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Love your life!
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Registered: 05/14/08
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Doesn't read whole threads
01/03/09 04:09 AM

And then makes stupid assumptions.
Cloud N9ne
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11/18/08 06:39 PM


RuNE said:
Apologies, i skipped over the last 2 pages. Just wanna widen the lens a tad.

Us and Them:

Us: We like living pimp! Greed is fun. Shit, pimp is expensive! Let's exploit others! Hay there's someone to exploit!
Them: At least it's some money...
Them: ...ok this shit is unfair. Leave!
Us: No!
Them: GTFO *force*
Us: I'm muscly!  *BOMB*
Them: Fuck. They strong. How we fight?
Them: Guerilla warfare!  :laugh:
Us: FUCK. This again?!  *BOMB*
Them: Hay mr.taliban recruiter, I just got done picking up my 5 year old from around town (still missing a leg, heh) and now im bored. cana join devil fighters?
Us: IEDs too effective. Why so much? We bomb! Why no worky.  We hire anti-IED!
You: Hay guyz!  I cleared the road! I save ur life!
Us:  Yay! Thanks AJ4U!  Let's go kill us some sand niggers! lawl! :laugh:

.....granted it's a bit more complex than that. But you get the idea.  People are killed for resources.

WORST post i have ever read, sorry but you just lost all credibility in my book. :thumbdown:

RuNE responded on 12/22/09 05:20 PM:

Way to cut-n-paste a small part of a multi-page discussion.  Also, good job on picking up on the sarcasm.  :facepalm:
The point still stands; People are killed for resources, and they will retaliate unconditionaly when forced to.

Not here
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Registered: 06/25/01
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Hey guess what??
08/14/08 10:05 PM

You're a great poster  :awesome:

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Registered: 11/02/04
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Loc: Searching w/my good eye c...
01/09/08 02:06 PM

for your input, very helpful :thumbup:
Slayer of ticks
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Registered: 10/30/06
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for helping me
10/26/07 09:46 PM

clear up some stuff about stuff. cool dude. :thumbup:
Not spiritual at all.

Registered: 09/16/06
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have a 5
07/09/07 06:48 PM

and earn 25 points too. why not?

being nice to random people is unbiased and thus the conscience rests easy.
Lover of Earwigs!
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Naruto Kicks ass
06/04/07 12:01 PM

And of course so does Gaara.  :smile: 
Expand your Mind
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Registered: 10/10/06
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Stay strong 5
02/02/07 11:46 AM

thanx for the quick response on WOW, yeah its crazy how that shit works. Stay strong, be happy, much love to you.

Registered: 10/06/06
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for getting my joke!
10/21/06 02:23 AM

heres 5 mushies for getting my joke in my thread "My Dad Caught Me Masturbating" It was a joke and I too am surpirised no one else got it. People are way to gullible and serious these days :smile:

Registered: 07/28/03
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07/25/06 10:59 AM

enjoy your posts, keep em comming.

Registered: 05/25/05
Posts: 7,021
Loc: California
i like your style
02/05/06 08:01 PM

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Registered: 02/24/03
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Stealing is bad ...mmmkay
08/19/05 07:34 AM

100% agreed

Registered: 04/04/05
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Loc: .
07/29/05 09:12 AM

you know :cool:
Wild Woman
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Registered: 06/06/03
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These are for you...
05/01/05 07:56 PM

You are an awesome shroomerite.  :grin:
Firekeeper of OTD
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Registered: 08/17/03
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12/04/04 05:18 PM

For Contributing to my torrent thread :smile:
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Registered: 12/30/02
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5 for a naruto fan
08/10/04 10:17 PM

Gaara rocks!

Registered: 04/05/02
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08/10/04 09:42 PM

for the kind words.  i like writing meaningful posts  :laugh:
Criminal Bodhisattva
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Registered: 07/07/02
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thank You
08/02/04 03:13 PM

for the in-depth response for the expert advice that i needed!

Registered: 04/30/04
Posts: 5,395
Last seen: 10 years, 5 months
07/12/04 11:43 PM

Thanks for helping me try to fix my computer...it's still fucked though. :smirk:

Registered: 06/02/03
Posts: 2,915
I can't explain
06/18/04 01:53 AM

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