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New Grower
Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/31/21
Posts: 303
Last seen: 1 month, 13 days
Very cool cat and a big motivator for me to start using Agar.
07/25/21 11:40 AM

Was nervous about working with Agar but B21 pumped me up on just going for it. Started reading about it and how much further I could expand my mycology skills and success rate by working with it. Looking forward to showing him and others who motivated me my first dishes here soon.
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Registered: 05/09/15
Posts: 838
Generous and helpful
07/23/21 12:25 PM

Thanks for everything man, you've really helped me out here and I will not soon forget that.
InvisibleMycelium Juice
Here for the weed
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Registered: 11/01/20
Posts: 296
Loc: planet earth
Ayyyy Noice! Game recognize game RATING hahaha
07/15/21 03:07 PM

https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/27387500#27387500 bahahaha.  perfect B21!

Registered: 02/23/18
Posts: 443
Hooked it up
07/12/21 06:08 PM

With the random cube print . Will send pics eventually thanks again !
OfflineMr. MushieS

Registered: 01/16/20
Posts: 612
Last seen: 3 hours, 31 minutes
A Nice Fellow
07/11/21 07:58 PM

Always willing to help and has routinely awesome grows. :mushroom2:
Bacteria's Bitch

Registered: 06/05/20
Posts: 2,325
Loc: Fungal Void
Like seeing your grows
07/09/21 07:06 PM

Keep it up
The Roar Master!
Male User Gallery

Registered: 08/29/19
Posts: 2,175
Loc: Southern WI Flag
Last seen: 10 hours, 10 minutes
The man!
07/08/21 04:41 PM

I got mad respect for ya!

Keep doing you bro!
InvisibleThe Fresh PrintsS
Smell ya later
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Registered: 05/19/12
Posts: 1,013
Loc: Bel-Air
Solid member
07/07/21 07:19 PM

All around good dude. Appreciate your contributions around here :thumbup:

Last Edited 07/07/21 07:20 PM
Stranger in a strange land
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 04/01/19
Posts: 4,466
Loc: Over by your Mama's house
Last seen: 31 minutes, 12 seconds
Great dude
07/07/21 06:48 PM

Cause he is and doesn't deserve less than 5

Registered: 10/02/19
Posts: 319
Juat a little
07/06/21 12:06 PM

too emotional and dramatic for the shroomery.

Have you tried Reddit?

EDIT: As it turns out, this user is already banned from Reddit for knowingly spreading trich swabs.

Last Edited 07/06/21 01:47 PM

B21 responded on 07/06/21 01:29 PM:

Show me where I got “too emotional”..
seems like you’re getting a little emotional because I wanted to see dates on your agar plate..
Your emotions are running wild rn bub

Edit: I’ve never had a Reddit profile.. got on reddit once,, looked lame asf.
I’m very active here and all the people that matter know that I’m a standup guy. You know you’re lying but you still say it,, you went from “poor” to “total piece of shit”

Last Edited 07/06/21 02:46 PM

InvisibleGood for Health
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Registered: 09/21/20
Posts: 162
MSS contamination
06/17/21 11:03 AM

Great info on my contamination.  Thanks!
Bobby's short shorts
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Registered: 04/01/20
Posts: 551
Last seen: 12 hours, 35 minutes
What a fella!
05/05/21 08:41 AM

This one, this one's a real one! You rock :laugh:

Registered: 10/01/20
Posts: 800
Beautiful Grows
04/23/21 11:19 AM

Nothing like three weeks without Shroomery to recognize how much I enjoy seeing grow photos from all my favorite cultivators. Grateful for the opportunity to recognize how good I have it here. Hope you stick around here for a long while. :raisemyglass:
Doesn't play well with others

Registered: 11/12/06
Posts: 5,480
Loc: 7b
Last seen: 16 days, 15 hours
12/29/20 10:35 AM

We need more members like this :thumbup:
Stick around.

B21 responded on 12/29/20 01:41 PM:

Thanks man I really appreciate it.
Will do!

Now With 33%More Faht
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/17/06
Posts: 6,565
Hellava grower
12/19/20 12:22 PM

Killing it with those PE!

B21 responded on 12/19/20 03:07 PM:

Thanks dude!!👍✌️

InvisibleNobler Hino
a dojo and a forge?!
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Registered: 08/29/15
Posts: 1,731
Loc: Deep Ellum
Nice rw tubs
12/02/20 08:39 AM

Nice vibes
Plant Guy

Registered: 06/07/18
Posts: 1,472
Loc: Netherlands Flag
Last seen: 6 hours, 37 minutes
Nice Enigma grows
11/20/20 03:39 PM

I'm Gods Manure

Registered: 08/15/18
Posts: 2,472
Last seen: 2 hours, 22 minutes
beautiful grows!
10/14/20 03:44 PM

killing it man

 User Gallery

Registered: 11/13/15
Posts: 8,802
Loc: Flag
Killing it
10/07/20 10:37 AM

Gnarly grows from this one.  :dancingshroom:
Say hello to my little friend
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Registered: 09/16/12
Posts: 37,062
Loc: Canada Flag
Some rocking grows for sure
09/03/20 11:46 AM

Thanks for sharing them man! Nice work!

no coincidence
 User Gallery

Registered: 03/08/13
Posts: 6,165
Nice tub
05/14/20 02:17 PM

Nice rw grow. :mushroom2:
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