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Registered: 12/30/05
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Loc: Hay Un Mundo Mas Alla
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The Wild Blue Yonder
07/18/10 05:53 AM

I was marvelled by that artwork. Really made me feel like I was watching a film made by this race of ET's while i was smoking..
OfflineBrian the Shroom

Registered: 08/14/08
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08/23/09 11:28 PM

Thanks for the forex discussion...never thought id discuss trading on the shroomery haha

Good luck
Alphabet soup

Registered: 05/27/07
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I don't agree with you either!
08/19/09 06:26 PM

I define inflation as increase in the money supply!

More money in the money supply = higher prices.

Inflation means redistribution of wealth because it is the well connected mega rich that receive ridiculous amounts of money from government!  Government spending that entails the creation of new money benefits the initial recipients of said money because they get the cash before the money experiences the devaluation!

It is morally bankrupt behavior on the exact same level as counterfeiting.... perhaps worse because government has a "legal monopoly" on said counterfeiting!

That being said I enjoy debate on monetary policy and economics!

Buy yourself some silver!
Eat's You Alive :)
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Registered: 08/17/01
Posts: 19,026
Loc: In Your Head
awesome dude
05/14/09 04:31 PM

real cool guy. great trader, great grower. thanks for the great info!
liberal pussy
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Registered: 05/21/02
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Loc: innsmouth..MA
02/22/09 03:21 PM



EDIT ..doesnt even know what a "shill" means.. or how to spell "quaaludes" either for that matter...

Last Edited 05/05/09 03:56 AM

Hotnuts responded on 02/06/10 08:03 PM:

Up your's.

Veni, vidi, vici
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Registered: 12/09/08
Posts: 5,158
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Last seen: 9 years, 11 months
02/22/09 01:12 PM

great economic advice :thumbup: keep it up :mushroom2:
My dials are pupilated!

Registered: 07/11/08
Posts: 392
Loc: Shangri-La
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08/15/08 03:32 PM

Thanks for the help greatly appreciated !

Registered: 07/24/07
Posts: 2,684
Good trade!
04/25/08 04:47 PM

Great guy! Prompt on his trading and very knowledgeable.
Servant of allLife

Registered: 04/06/06
Posts: 432
Last seen: 11 years, 9 months
12/28/07 02:16 AM

+5 for helping me with cooking Eryngii
InvisibleThin White Duke
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Registered: 10/20/04
Posts: 51,530
Loc: Flag
lying to Shroomery members
11/29/07 03:18 PM

Nice try you shit spreading jackass. Your day here will come as it did at Mycotopia. Gone for good. Up your's buddy. :thumbdown:

Hotnuts responded on 02/06/10 08:05 PM:

Deeeeeeeeeeez nuts!

Titillating TheMind
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Registered: 07/08/07
Posts: 341
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Sweet 5 stars
10/01/07 02:06 PM

Sweeet you have to get a 5 shroom for that 188 gram shroom
big odd son

Registered: 07/07/06
Posts: 3,243
Loc: behind the rows....
03/25/07 01:06 PM

Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/14/03
Posts: 1,981
here's a 5
01/17/07 01:49 PM

for the whoppers!
Grand Old Fart
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Registered: 02/17/04
Posts: 17,913
Loc: The Garden State(NJ) Flag
Time 4...
01/02/07 11:50 AM

5 more... :wink: :smirk: :mushroom2:
Expand your Mind
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Registered: 10/10/06
Posts: 3,270
Loc: NewYork
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thanx man
11/08/06 07:38 PM

Thanx for all the info on the potting soil for casing question I had. :smirk:
InvisibleFlop Johnson
Praise Skatballah

Registered: 09/22/05
Posts: 13,789
Loc: TX
10/16/06 05:55 PM

you :cool:

Registered: 07/11/06
Posts: 977
Loc: Mycotopia.net
4 teh
10/13/06 02:13 PM

advice on shit(compost) :grin:
born to grow
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Registered: 12/13/02
Posts: 6,228
Loc: the rain forests
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Hey bro!
09/22/06 09:31 PM

54U because your a good learner and an asset! BTW my response to that thread wasn't directed toward you by no means :thumbup:  :cool:

Registered: 11/06/04
Posts: 4,898
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Bolt for LC
03/30/06 03:43 AM

Ingenius and relatively simplistic.

Why didn't I think of that? Lol.  :grin:

Thanks man.


Old No.7
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Registered: 09/14/04
Posts: 1,673
Great post
01/19/06 01:52 PM

5 shrooms for you. :cool:
Over Stimulated
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Registered: 06/01/05
Posts: 2,577
Loc: Up Over
Last seen: 1 month, 6 days
Very helpful
01/19/06 10:13 AM

and a very nice bloke. All the best mate.  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Lick me where Ipee

Registered: 08/01/03
Posts: 54,259
Loc: If I was up yer ass you'd...
12/09/05 05:02 PM

Sr. Mydriasis

Registered: 07/13/05
Posts: 595
Loc: MEXICO-Mushroom Capital
Last seen: 1 year, 9 months
12/01/05 02:58 PM

thanks a lot for your explanations and general support on my casing issues.

Registered: 09/19/04
Posts: 414
Very nice
10/30/05 01:41 PM

weird substrate, but good work :laugh:
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Registered: 02/02/05
Posts: 8,956
Loc: Earth Flag
You know your shit!
09/15/05 07:46 AM

I would like you to show me how you get your LC's looking so damn nice someday! :grin: I have the worst luck with those. :confused:
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