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reality is plastic
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Registered: 09/06/06
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Loc: The Bowels of Canada
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shit son...
02/11/13 05:28 AM

those numbers you're lifting are some serious shit...

and you've even got the vids to prove it :thumbup:
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Registered: 03/12/09
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Loc: unknown
Gentle Giant
01/17/13 04:41 PM

Nice guy who could probably beat 99.9% of the users here to a pulp... 
...I feel sorry for the guy who gave you a 0 rating calling you a cry baby.
lol :wink:

Registered: 06/02/03
Posts: 26,442
Stick around
01/12/13 02:31 AM

Sometimes, good-natured noobs turn into cynical, humorless and arrogant vets. And sometimes, they manage to fend off any onslaughts of the cynicism that gets most of us somewhere halfway our twenties. I applaud your ability to have done so :sun:
ಠ︵ಠ balance ಠ_ಠ weaver ಠ‿ಠ

Registered: 01/17/09
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Loc: America, FUCK YEAH
01/10/13 05:32 PM

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 08/18/07
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Cry baby
01/09/13 05:27 PM


You made a little cry baby thread complaining about how you got a zero rating. And you have a perfect 5 out of five rating and yet you act all surprised someone would actually have the balls to give you a zero rating so you make a little cry baby thread complaining about it. And then the guy who gave you a zero rating just instantly back downs and not only erases it but then gives you a zero rating??? I have a 2/5 rating and no one is erasing any of the zero ratings they gave me and they sure as FUCK are not changing them to a +5 rating. Man this is the shroomery, sometimes people are gonna get pissed and you give you a zero rating, that is just a part of life. You have to just accept this fact and move on in life. Your not always gonna fucking be liked by every single god damn person in the world all of the time. So you need to man up and just accept the fact that yes even YOU might actually get a zero rating and not cry about it. Man up, real talk. And u even have picture of a guy shooting himself just after Freddy E killed himself by shooting himself in the head, suicide by gun is no fucking joking matter dude.

Last Edited 01/09/13 05:30 PM

Registered: 09/14/08
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01/07/13 12:51 AM

this will make you feel better for getting a bad rap.

Space Travellin
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Registered: 02/13/00
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Welcome Back
01/07/13 12:48 AM

Offset Rating. MUWAHAAAA
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/28/11
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gee golly whizz
12/23/12 08:43 AM

or are you a narc?


I wont break your streak. I dont remember why I think your a narc butI dont trust you.

Last Edited 01/07/13 03:54 PM

Champion des Champignons responded on 01/07/13 12:54 AM:

Thanks Gresh.:whoo:

Last Edited 01/08/13 12:06 PM

My title's cooler than yours DBK

Registered: 09/04/01
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Loc: S.A.G.G.Y.B.A.L.L.S.
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Gerson Therapy
09/19/12 01:08 AM

Your responses to the quackery idiots:


is worth commending.
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Registered: 03/15/09
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Here is five shrooms for you
10/16/10 12:40 AM

You are a strong man.
InvisibleEpilson Lyrae
Armed with hammers
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Registered: 04/07/09
Posts: 5,561
Loc: Woody Creek
Right on the money
10/11/10 10:30 AM

Good post.

"if psychedelics really did turn assholes into enlightened beings, you would not be asking this question in the first place.
asshole. "

Last Edited 10/11/10 10:31 AM
Grand Old Fart
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Registered: 02/17/04
Posts: 17,953
Loc: The Garden State(NJ) Flag
Time for
09/30/10 08:08 PM

Re: Re: Told a Wawa employee to fuck off today.

5 more...:voila: . . . :peace:
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Registered: 09/25/08
Posts: 346
Last seen: 12 years, 6 months
07/01/10 11:41 AM

loved what you said in this thread, made me laugh:



Registered: 08/18/03
Posts: 44,654
OG member
11/16/09 04:22 PM

Mmmm... pizza
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Registered: 07/03/04
Posts: 14,282
PowerTrip's thread
05/16/09 01:48 PM

"I've always got:

Kinda reminds me of myself. :smirk:

Registered: 10/03/03
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yea yea
03/14/06 03:40 PM

Nice back double bi's! Thanks for posting in the workout thread, man. I'm hyped on that thread.

Registered: 04/22/01
Posts: 8,783
Awesome Shroomerite!
03/17/04 11:16 AM

Overdue rating. I've always enjoyed your posts, and am glad you're a shroomery member. Long live Champion des Champignons!!! :smile: :laugh:
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Registered: 05/15/02
Posts: 7,370
Loc: Daylight Slavings
Hey Champ,
11/02/03 09:12 PM

you're a real Champ.  :smile:
Test subject #1

Registered: 11/14/02
Posts: 205
Loc: Area 51
09/13/03 06:34 AM

Very imperssive Jaliscos  :cool:
shroom cowboy

Registered: 05/07/03
Posts: 678
Loc: space city
09/11/03 09:34 AM

very good grower of mexicana
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