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Trippin w/ Tom&Jerry
    My first time ever trippin on shrooms I allowed my experienced friend to take care of finding them. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • CA Uber alles!
    Well, it all started when I met up with some friends of mine down at the college where they go. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Reckless Endeavor
    My first experience with shrooms was an exercise in recklessness. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • BINGO!
    Alright this was my second trip I had taken one green gel tab and crushed some caps and mixed them with some weed and smoked it. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Help Me
    I took the kebenzies around 6:00 last year to this date. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Wild Desert Humans
    This describes the first in a series of organized trips to outstanding natural places around California and the Western US: The Kelso Sand Dunes, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Death Valley, the Lost Coast, Evolution Valley in the Sierras, Zion Canyon Utah. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Conversations with God
    Warning: Read up on MAO-inhibition before experimenting with Syrian rue seeds. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Birthday Shrooms
    the first time i ever tripped was on my 18th birthday. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

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