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Registered: 02/05/20
Posts: 272
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Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
01/08/21 02:33 PM

How about you fuck them after the show. therapy is cheap these days.
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Porn you would recommend to your teenage children?
Higher than groceries
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Registered: 04/12/20
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Thnxx, for looking out
12/12/20 11:30 AM

Man you looked at my fucked shoe box, gave me an opinion.
Then gave me another option by offering me a spore print.
Thnxx that means a lot, cause this place can get pretty discouraging when your a noob and every grow ends up Barried in the back yard
And all the veterans can say is told ya so, shoulda followed the tek.
Well you actually helped by providing a way to keep trying. So thnxx bro.
So 5 for you on that, and when those prints arive I'll throw you another 5 in trading for the hook up. Thnxx for everything
Conservatively Progressive
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Registered: 04/05/13
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Loc: God's Flat Green Earth
Tf is wrong with you?
09/28/20 03:27 AM


I don't like to see all bad in people. I can only assume it's not all your fault so I'm giving you 1 shroom.
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Registered: 12/19/19
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09/27/20 03:54 AM

Re: Re: Isolating makes for a weaker growth?

Thank you so much for the links
I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
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You will never be the same
07/29/20 03:16 PM

Re: I think I just experienced my first cyber bullying... actually almost a month ago

Once you realise you have experienced your first cyber bullying your life will never be the same. You just realised that someone said some shit to you online and you cannot do anything about it. Someone just tried you. IRL you would just knock someone in their face and show them what is up and represent your neighborhood letting people know what happens if they talk some shit about someone who is from where you are from. A cop. Anybody. It doesn't matter. They can all get a full serving of these hands like its Thanksgiving for anyone who wants an ass whooping.

But getting your self esteem verbally jacked online changes someone. You realise you just got told some shit all over the internet and the world is sitting there laughing at you reading your ratings, knowing you are no longer a man. You go into your room and cry knowing no woman would ever want you ever again. Ever.

You go to the anonymous forum to seek a way out of the verbal assault, the non stop bullying, the cyber self esteem rape. You post anonymously and immediately feel the safety of the shadows. But you feel something else as well. You feel an ability of strategy. Now you can talk all the shit you ever wanted about people online and no one will ever know who you are. You feel a sense of power suddenly. Striking at will but from the shadows they never see you coming. Anything you are doing in life you can stop for a minute to write a post about what a piece of shit someone is returning the online shit talking. The power is the same power Hitler would have felt. Endless limitless power. Until one day your IP goes out to the forum mafia and they come find you. There are people on this site who are hard as fuck. Real thugs.

Watch out the path you go down brother.

3some responded on 07/29/20 11:28 PM:

Thank you for the advice. Don't worry, I'm not taking it personally. I don't think those guys mean harm. They just didn't realize that their joke has an impact to a newbie.
Frustrated, yes. But I'm glad it happened. So many of you showed up and gave me a 5 to dilute it. In fact, for reasons unknown to me, It's 5 now. Some of you guys must have very strong weightage.

Thank you very much for the support. All of you.

Say hello to my little friend
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Registered: 09/15/12
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Loc: Canada
You will soon learn to cherish zero ratings from idiots
07/29/20 12:27 PM

But in the meantime here’s five from me :rockon:

3some responded on 07/29/20 11:07 PM:

Wow. Support from the legend. Respect.

Tweeq of Nature

Registered: 06/07/18
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Welkom op de shroomery!
07/29/20 11:06 AM

Hoppa alweer 5 erbij.
My poison comes in flavors
I'm a teapot

Registered: 08/15/18
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HA you looked!
07/29/20 09:40 AM

Welcome aboard man :mushroom2:

3some responded on 07/29/20 11:49 AM:

Fuck. I seldom laughed so hard without mushrooms :rotfl:

Now With 33%More Faht
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Registered: 06/17/06
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Welcome to
07/29/20 07:10 AM

The Shroomery! 

Registered: 12/28/10
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Loc: Flag
07/29/20 07:01 AM

Welcome to the shroomery :raisemyglass:
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Registered: 09/05/99
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07/28/20 11:01 PM

Seems like a fairly reasonable person.
Mold Hand
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Registered: 10/18/05
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Loc: Fare Thee Well.
So, pirate-blues is pretty hot, and so are buffalo chicken wings
07/28/20 10:19 PM

IDK what her problem with them is, but I am willing to bet she got them at Buffalo Wild Wings. That place must use a cooking oil I'm allergic to, or something. Every time I eat there, I get - and I am not understating this at all - the worst case of the swingin' apeshits I've ever had.

The first time I went there, I had the ghost pepper sauce wings, and so when I literally crapped a little as I was trying to sit down on the toilet, I assumed it was because I had stupidly been drinking and eating mega hot wings with famous pro wrestler Rikishi the night before. So the next time I went, I got mild wings, and the next day, bam, same thing.

Well anyway, it's been nice telling you my story. I cannot confirm that this is why pirate-blues said fuck chicken wings, but at least she gave you a 5er when she did it. That other larry guy, I have never heard of before. pirate-blues apparently knows some of the same people I do so her name comes up from time to time and is pretty cool, and I think her rating really shows that this might be the case.

Larry might be a good guy too but I can't say anyone I know knows him. He may have just been having a bad night, or maybe a bad chicken wing. I knew a guy once whose mom beat him with a turkey leg at the State Fair one year.

Well, as you can imagine, the hot oil squirted out the first time she whacked him with it and he got blistered up pretty badly. He said she wasn't as mean as the foster home they put him in last time, so we all covered for her and said the fryer oil popped and we all saw it happen. I say we all, because she was chaperone for the school field trip we were on when it happened.

I cannot recall if his name was larry or not though. But it's something to think about and maybe not judge him too harshly. He may have been hurt in the past.

Registered: 10/15/12
Posts: 13,342
fuck chicken wings
07/28/20 11:52 AM

But you're innocent and your ratings didn't deserve to get dragged into this fight, so I'll let it slide - welcome to the shroomery :flowers:
3X Ban Lotto Champion
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Registered: 03/20/14
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Likes the good part of the wing
07/28/20 09:02 AM

I'd share my wings with over a cold one, once this terribly inconvenient pandemic goes away.
Grand Old Fart
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Registered: 02/17/04
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Time 4
07/28/20 08:57 AM

5 more...:vinsue: . . . :peace:
Coffee Bean Extraordinaire
I'm a teapot

Registered: 11/22/17
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chicken wings
07/28/20 08:37 AM

wings are good
Life is a freestyle
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 08/15/11
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07/28/20 07:31 AM

Welcome to shroomery! :shroomeryhead:

3some responded on 07/28/20 07:50 AM:

Thank you for the support. You must have read my rant at the pub.

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