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Do U know who yur fuckin with?

Registered: 10/18/17
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Seems like a pretty good dude to me
10/02/22 07:01 PM


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Registered: 02/06/22
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09/21/22 06:15 AM

A helpful user, providing thorough information on several topics that he masters.
irregular verb
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sweet poetry
07/30/22 11:02 PM

in your post signature

"In The Material World One seeks retirement and grows Old
In The Magical World One seeks Enlightenment and grows Wiser
In The Miraculous World One seeks nothing and grows Lighter
As we all tread the Homeward Path we will explore many Realms
And one day... we will all Realize that all experiences are Simply
Different ways in which The
All-That Is
Perceives Itself"
One Armed Scissor
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07/03/22 12:11 AM

Re: Re: Refrigerated, Long-Term Storage of Cold-Intolerant Species on Sorghum.

So much great info in one comment!

Eclipse3130 responded on 07/13/22 07:16 AM:

Mush love!

Stranger than fiction

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Nice demos of enmeshed mold
08/10/21 07:54 PM

Re: Re: AGAR ENVY! (Anything and All things agar!)

I appreciate the photos and explanation. Very informative.
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Willing to participate in healthy debate
06/29/21 08:49 PM

We've managed to argue back and forth hoping to achieve a common goal and managed to maintain a decent level of civility while debating on the internet, definitely worth 5.

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I haven’t seen a lot but...
03/17/21 05:28 AM

The few posts from you are ones worth reading, I’d give a five for that.
Doesn't play well with others

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01/29/21 07:48 PM

My dude just saved me like $300+ by spoon feeding me a link I should have known about anyway.
I owe you.
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ounce shroom
12/11/20 01:35 AM

InvisibleDoctor Mario

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08/27/20 10:17 PM

Ἧeẍeᾐmeḭsṫeŗ ͛
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08/21/20 11:07 PM

Here's 5 shrooms for you, my friend! :sun:

Eat's You Alive :)
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Beautiful lucy tc!
06/27/20 08:12 PM

Awesome grows man!
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An asset fo sho
02/12/20 05:49 AM

A good soul, wish more people would be so generous, thank you for being you.
Strange R
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12/17/19 09:18 PM

Great posts! :peace::heart::mushroom2::nursemaryjane:
Neti Neti
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5 Shrooms
12/05/19 03:16 AM

This user is Experienced
:acidfire: light and love!

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A light in the dark
11/06/19 04:35 AM


Eclipse3130 said:
In my experience and belief there is no such thing as "death" rather we are timeless beings of energy, traversing realms and dimensions. Our bodies were born, but our beings are not, our being incarnated into the born body.

For me there is no "you" to keep around, the "afterlife" is a transitioning period from this body to the next, basically a realm in which we traverse through, a gateway to our next destination.
This life is just a series of many we have lived, we stop by Earth to gain valuable lessons and soul knowledge, wisdom. Earth is just a very large school.

You can't logically think of it because it is a place that exists outside of the realm of mind and thought, a place of pure being. What is ego is "you" trying to comprehend your beings raw, pure experience as a spiritual body. You cannot logically explain these realms, as they exist outside of the mind. Instead just accept the experience as experience, there is no answer because there is no question, only the mind conjures those things

Beautifully said :thumbup:
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Well said.
11/01/19 09:55 AM

OfflineLoaded Shaman
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Articulate, Well Spoken Member
09/21/19 11:02 AM

Always providing accurate information and perspectives, especially on the experience side of psychs. Thank you for your post!
The Fool on the Hill
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I boof acid apparently. . .
03/19/19 09:01 PM

Sorry man, I don't know you. Didn't mean to be rude. Just having problems and was being a jerk to everyone.
Smitty Mushroomjagermanjenson

Registered: 09/10/16
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03/18/19 07:56 PM

Fastest package I've gotten from anyone.
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Registered: 09/01/17
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Great guy
01/21/19 04:05 AM

Hooks it up! Would recommend trading- thanks for helping the community
I'm a teapot

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I enjoy your posts and point of view
12/05/18 09:28 PM

OTD Keymaster
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Pinky popping the anus.
11/29/18 09:26 PM

+5 for being honest about what you’re into.  You’re very brave.
El Jefe
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Pinky Popping
11/29/18 02:36 AM

A lil pop for you too.

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Registered: 05/14/13
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Loc: 2535 W Fairmont Ave MD 21223
Never seen nor read a single post of yours.
11/29/18 02:32 AM

I have a gift that God gave me. The psychic ability to feel the Antichrist when near. Your evil runs deep and scares me all the way to the bone. Invite Jesus Christ into your life before it's too late. Amen

Last Edited 02/01/19 04:59 AM

Eclipse3130 responded on 11/29/18 08:21 PM:

The evil is already sent your way.. Jesus can't save you now!

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