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  • Crazy for a day
    My day began early. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Twilo Trip
    Here's a dream I had the other nite: Twas a friday night. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Breathing Pain
    I just started to grow shrooms this summer and I have been dying to trip. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Hydroponic Trip
    One night about 11:00pm in the middle of december, me and 2 friends drove to pick up 4 grams of VERY good hydroponic shrooms. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Satan's Train
    Well, let's see, where to begin? (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • bruised penis
    • 2.00

    It was a semi cold december day. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Hieroglyphic Mushroom Tablets
    Twenty grams wet yielded what I would call a threshold experience. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • My World
    OK! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Insanity
    I have tripped several times before on both acid and shrooms, so this particular day I was feeling sort of prepared for yet another shroom trip. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Semilanceata and Skunk
    Time: Around seven pm till 2 am on 20th of May 1995. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • burning pants
    I had taken some liberty caps early in the evening and ended up in a club called Delirium, which is pretty cool, laid back and relaxed. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Mystic Indians
    I'm presently on shrooms. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Storm Trippin!!!
    After my first experience with shrooms which was distinctly unpleasant, I decided to lessen the dosage and try it again. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • strangeness
    I went to pick up my friend and we went to McDonalds to get a cheeseburger to put the shrooms on. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Wow
    Wow. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Butterfly...
    This trip is one of the weirdest i had. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • In on the Secret Club
    A month or two ago I made up a tea using about 20 - 25 small dried basidiocarps, probably around 7 grams worth, I don't know. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Buzzing
    On my most recent journey, using a rue+p. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • I can't stop moving!
    Yesterday was my first time shrooming, i bought an eighth of cubensis stems that looked totally shitty. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

    I HAD ONE CAP. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Earth Speaks
    In 1989, I had 3. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Holy SHIT!
    July 17 Log: Ok its roughly 4 pm and we just got back from picking up our shrooms. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Nature Rules
    Let me start by saying that I am a farily unexperienced traveler. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Streets of Berkeley
    Duncan and I had been trying to hook up shrooms all weekend. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Interactive T.V.
    This trip was my first and only to date. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

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