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Registered: 10/01/12
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Good post!
09/11/20 11:06 PM


OfflineRJ Tubs 202

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- ( oo ) -
09/22/19 01:05 AM

I enjoy your insightful well thought out posts. Today, especially about racism on the Political board.
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Registered: 10/17/99
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Loc: world's shroom capital
12/05/18 09:51 PM

very good info on history, you are very knowledgable about the PEYOTE ROAD
mad props

Registered: 08/15/10
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A rational, logical, insightful person with a good sense of humor.
10/02/17 01:08 AM

I have seen your posts around, and have generally appreciated then, but having seen your conduct in this thread, I couldn't help but to stop by and leave you 5 mushrooms.


I appreciate how you call it like you see it and you're entirely accurate in your assessment. I also appreciate how, while you're honest with your analysis which is rather blunt, your posts aren't personally attacking him, just pointing out the shortcomings in his posts and logic.
As an aside, when I was typing, "shortcomings in his posts", autocorrect replaced posts with pants. :lmafo:
embracing the subtle
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Registered: 02/05/13
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Knowledgeable dude, awesome advice!
06/21/17 01:48 AM

Glad to have you here!  5 shrooms for a like-thinker :wink:
I'm a teapot User Gallery

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Thanks for the reply on Amanita
04/11/17 06:03 PM

Re: Re: fly agaric mushrooms vs cubensis

Very informative, thank you!
FSM acolyte
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GHB for parties
03/14/17 04:11 AM

Gets it. :thumbup:
OfflineDuncan Rowhl
Fiducia Christum
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09/18/16 10:08 PM


Peyote Road:
Why don't you have respect for racists? They are people to you know. You have no idea what experiences they've had that have lead them to the perspectives they currently hold.

Sadly, the most pathetic post I’ve seen here in some time, which I won’t entertain in a thread which has higher priorities.
If you think that any negative circumstance or event warrants the condemnation of an entire race of people, even from a position of Devils advocate, you really need to have a long chat with yourself.
Very disappointing, given that posts are usually sound and the support people have given you with your own problems.

Last Edited 10/15/18 01:48 AM
Seal Whisperer
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Registered: 06/23/06
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Loc: Over the rainbow
Fellow kavasseur
08/22/16 08:55 AM

You have a good knowledge ov kava and it's nice to see another promoter ov this wonderful brew on the boards.  I also see that you have a positive outlook upon the mushrooms muscaria, which is shamefully missing on these boards.  I toast thee with a shell ov silken brown delight.

i squeeze a sock to ease my pain
and through my fingers trickles the sweet kavain
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Registered: 02/13/16
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Very knowledgable helpful user
08/05/16 03:17 PM

Offered me lots of advice and points to consider re amanita muscaria, i appreciate all your many replies many thanks to you :smile:

Very helpful and friendly :laugh:
Soy el pinche guey
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Registered: 11/29/15
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Awesome mescaline journeys
06/30/16 11:44 PM

Yu have me wanting to do mescaline each time i see you post about it, your journeys seem so smooth and you definitely know which psychedelic works best for you. Really cool. I hope you have many amazing experiences to continue to share

Registered: 05/06/16
Posts: 5,871
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5 smackaroos
06/20/16 06:37 PM

How did I miss you? Anyway here's 5 :rolleyes:
Hey Bulldog
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Registered: 03/01/16
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Not Created by The Corrupt Hands of Man
05/06/16 04:42 PM

Re: Re: Does lsd have the same spiritual significants as others psychedelics

I think you and I have a lot in common and are on a similar plane.  You may believe, as I do, that man's undoing will be at the hands of his own arrogance.
Always Learning

Registered: 05/28/12
Posts: 1,884
I like you, you're cool.
04/11/16 05:21 PM

Enjoy reading your posts in S&M, always respectable and well thought out. +5.
Professional Cereal Box

Registered: 03/01/01
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02/21/16 03:50 AM

For understanding what magic is about.  :wizard:
Outer Head
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Registered: 12/06/13
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cool customer
12/20/15 10:40 PM

We had a bit of a back and forth on the nature of spirituality, but I respect your beliefs and more than that I think you're a sincere and honest person. Stick around. :thumbup:

Last Edited 12/20/15 10:41 PM
OfflineNature Boy
Stranger than most
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Registered: 07/09/07
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Loved your Amanita trip report!
10/09/15 06:21 PM

Well and responsibly done, clearly written;  a totally worthwhile read!

Keep posting, my brother!  :hug:



Last Edited 10/09/15 06:22 PM
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Registered: 05/01/04
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hello :)
09/28/15 11:34 PM

i wish you well on your path, hope you don't deviate from your heart's calling :smile: and when it's time to hang up the phone and move into vaster pastures then i hope it all goes swimmingly :smile:
Bella Ciao!!
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Registered: 01/12/13
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Probably a true psychonaught
09/19/15 11:39 PM

Started a thread asking how to extract his urine to get the most out of his Muscaria experiences :lol:

While that sounds funny it is well known urine is the best way to consume this mushroom yet nobody wants to drink pee LOL

Peace and love fellow psychonaught  :ruggedwink:

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