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  • Get away devil cat!
    Time: September 18, 1998 A. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • School Library, 1.
    I aquired about a dime of marijuana, and a little less than an eighth of old shrooms (the pot was old too, actually). (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Too much
    After 3 hours of driving around town to get these damn things, i was relieved to be home and said to my 2 tripmates, "fuck it, i'm gonna trip hard" which is a really bad idea for a first timer. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Venus in Furs
    So its December 30th 1998, when me and my friend Andrew first pick up the caps from an old friend. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Water and Stairs
    I tripped for about the ninth or tenth time two weekends ago. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • How I Raped the Cake
    Here's briefly what I did. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Psychedelic Dr. Doolittle
    Had another glorious Chernobyl of the mind last night, but no radioactive fallout (: (maybe it was fusion? (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Too Much (real one)
    I've done my share of mild drugs. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • First Trip Ever
    Hi! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Analytical trip
    I've been smoking pot for a few years, but my first shrooming experience occured at a Phish concert. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • School Trip
    Well. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Good And Bad
    Once upon a time I had a dream that went something like this: Friday night - time to head down to the city for party & weekend chillout after a long week of studying/procrastination. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Psychedelic Party
    Here's one of my more interesting trips. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Huge Movie Theatre!
    Ok, so here's how it goes - Me and a friend decide to finish off the remainder of an ounce we have left (having sold or eaten the other amount). (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Too Put Forth
    Yes indeed! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • BadTrip N BeanTown
    What the hell, I guess it can't hurt to type up a trip report. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • First Trip..Kinda
    I'm writting this as I'm tripping. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Global Party
    In San Diego there is a wonderful little gathering every once in a while that is called the Global Party. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Scottish Summer Day
    Everything I write is fiction. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • cart00nz
    Friday, September 4, 1998, 3 Friends and i split an ounce that i grew (thanks to pf tek) and ate it. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • FirstTime-GreatTrip!
    My first time tripping, me, and my bosses girlfriend went over to another friend of mine that had mushrooms. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Second Nature
    As I will be partaking of the Food of the Gods later this aft, I thought I would share one of my other trips to pass the time. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • My First Paradise
    Hi! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • 1st time, cool stuff
    So i have always been curious about mushrooms but never got a chance to try them until last night. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

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