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Registered: 05/05/19
Posts: 893
Take 5
12/09/22 10:28 PM


nektar61 responded on 12/09/22 11:30 PM:

thank you.

and your cat is lovely. 

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Registered: 10/10/22
Posts: 73
Last seen: 1 month, 11 days
Helpful forum, mushroom, and security info
12/09/22 01:27 AM

Thank you so much for great advise on staying safe and growing mushrooms!
Archaic Revivalist
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Registered: 01/17/22
Posts: 1,302
Last seen: 2 hours, 11 minutes
Intelligent and kind
10/31/22 05:29 AM

and a true asset in this overly male forum.
hoping to read more from you.

Registered: 08/07/22
Posts: 448
Last seen: 1 month, 26 days
10/07/22 01:01 AM

Thanks for all the effort put forth into helping the community.:mushroom2:

nektar61 responded on 10/12/22 08:59 AM:

Happy to contribute. So many did for me early on, and actually continue to.
There's always something more to learn here. Part of why I love this hobby.

Actual Retard
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Registered: 04/01/22
Posts: 7,898
Loc: Ground Floor
Last seen: 48 minutes, 44 seconds
So Kind
09/13/22 06:37 PM

One of my favorite users on the forum. Love hearing from you. Glad you’re here.

nektar61 responded on 09/16/22 08:54 PM:

Thank you. Awesome.

I'd say ditto, but would sound cheesy, but is true.

🤮 Rotten-Pins 🍄
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Registered: 01/11/22
Posts: 4,738
Loc: in (front of) the hood
Last seen: 2 months, 27 days
07/08/22 03:48 PM

Always very friendly and helpful, makes really nice looking agar plates, all around cool shroomery member :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:

Thanks for the petri dish vendor recommendation. The plates look great and shipped fast, can't wait to try them out :super:

nektar61 responded on 07/10/22 04:37 PM:

Thank you!
I don't give that Petri link out as much as I could. I'm worried they'll get popular here and sell out when I want them. haha.

Stercus Caput
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Registered: 02/17/22
Posts: 235
Loc: Zeta Reticuli
Helpful advice
07/07/22 04:31 AM

Great info in “Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Here.”
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Registered: 02/01/22
Posts: 238
Last seen: 1 month, 9 days
Just all round cool
06/21/22 03:10 AM

I like beer.
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Registered: 02/18/10
Posts: 1,226
Loc: :ↄo⅃
I like you.
06/19/22 04:42 AM

You feisty. Dig your passion for helping others out, too. Much love.

(…still gonna use gypsum though. :kiss:)

nektar61 responded on 06/19/22 08:55 PM:

Thank you.

Nooby Nooby Noob
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Registered: 01/17/22
Posts: 690
Loc: Tn
Last seen: 1 hour, 36 minutes
Very helpful
06/16/22 11:48 AM

Thank you for all the help you give to us noobs.

nektar61 responded on 06/17/22 12:10 AM:

Happy to help.
I was a noob longer than I should have been, now I want to help noobs get over the basis quicker.

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Registered: 02/27/19
Posts: 737
Loc: California, baby!
Last seen: 12 hours, 45 minutes
Great idea to write this summary, and a nice write-up!
06/15/22 08:41 AM

Re: Advice for people new to the Shroomery / new to growing shrooms

nektar61 wrote a great summary of "Things I wish I'd known when I started here." Love it!

Registered: 04/02/20
Posts: 1,421
Loc: 5a
5 right back at ya!!
05/13/22 03:47 PM

Knowledgeable, experienced, and always looks out for those in the community! 
Loving your new avatar too btw 👍

nektar61 responded on 05/13/22 05:49 PM:

Thank you. Always dig what you have to say.

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Registered: 12/11/21
Posts: 419
Loc: PNW
Last seen: 17 hours, 2 minutes
05/12/22 09:14 PM

Thanks for being helpful! :awesomenod:

nektar61 responded on 05/13/22 09:08 AM:

of course.

hyperspatial illuminations
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Registered: 11/17/09
Posts: 13,568
Loc: PNW
Last seen: 6 months, 23 days
Just so good...
05/11/22 11:04 PM

...and don't stop.  :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :dancingbear:

nektar61 responded on 05/12/22 05:07 AM:

Thank you!

The Mushroom Don
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 02/15/22
Posts: 1,108
Loc: Down Under Mate
Last seen: 2 days, 11 hours
Very helpful!
05/10/22 03:37 PM

Thanks heaps for your help! i appreciate very bit with all the questions i ask :smile:

nektar61 responded on 05/12/22 05:06 AM:

You bet. We're all learning together here.

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Registered: 09/13/20
Posts: 904
Last seen: 6 hours, 48 minutes
5 shrooms
04/28/22 09:49 AM

It's about time I rate you! I enjoy your posts. Even though we haven't interacted a lot, you're a shroomerite I wouldn't want to miss around here.
The aborted pin

Registered: 08/14/19
Posts: 1,624
Loc: Central hemisphere
Last seen: 2 hours, 47 seconds
Got these 5 for you
04/16/22 03:14 PM

Just wanted to say I found you super helpful, informative and a real pleasure to read, your one of the greats

This one was my favourite https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/27640317
Your perfect shroom trip

Last Edited 04/26/22 06:59 AM

nektar61 responded on 04/17/22 05:23 AM:

Thank you.

Last Edited 04/28/22 11:35 PM

Little Man
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 10/31/18
Posts: 1,164
Loc: EU
Last seen: 8 hours, 27 minutes
Been meaning to get to you with five
04/10/22 06:40 AM

Always helpful, inquisitive, informative

Good stuff :rockon:

nektar61 responded on 04/11/22 02:37 AM:

Thank you


Registered: 06/07/21
Posts: 75
Last seen: 11 hours, 54 minutes
04/02/22 09:36 PM

Re: Advice for people new to the Shroomery / new to growing shrooms

Very very informative, super helpful. Thank you.

nektar61 responded on 04/03/22 08:13 PM:

Thank you.
Was hard won advice. haha. I did most of that wrong the first 6 to 9 months here. Wasted a lot of time.

FSM acolyte
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Registered: 07/29/12
Posts: 12,592
Loc: FNQ
Last seen: 3 hours, 52 minutes
add one
03/20/22 04:58 AM

I deleted my wishywashy original 5 shroom rating for you to post this. You're perspective and openness is a breath of fresh air. Your honesty and experience is valued to me. Please stay around and share more.

nektar61 responded on 03/21/22 12:20 PM:

Thanks man. I try.
"There's only so much meow they can squeeze out of the cat."

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