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I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/09/10
Posts: 7,471
Loc: Casa Bonita Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 11 months
Awesome gifs
06/02/16 06:44 PM

I bow to thee who possesses such amazing ass gif's

Smurf real estate agent
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/01/13
Posts: 61,806
Loc: Milky way
you need
04/17/16 07:32 PM

another 5
Gontish Wizard
Male User Gallery

Registered: 12/02/13
Posts: 8,423
Loc: Roke
Last seen: 1 year, 9 months
cool dude
03/10/16 08:06 AM

Fletcher Detcher

Registered: 02/13/14
Posts: 2,662
Loc: Chicago Flag
youre a good poster, heres 5 back at ylu
02/20/16 09:26 AM

And since youre from chicago too, heres a little something extra :wink:

I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/06/07
Posts: 29,710
Loc: You get banned for saying...
Last seen: 3 hours, 56 minutes
Good stuff
02/14/16 06:22 PM

The US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (Public Law 80-402), popularly referred to as the Smith–Mundt Act, specifies the terms in which the United States government can engage global audiences, also known as public diplomacy. The act was first introduced as the Bloom Bill in December 1945 in the 79th Congress and subsequently passed by the 80th Congress and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman on January 27, 1948.
satta massa gana
Male User Gallery

Registered: 01/27/14
Posts: 12,051
Last seen: 1 year, 6 months
Same reason as the dude below
01/18/16 10:34 PM

You're a connoisseur of fine ass my friend :mushroom2: x5
Master Baiter
I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/14/11
Posts: 11,629
Loc: Gnarnia
5 for a man
01/18/16 10:17 PM

who knows his asses.

and I mean you're pretty cool in general and I like your posts, but god damn those ass gifs.

:dogpipe: play on playa

Registered: 01/17/14
Posts: 31,315
Last seen: 2 days, 5 hours
5 4 U!
01/04/16 05:28 AM


dope fucker
Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/29/15
Posts: 214
Last seen: 2 years, 9 months
seems like an alright guy, but..
12/26/15 07:55 AM

He says so much shit about liberals that sometimes doesn't even make sense. Conservatives are just as stupid, so if you're going to say that all liberals are idiots just because, then your missing the point.

Last Edited 04/04/17 07:39 PM

Astral Pain responded on 12/26/15 08:12 AM:


He says so muchshit about liberals that sometimes doesn't even make sense. Like conservatives are just as stupid, if your going to say that all librals are idiots just because, then your missing the point.

I'm the last person you should be accusing of 'attacking" liberals. I've never attacked anyone for anything, but I don't think you've been around long enough to have learned this. I've never rated anyone a 0, but you may have one coming for being so quick on your judgement. BTW, you spelled liberal wrong. 

Offlinespace walk
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/23/14
Posts: 459
Loc: la la land
Last seen: 1 month, 2 days
best poster
12/05/15 01:47 AM

everything this guy posts to the funnies thread is gold.
I'm dying over here from laughing so hard.
post on, good sir :toohightothink:
WiZarD oF LoVe
Male User Gallery

Registered: 04/29/13
Posts: 25,159
Loc: Planet earth
Last seen: 15 days, 7 hours
Good poster
09/22/15 03:58 AM

And super funny signature :lol:
OfflineCount of Sabugosa
Nerdy floater
Male User Gallery

Registered: 08/20/15
Posts: 939
Last seen: 5 months, 27 days
Bill Hicls Avatar, man, come on
09/10/15 05:59 AM

Ole' Salty
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/13/12
Posts: 17,756
Loc: Western Slope, CO Flag
A great poster and
06/11/15 12:10 AM

a great addition to the Shroomery community.
The interactions I've had with you here have been both informative and intelligent.

Have some shrooms, friend. :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:
 User Gallery

Registered: 03/09/15
Posts: 763
Last seen: 6 years, 11 months
06/05/15 07:29 AM

+5 brotha

I'm just north
Oh baby what Is you doin??
Trans-male User Gallery

Registered: 04/05/12
Posts: 13,841
Loc: Flag
I'm a fan
05/28/15 06:52 PM

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/29/11
Posts: 8,292
Loc: USA Flag
Last seen: 1 month, 3 days
great poster, adds alot of content to funnies and the pub
04/30/15 03:46 PM

Grand Old Fart
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/17/04
Posts: 17,953
Loc: The Garden State(NJ) Flag
Time for
04/24/15 11:16 PM

5 more...:voila: . . . :peace:
Nutritional Yeast

Registered: 03/29/15
Posts: 14,706
Last seen: 1 month, 10 days
Ass man
04/09/15 03:35 AM

Hello my fellow ass man, nice pics in the naked woman thread, carry on.
OfflineFunji Guy
Trusted Misidentifier
 User Gallery

Registered: 12/11/14
Posts: 615
Last seen: 5 years, 9 months
awesome guy
04/06/15 11:00 AM

Chill and always having good conversations with everyone
Never Ending
 User Gallery

Registered: 03/19/14
Posts: 4,083
Bill Hicks is a cool cat.
04/06/15 09:04 AM

You don't seem so bad your self.
InvisibleImperfect Iam
^means imperfect,not I'm perfect
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/06/13
Posts: 7,237
Loc: center of the universe Flag
this guy
01/27/15 10:36 AM

seems to be very cool, from chatting with him about this dude going to rehab, to seeing this AWESOME cake he did, keep up the good work!
InvisibleThe Phleg
Big Dick Chakra
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 03/08/10
Posts: 14,473
Loc: Uncanny Valley
Of course a nice cat counts!
12/24/14 09:43 AM

Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/15/11
Posts: 742
Loc: Canada
12/22/14 09:13 AM

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