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Bacteria's Bitch

Registered: 06/05/20
Posts: 1,350
Loc: Fungal Void
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Good guy
01/14/21 05:51 AM

Knows a bit about bacteria and how to get rid of fungus gnats
I'm a teapot

Registered: 08/22/14
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Fungus gnat killer
12/16/20 09:57 PM

Dude kills em good.
Bobby's short shorts
 User Gallery

Registered: 04/01/20
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Smart kinda guy
12/09/20 09:45 PM

Re: Three dimensional mudatubs.

This guy, he's a smart one that's for sure!
OfflinePhony Phone

Registered: 09/19/20
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11/30/20 08:29 PM

Re: Re: Cultivation General Discussion

Some useful info  :prawn:
♡contamination queen♡
Female User Gallery

Registered: 09/02/14
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Wow after dealing with that girl in a nice way!!!
10/27/20 11:26 PM

Five shrooms for you! You are a good man!!:crondance:

Registered: 05/20/19
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Bringing Balance to the Force
10/16/20 08:21 AM

I guess some people here will give you bad ratings over the pettiest of disagreements. I think you made some good points
 User Gallery

Registered: 12/06/11
Posts: 4,151
You seem plenty alright to me so far. That was fine and good.
10/15/20 05:45 PM

You have a disingenuous rating wrongly dragging you down. You didn't "confirm the noob's conviction" that their contams were from prior molds, you responded to ppl saying it's ONLY bad spawn that can lead to contam. The very first words of your first reply were "It's not just unclean spawn that leads to contaminated tubs," and that acknowledges that unclean spawn will do so. I think it's perfectly reasonable to note when contam rates are RISING and troubleshoot beyond grain prep methods that were previously more successful, as long as it's not assumed the grain *couldn't* be a problem... which you absolutely did not do.

There's just one thing I'll mention: most of these threads are noobs seeking help and "clean your area of mold from previous contam" should not be the first item on the list for noob problems. They're mad at you not only for criticizing their absolutist statements but for doing it there in particular.

However there's really not anywhere else without making your own whole thread about it which they'll probably ignore then go on doing things the same way they clearly already do, so I simply don't think it's your fault.

It's the fault of the people throwing unquestioned absolutes that make it to where these convos SHOULD happen, but they just want you to shut up and let the presumption that they have the whole flawless truth go unquestioned too, so they act toxic when they encounter the challenge. I've been through it a handful of times and relate with you HARD.

Don't sweat it.
From my years here I've seen that the more smug self-styled elites simply act this way when it comes to this topic.
You did nothing wrong and in fact you said a buncha stuff that's true the forum could OBVIOUSLY stand to hear more.

My only personal critique is that I don't like the R word.

starbones responded on 10/15/20 09:46 PM:

I'm working on the R word thing. It's easier to catch myself when saying it out loud then it is typing it and I apologize. I'm an old blue collar idiot but that doesn't mean it's an excuse.

Axenic Cheater
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Registered: 11/13/15
Posts: 7,124
Loc: Flag
Writes useless walls of text...
10/14/20 05:53 PM

Mold can grow anywhere, we know. Even in plain hydrated coir. It's not common at all but it happens.

The thing is, 99% of the times moldy tubs are due to bad spawn. You were misleading an already quite deluded noob by confirming their bullshit conviction that their tubs were molding out "because of the bad air", without having even seen pics of the spawn or considering first something far more likely as user error.

Also, said noob has a notorious history of horrible shit posts where he/she constantly dismisses good advice from people trying to help. He/she grows mold because it does everything wrong and won't listen to anybody but herself/himself.

You go barging into the thread pontificating with those outrageous walls of text as if you were selling bibles just to try to prove that the noob is right, only because you are probably a trich farmer yourself like him and it's just too convenient to blame the air...


Will change this rating if I see a change. I doubt it somehow.

EDIT: I see lots of insults in your reply, how ironic. Never forget it was you who gave me a bad rating first :wink:

Eat a dick.

Last Edited 10/16/20 10:38 AM

starbones responded on 10/15/20 09:20 PM:

I'm not going to kiss ass to you after how completely rude you were right off the bat to me. Your approval means absolute shit to me after how you spoke to me and the way you conducted yourself.

Don't analyze me without first taking stock of yourself, arse.

Get off your high horse you smug gatekeeping elitist. You took your ball and went home TWICE in that thread acting like a child and only when did other minds speak up about how shit the behavior was did you take the chance to rate me down like this. I've got zero respect for you after you unloaded on me in such an unwarranted fashion. Stuff your opinion you self-appointed, self-righteous, self-fellating holier-than-thou bastard. As others pointed out I SPECIFICALLY said in my very first reply in that thread bad spawn is NOT the only cause and throughout my replies I routinely, routinely made sure to be as explicit as possible in my belief to give all sides merit yet somehow you glossed over this no matter how many times I repeated it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cultivator wanting to address household contamination and I specifically stated multiple times that beyond mushroom cultivation it's a fucking good idea, again you glossed over this because to you I was somehow crossing you by giving credence to what the OP was wondering about.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that if anyone dares to disagree with the current norm that they're worthy of a 1/5 rating. You write here that I'm to be shit upon because this guy is new and I'm giving him validation? Sorry for trying to tell a person that keeping a clean home is pretty much a good idea cultivating mushrooms aside? Go live in filth and rot if you want if that tickles your fancy but not everyone wants to live in a home where the blinds are literally rotting out of the windows, that's your thing and you're welcome to it man.

Go look in the mirror Mr. Perfect because it was you that decided to be a shithead, don't project on me.

Last Edited 10/15/20 09:52 PM

Shroomery addict

Registered: 01/25/18
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10/13/20 02:42 AM

Haven't seen you before
Welcome along
long gone
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Registered: 10/18/05
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Loc: Fare Thee Well.
Let's bump that rating back up some
08/30/20 11:44 AM

because you're a craftsman like me, not a wet wipe, like coastard.
 User Gallery

Registered: 04/04/06
Posts: 2,846
Loc: 8a
Learn how to act
08/23/20 03:44 PM

Stop spamming threads with arguments that are counter to the intention of the thread-- you're the one not paying attention.
Male User Gallery

Registered: 01/03/10
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Good looking cambos!
06/06/20 11:53 AM

Love the flush!
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