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Registered: 04/05/11
Posts: 57
Last seen: 8 years, 3 months
I also got burned on the beginners kit
04/21/11 12:33 AM

I sent KillerPickelz a $50 money order for the beginners kit. We talked for a few days via email and he said that he was going to send it out as soon as he got the money order. When I asked him if he received my money order yet (as it had been about a week) he told me that he would EVENTUALLY have to give me a refund. He said that he was raided and that they took all of his money in his safe. When I emailed him back asking him if he had cashed the money order or not, so I could cancel it, he never replied.
This was my FIRST time buying something from someone I met in the shroomery. I am very disappointed and I hope that nobody gets ripped off by him in the future. Be VERY careful when dealing with KillerPickelz.

KillerPicklez responded on 04/21/11 07:43 PM:

didnt mean to "rip you off"

I just got out of prison today on 10,000$ bond. I am in a pretty fucked situation right now

Anyone who knows me knows I wouldnt intentionally fuck anyone.. I havent even checked my Yahoo! email yet, but if you want to see my booking information and proof that I just got out of jail I have no problem providing that

I apologize for everything that happened... But when I am facing 4-10 years in prison, I tend to put the 50$ on a backburner right now. Sorry again.


Registered: 02/19/08
Posts: 91
Last seen: 4 years, 6 months
04/19/11 09:35 PM

Like bateyes88, I also sent "KillerPicklez" a money order and got ripped off. I sent $40 for a marketplace sale (pods) and got nothing in return. He's had my money for over two weeks and quit responding to emails as soon as he got it...before he got the money he responded every day.  Fucking scammer! DO NOT send this guy money, he WILL rip you off!

This guy ripped 3 people off in the marketplace claiming he got raided and went to jail and whatever other BS he could come up with. Two months later he's still not in jail and still not repaying anyone what he owes.

On 05/12/11 you posted:

"you can keep bumping the negative rating but never respond to my emails. That's fine. Think of only yourself. Not the fuckton of shit that is happening in my life. Oh no you lost 50$. Id gladly give up 50$ for my freedom. 18 days til I go back to jail. <br>Grow the fuck up."

Yet your still posting as of today 6/22/11? Why aren't you in jail? Because you're full of shit...and this guilt trip bullshit you're trying to play out like "That's fine. Think of only yourself" "My freedom blah blah" is fucking childish.
First of all...NO, The people you ripped off DO NOT give a fuck about your freedom allegedly being in jeopardy(which is obviously bullshit anyway), we don't care if your grandma is in the hospital or if your dog died. We don't know you and we don't care.

We DID however send you money for items you never sent and we would like our money back or we would like to see you permanently banned from this site.

If you can afford internet access and have the time to read and post in the fucking sports forum nearly every day, then by all means you have the ability to pay us back what you owe.

Last Edited 06/22/11 05:24 PM

KillerPicklez responded on 04/21/11 07:45 PM:

stopped responding to emails because my house got raided and ive been sitting in a jail cell.<br><br>I apologize for the problems.<br><br>Didnt mean to scam anyone, that's for sure

update- Court cases take time. Anyone who has ever been in legal trouble knows these things takes months and sometimes years to finalize. I am still very much dealing with court issues and have to do more jail time after the holidays finish.

And not that my financial situation is any of your business, but I dont have internet, I use wifi at public locations.

Also, contact your admins. I have no way of contacting you. I have reached out to Geokills to have him get your info for me, but am still awaiting a response.

At this point all you are going to get from me is a letter and a sack full of my semen.

Last Edited 12/24/11 03:35 AM

Professional Amateur
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Registered: 09/15/10
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Took $, Nothing Sent
04/18/11 03:30 PM

Sent $50 MO for "starter kit", Picklez replied everyday until he got the MO, nothing since. Ive been told Im not the only one this has happened to recently. Please Use Caution Dealing With Picklez!

Response could have merit, only he posted about bust and confiscation BEFORE I responded to the post. So, unless he is a psychic, its all BS.

Last Edited 05/09/11 10:36 PM

KillerPicklez responded on 04/21/11 07:46 PM:

Sorry, I have been in jail. Just got out at noon today. I will respond to all you guys in emails ASAP (either today or tomorrow.... probably tomorrow. im exhausted)

edit- you can keep bumping the negative rating but never respond to my emails. That's fine. Think of only yourself. Not the fuckton of shit that is happening in my life. Oh no you lost 50$. Id gladly give up 50$ for my freedom. 18 days til I go back to jail. <br>Grow the fuck up.

Last Edited 05/12/11 08:49 PM

Lazy Lightning

Registered: 03/18/04
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Thanks for helpin a brother out
09/20/10 11:30 AM

hope you enjoy the book... and thanks again
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Registered: 10/30/09
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02/16/10 02:13 PM

all's good in the neighborhood with KP
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Registered: 02/10/08
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01/22/09 01:11 AM

And likewise, excellent trade.  :thumbup:
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