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OfflineDuncan Rowhl
Fiducia Christum
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Great post
12/16/18 09:38 PM

Great post :thumbup:
Do no harm.
I'm a teapot User Gallery

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Digging your point of view!
10/28/17 04:51 PM

5 4 U!
:mushroomgrow:  :mushroomgrow:  :mushroomgrow:  :mushroomgrow:  :mushroomgrow:

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good poster
02/28/16 07:19 PM

Like-minded :thumbup:
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Fucking BOOM!
03/24/15 03:58 PM

nailed that shit...good post, man!
happy mutant
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Thanks for the feedback
02/24/15 01:40 AM

I'm surprised I haven't rated you, but that's likely because the moment I think of rating others,the whole thing starts to feel contrived to me. I only do it on occasion, because it :feelsweirdman:.  I think just about everyone who knows you likes ya, and that's for good reason.  You always manage to share your unique vantage points, based on your own observations, while remaining patient, cooperative, and overlooking individual differences with others. Others may take up more space and have more vocal presences, so even as a mod, you remain one of S&M's best kept secrets.  :cheers:

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Good guy!
01/15/14 04:15 PM

u a great guy! :heart:
π“‚€βŸπ“…’π“π“…ƒπ“Š°π“‰‘ 𓁼𓆗⨻
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I like your posts lately!
12/31/13 10:46 AM

I think you're a good mod too!

Last Edited 12/31/13 10:46 AM
Maybe so. Maybe not.

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Great Mod and Poster!
08/30/13 12:08 AM

I always love your input. You've got a very sharp and keen mind, and you're always willing to keep investigating a subject.
I think you're very wise. (Whatever that may be worth :tongue:) Not to mention, a good and a fair mod. :grin:
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post #17569351
04/30/13 01:00 AM

Devil's Advocate
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Quality Poster
03/12/13 12:10 AM

I am sorry I have not yet rated you. Keep it up!
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out
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Good head on shoulders
02/10/13 11:04 AM

Your posts are always well thought out and enjoyable to read.

Also, you have the right idea here:

Last Edited 02/10/13 11:04 AM

Registered: 04/05/11
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01/20/13 04:18 AM

Smear in the shale
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12/30/12 12:29 AM

Everything you say should be on a T-shirt.
Thank you for being you.
Neuromancer ☿

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Thank you for an amazing topic in S&M
12/06/12 11:04 PM


A topic that strives for actual "spirituality" and growth. Very valid points and good critique. All, including myself, ought to take note when posting threads in the future. Not surprise you're a mod. +5 bro. Love. :thumbup: see you around
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Registered: 05/31/07
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08/20/12 08:31 AM

One of the better moderators I've seen in the mystery forum, and one of the few mystical-leaning folks who will debate on the merits.

Would bake this gentelman cookies if I had cookie dough.  Or a stove.  Or hands.
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The concept of God makes life meaningless
07/03/12 09:21 PM

Great to converse with. I like you Kickle.
Decadent Flower Magnate
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04/16/12 07:15 AM

Can't believe I never gave you five virtual cartoon mushrooms!:eek:

A consistently insightful poster of long standing. :heart:

Last Edited 04/16/12 07:16 AM
OfflineKing Klick
That Guy Everyone Knows
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The apparent absence of suffering.
02/04/12 04:02 PM

InvisibleWhite Beard

Registered: 08/13/11
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12/17/11 12:49 PM

Wise guy is wise.
Wandering Mindfuck

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Great post right here.
10/20/11 06:40 PM



Kickle said:
Because we can't simply point to something independent and say "here it is". We have to create a strict pathway to consensual findings, which means that such findings are dependent upon following the path. Just like seeing an illusion is dependent upon following the rules of the illusion. It's the idea of there being something independent or objective that is an illusion. Some duality between objective and subjective that gets magically created.

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10/10/11 12:19 AM


Like I said bro it's easy to dream. People say utopia is on its way, people say the end is coming, people say whatever the fuck they want about the future and all of it is dodging where we are.

Make-believe Saint

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wise man is wise
09/14/11 10:49 AM

Offlinethe bizzle
the joke that no one spoke

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How do you handle compliments?
08/17/11 01:37 PM

like a boss
No other.
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08/15/11 06:12 PM

Re: Re: Are our analyses biased? I bet so.

OfflineMan in the Box
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I agree with Silversoul
08/03/11 09:27 PM

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