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  • Hontoon Magic
    It all started when me, my friends travis, brian, and roy went shrooming at the baddest field in deland. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Wowza wowza kachowza
    Okay so I took about 3 grams of P cubensis on an empty stomach. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Da Trip
    About a month ago a buddy and mine tripped tuff with about 15 full shrooms of dry Psilocybe cubensis. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Shroom Story
    Thanks Kejak for writing the story and Chaffyn for pointing it out to me! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • It All Changed
    I recently took shrooms with two friends of mine at college. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • a Hole in Time?
    O. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • New friends..
    Well, well. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Such Splendor
    Setting Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, near Fredericksburg, TX. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Dancing Aliens
    Yesterday at 1:00pm I ingested 3 moderate specimens of Psilocybe cubensis. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • It was FUN!!
    It all started on the night of December 15, 1998 during the celebration of my suit mates, we'll call him Scott) birthday. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • ShroomAndPoppersSoup
    Dosage was normal, initial effects were of average/normal intensity. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • I Tripped In School
    background info : im a 16 year old male in new jersey in 11th grade on the date of this writing 12-2-98 this trip took place last tuesday. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Shamanic Goa Rave
    Sitting in front of the stage, with the DJ mixing a good groove of both Techno/Goa Trance, it was mid-day on a Sat. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • I Understand All
    The first time I shroomed my mind was very immature and I couldn't comprehend the extent of my exploration. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Housesitting
    Me and my four friends (Eric, Cody, Shelton and Chad) were asked by Cody's mom, Janice,to housesit the trailer she was living in for about three days. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Tactilile/Aural Trip
    A friend and I went out picking mushies together it was the end of the season so they were hard to find but we basically circled around and around this hill climbing it. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • New Years Eve
    I will try to explain my first trip to you as best as can. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

    My tastey treats from OR. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Knowing Dog
    This isn't about a trip that I had, but about something that I saw about a month ago. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Sunny D Meets Mr. P
    This was my first real mushroom trip. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Latex Trip
    I had returned home from the local shop with a bottle of orange juice, my two friends impatiently awaited my arirval. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • I was eating dirt
    Well, took my first trip on psilocybin last night and it was WAY different then I had expected. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Hum of Blue Energy
    On Saturday night I promised to help my roomate have a good trip, he was a bit apprehensive about eating some cubensis mushrooms. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • shitty shrooms
    ME,well lets just say that I know what its like to have a really crazy trip. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Laughing Gas
    I harvested my first homemade batch and eagerly looked forward to trying them out on Christmas night. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

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