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OfflineB H O

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Solid TC!
06/30/21 07:28 PM

Thanks for answering my questions via PM
I'm a teapot User Gallery

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Super friendly and willing to help
06/28/21 11:05 AM

Appreciated the effort you gave helping me figure out my lid and filter woes. Really much appreciated and was a huge help, appreciate the generosity with your time and knowledge. :grin:

Registered: 10/14/18
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Really appreciated this.
05/07/20 06:48 AM


mushpunx said:
It's just to make sure the culture is clean - even if the germination plate looks clean oftentimes the myc has germinated over top or next to bacteria or mold colonies. So make a transfer to another plate and use that to inoculate your grains. Often I'll do two transfers to be safe.
Whenever you make a transfer, you are probably cutting out at least some of the genetics, but it doesn't matter. You are just looking for a clean MS culture to inoculate grains with.
In a culture germinated from spores there are hundreds to thousands of strains present. If I am isolating strains it typically takes me 8 to 10 transfers before I see obvious sectoring. Then once I take a transfer from each sector to a new plate, those cultures might still show some sectors and I might still have to make another transfer or two of each of the next plates until they become single sector isolated strains. At that point, I'll have 10 - 20 different strains, which I label, fruit and test for potency + growing factors. There might only be one or two good ones, if I'm lucky.
Strain isolation takes a lot of work and patience!
It makes more sense for us home cultivators to clone. That is still quite a bit of work (and eating a lot of mushrooms if you wanna test potency 😂), taking lots of clones and fruiting them out, searching for potent, high yielding fruiters.

OfflineMagic Mushpoon
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Good Advice
04/06/20 12:55 PM

Super helpful advice and experiences in a bunch of different threads
Woodland Creature

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03/02/19 09:07 AM

InvisibleJohnny Dont
500 Don'ts of Knife Safety

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Helpful and polite
02/14/19 04:11 PM

Thanks for the advice
Second Rate Mycologist
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Good info
02/12/19 05:21 PM

My nose dont work neither lol
Salty Sailor
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Peace of mind
02/08/19 05:41 PM

Male User Gallery

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5 shrooms
01/31/19 08:47 PM

Nice seeing you around.  Always dropping good knowledge
Hi mom!

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Thanks for the help!
01/21/19 08:47 AM

Thanks for helping with my flow hood questions!
The Goddess Kali Meh 😛
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 07/01/17
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10/16/18 05:59 PM

So glad to see you back in cult again!! You're one of the best on here!
Male User Gallery

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Incredible patience, kudos!
08/11/18 09:52 PM

Stony Danza
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02/08/18 01:17 AM

5 more mush for da punx
Post whore
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08/12/17 07:15 AM

Smart man. Good man.
foil hater

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08/05/17 11:51 AM

Where is your tc tag at? Thanks for the blower sizing for a 2x2 flow hood info in that one thread.
I'm a teapot User Gallery

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Shares info willingly
05/14/17 05:19 AM

I appreciate your help and info. Thank you
Male User Gallery

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thanks man
04/09/17 08:47 PM

the strength is strong in this one.

real informative
The Fool on the Hill
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Always Helpful
04/04/17 08:43 AM

Man, I can tell you know your shit. Thats why I trust your suggestions. Great pics in the signature!
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Registered: 03/02/17
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Always helpful
03/31/17 03:54 PM

Thanks for the in depth responses man, you are a big help to me and many others. Always respectful.
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03/30/17 07:58 AM

:crankey: attitude
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