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  • BadTrip N BeanTown
    What the hell, I guess it can't hurt to type up a trip report. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • First Trip..Kinda
    I'm writting this as I'm tripping. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Global Party
    In San Diego there is a wonderful little gathering every once in a while that is called the Global Party. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Scottish Summer Day
    Everything I write is fiction. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • cart00nz
    Friday, September 4, 1998, 3 Friends and i split an ounce that i grew (thanks to pf tek) and ate it. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • FirstTime-GreatTrip!
    My first time tripping, me, and my bosses girlfriend went over to another friend of mine that had mushrooms. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Second Nature
    As I will be partaking of the Food of the Gods later this aft, I thought I would share one of my other trips to pass the time. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • My First Paradise
    Hi! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • 1st time, cool stuff
    So i have always been curious about mushrooms but never got a chance to try them until last night. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • CAT Scan
    It was my first time tripping on shrooms, and my friend and I split seven grams. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Total LOVE
    High there,my name is 'arba' and I live in Sweden! (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Antz
    October 23, 1998. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Goddie
    The first time I tripped was a week ago when I was at my cousin's house. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Sign Language
    • 3.00

    Last autumn my girlfriend and I had the first ever shroom trip together and it was also the first trip she ever had. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Vitamin C Warning
    For documental reasons, my weight is 140lb (65 kilo), and height is 6 feet, age 18. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Seeing 4 Dimensions
    I had the most wonderful and changing trip of my life on the night before New Years Eve - basically due to two things: Dosage recommendations and extraction of rue. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • My First Shroom Trip
    It wasn't like I planned on frying that weekend, but we were calling around to find some pot, and this guy mentioned that he knew where to find some shrooms. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Self-Realization
    It wasn't "scary" but i wouldn't describe it as good. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • I AM GOD!!!!!!!
    Alright, first off, I would like to say that shrooms are great, preferably my favorite kind of drug. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Wandering Soul
    Wednesday night (four days ago) was a BITCH. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Senior Trip
    Our school travels to Washington D. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Good Trip Turns Bad
    December 9, 1998. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • I descovered Him.
    Ok, this wasn't my first trip on shrooms, but this was absolutely the worst thing and the best thing that I've ever experienced. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • beingness
    - Forward- The following trip report represents a mystical experience that I experienced while I was under the influence of mushrooms on the third and last time I have tripped. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

  • Good Turned Bad
    I was at a friends house and a couple of my friends including me were tripping for the first time. (06/01/99 04:00 AM)

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