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Twisted pair
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Registered: 07/04/20
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smart about security
09/26/20 03:28 AM

so many people are not.
This person has very good advice on staying out of a cage.

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Cool dude
05/28/19 03:49 PM

Someone that gets it. Good to have you around.
Dude, who's got the lighter?
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5 shrooms for you
07/16/11 10:56 AM


gamer4life said:

DrGreenThumb865 said:

demon6fire said:
Good intentions, but theres way too much dead weight in congress to overcome.  The inertia of congress basically requires a lot more than just a bill proposed by a senator a lot of other politicians consider a "crackpot."  Plus, you actually think Obama would allow a bill that limits his power to pass?  He would veto this faster than Mao or Stalin would hang a political dissident.

Dude that's the kind of attitude that's holding back reform... If you don't agree with something, do everything in your power to change it. That's what America is (supposed to be) all about.

I agree with the Doc. We need to have a positive attitudes if we want change and we all have to do our part and stop waiting for others to do it for us. (For example the media can keeps showing the nation that Ron Paul is very low on the GOP poll charts, people begin to get the attitude that Ron paul doesn't have a chance and therefore votes for someone else. So if we are thinking positive then we know that the media is full of shit and we can change America) When you feel like no change can occur then the government has you right where they want you and that's in submission!!

Cacti junky
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Ron Paul 2012
05/13/11 07:30 PM

Vote once for me since I'm a non-violent drug dealing convicted felon.
I am you and what I see is me

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herpes facts/myths
03/03/11 11:42 PM

good one!
7, 8, 11, 13!
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This Guy right here!
02/15/11 10:47 AM

Man, You went way above and beyond the call of duty on that one.  You didn't have to, but you did, so thanks.  If you ever need anything or fuck what I gave you up, you know where to find me. 
Because of what you sent me, you are now partialy responsible for the distribution of, well you knows...  Thanks!  :mushroom2:
has the bag of diamonds
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good advice
02/11/11 01:09 AM

Re: Re: End of my rope

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Great trader!
02/05/11 03:02 AM

Sent his part quickly and with exact amount. Thanks very much bro, your package will come, sorry for the delay bro. I'd recommend trading with this guy to anyone, very true to his word.

Registered: 05/13/09
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02/01/11 07:25 PM

poster. Hope you got some kind of insight you can maybe use when it comes to friends and ex's, I am glad you didn't flame me as I expect most people would take the chance to based on my name, I enjoyed our argument discussion. :beer:
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Registered: 05/31/10
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yeah polly fill
01/31/11 01:58 PM

great guy i couldnt get any until he sent me some .

Registered: 08/18/03
Posts: 44,654
12/17/10 09:29 PM

nice job on making the honor roll
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Registered: 08/23/10
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Great guy
12/12/10 07:46 PM

this guys hella cool :thumbup::mushroom2::wink:

Last Edited 02/09/11 12:40 AM
's kinda crazy! xD
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The help you offered
12/10/10 03:44 PM

To Bluray after he got grinched.
That was very,very nice of you.True help.
7, 8, 11, 13!
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Registered: 12/23/09
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What Vinsue said.
11/30/10 01:14 AM

Grand Old Fart
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5 more
10/27/10 06:13 PM

for you...:wizard::voila: . . . :peace:

Registered: 05/25/07
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cuz why not
10/22/10 09:05 PM

Random Dude
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Cheating is bad, mmkay?
09/08/10 09:35 PM

Slings a mean false accusation, too.
Let him get the butthurt over you, and he'll tell everybody you're a cop.






don't be such a damn crybaby.

Last Edited 12/31/10 07:23 PM

gamer4life responded on 12/13/10 12:33 PM:

I'll be the bigger man here and apologize for calling you a cop. I would appreciate it if you would have a little concern about asking new shroomerites to post pics and more info about their growing. I understand you need info to answer the question but sometimes you ask for info when it's not needed. Maybe you can consider taking me off the ignore list and have some reasonable conversations and arguments without trashing each other. So now the balls in your court. I deleted all the post where I called you a cop. Please learn to respect other peoples opinion without downing them.

Last Edited 02/13/11 02:39 PM

Lord Cephalopod is Reborn!
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Registered: 04/28/10
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For giving good advice
06/06/10 06:25 PM

Plus I thought you needed some shrooms above your avy.  haha

gamer4life responded on 06/10/10 10:33 PM:

Hey thanks man.

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