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InvisibleBig Bear
Earf Child
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/11/14
Posts: 5,415
Loc: In love, On time
A beautiful soul!
07/15/18 01:31 PM

Clearly a brotherhood of eternal love family member.  Takes one to know one.  Keep on shining.
It’s OK!! I’m a Limo Driver!! 😁
Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/01/17
Posts: 5,454
Last seen: 1 hour, 54 minutes
07/14/18 11:01 PM

Bro! Those APES are bad ass! So glad you're back on the block man! 5!
Peteyboy's APE Grow!
InvisibleZero Nowhere
Beer Drinker

Registered: 01/29/18
Posts: 1,470
Loc: Standing on the moon
Cool dude.
07/05/18 01:52 PM

Good attitude.
Enjoying the ride
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Registered: 01/13/18
Posts: 2,965
06/19/18 09:24 PM

A shroomery badass
moon person
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/22/15
Posts: 4,635
Loc: Flag
06/17/18 10:05 PM

Great poster

Registered: 11/10/01
Posts: 698
Loc: Funkytown
06/15/18 02:24 PM

Thanks for offering to help me out. Looking forward to see what comes in the future. :wink:

Registered: 08/01/11
Posts: 4,377
Loc: Texas
Last seen: 9 minutes, 20 seconds
05/22/18 10:52 PM

Cool AF. Came to the org a bit after I took my last break so I didn't get to meet you.
For offering up prints to the brutha on the VVVV thread.
That's generous and how it should be.

Peteyboy responded on 05/31/18 11:19 PM:

THANK you Asura!! Huuuuge compliment comin from you homie!!:jah:

Last Edited 06/01/18 04:01 PM

Apprendista Cialtrone
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 02/17/11
Posts: 325
Loc: LostCoast Flag
Last seen: 2 months, 6 days
05/14/18 10:39 PM

Thanks bro! :shroomeryhead: :rockman:

Registered: 12/14/11
Posts: 1,766
Loc: Amsterdam
Good guy
05/10/18 12:37 AM

Will go out of his way to help a fellow shroomerite out
Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/23/16
Posts: 6,224
Loc: Interdimensional Bootcamp
04/26/18 04:51 PM

Good to see you back around.  Nice woodlover projects!!!
I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/06/07
Posts: 26,397
Loc: You get banned for saying... Flag
Last seen: 1 hour, 32 minutes
Yes man
04/14/18 02:19 PM

Re: Re: Post a picture of someone you consider HOT

I like the bottom middle myself :cool:

Peteyboy responded on 04/26/18 04:46 PM:

Yes me too!I like em all though...tough to choose a fav lol...

Like Tigers in Coitus

Registered: 06/24/13
Posts: 7,470
Indoor ovoids
03/10/18 03:37 PM

Very cool post.

Peteyboy responded on 05/31/18 11:18 PM:

THANK you Elastical... huge compliment coming from you homie! :jah:

Old Nuts In The North

Registered: 09/13/16
Posts: 94
Last seen: 1 year, 7 months
Helping an old fucker in his time of need
06/06/17 11:38 PM

Thanks for the encouragement and tips - appreciate your time.
Heavily Metaled

Registered: 03/12/16
Posts: 247
05/19/17 05:35 PM

you made me lol & you love ovoids, take 5 :wink:
Bluefoot Bandit
Male User Gallery

Registered: 04/15/10
Posts: 3,693
Loc: Around some corner... Flag
We share a love of Ovoids and big ladies
05/19/17 04:05 PM

That earns five in my book.

 User Gallery

Registered: 04/02/16
Posts: 429
Loc: Copeland
Last seen: 1 year, 1 month
the mycoalchemical skills are very strong in this one.
05/03/17 11:58 AM

yo, bro. i forgot that ratings were even a thing but i just happen to notice that i had gotten some and it was truly an honor to see that one of them was from you. thanks for helping spread the panosophy and continued success with all your other projects!!
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/21/15
Posts: 2,747
Loc: the abyss
Tip of the Spear BABY!
04/17/17 11:27 PM

informed member, good bullshit detector :smile:
btw, check out takimag, i think you will like it :wink:

gavin mcinnes is one of the main contributors, he is funny as fuck

Last Edited 04/17/17 11:28 PM
You're Not Yelping
 User Gallery

Registered: 11/25/16
Posts: 715
Loc: SodoSopa
04/16/17 09:29 PM

Very helpful in sharing his knowledge and passion for outdoor cultivation. Going to get this shit going up here in the north. Thanks again

Registered: 10/04/16
Posts: 133
Panaeolus Bisporus
03/27/17 07:45 PM

Re: Re: Official Copelandia/Panaeolus Thread

Excellent Pan Bisporus tub!
Knowledge Seeker
 User Gallery

Registered: 02/07/15
Posts: 5,409
Loc: The Local Group
Fellow cactus lover!
03/19/17 02:23 PM

Hope it goes well for ya! Post a picture when you complete it ! Would love to hear! :sanpedro:
Striving for Excellence
Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/28/11
Posts: 8,811
Loc: North/Western WA Flag
03/16/17 08:52 PM

Your attitude, contributions and actions draw Attention. Positive Attention. Keep it up. Thanks.

Registered: 11/25/13
Posts: 553
Good dude
03/11/17 03:36 PM

Re: Re: Official Copelandia/Panaeolus Thread

Helpful guy right here,
Good advice
An a positive attitude
also helped me ease my woes about my grows.5x :growshrooms:

Registered: 07/09/13
Posts: 1,632
Loc: Your Face Flag
Last seen: 4 days, 21 minutes
Cool quilt idea
03/08/17 10:33 PM


Registered: 07/17/16
Posts: 142
Loc: walkin on sunshine
Last seen: 1 year, 2 months
you vibe awesome
03/08/17 12:35 PM

really nice person!! thanks :heart:
Invisiblemary fairchild

Registered: 12/06/14
Posts: 769
Pan cinc
03/08/17 08:42 AM

Awesome cinctulus grow dude!
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