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Registered: 05/30/15
Posts: 198
Last seen: 2 years, 4 months
07/21/15 04:59 PM

Re: Re: A cube is just a cube

People need to use the resources that have been provided
I come from the land of lizards
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Registered: 07/24/14
Posts: 9,652
Loc: Gamehendge Flag
02/02/15 03:56 AM

Dude is cool as fuck and has a great sense of humor!
InvisibleImperfect Iam
^means imperfect,not I'm perfect
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Registered: 03/06/13
Posts: 7,237
Loc: center of the universe Flag
02/02/15 12:06 AM

More subs in the trash, thanks man! :thumbup:
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 08/19/07
Posts: 114,048
Loc: United States of America Flag
Last seen: 5 hours, 1 minute
02/01/15 08:21 PM

we dont tend to get along very well usually

TheMustardTiger responded on 02/01/15 11:10 PM:

We don't get along because I'm not a penis, and we all know how much you get along with penis..

And male butthole.

Really Nice Guy

Registered: 08/26/12
Posts: 7,057
Last seen: 4 months, 8 hours
01/25/15 10:23 PM

Intelligent guy who sticks to his guns and doesn't back down.  Polite, but firm.  I don't agree with him on everything, but I'm glad he's around to provide a diversity of opinions and keep me honest.  :grin:

Last Edited 02/01/15 11:41 PM
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Registered: 12/24/13
Posts: 2,000
Last seen: 7 months, 10 days
A much deserved rating!
01/25/15 04:06 PM

You are a cool dude and it has been a great pleasure meeting you and getting to know you...:thumbup:


Thanks for all of your help!

Last Edited 01/25/15 04:12 PM
Eat's You Alive :)
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Registered: 08/17/01
Posts: 18,822
Loc: In Your Head
Rogue Albino
01/24/15 03:35 PM

Nice job!
proletarians rise up
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Registered: 01/24/13
Posts: 19,243
Loc: Babylon
Last seen: 3 years, 2 months
01/14/15 06:59 AM

this took so long! :mushroom2:
The mycelium whisperer

Registered: 09/13/14
Posts: 2,266
Good guy
01/12/15 09:10 PM

great conversation-er . :stoned:
Apache Rose Peacock
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Registered: 08/12/12
Posts: 4,053
Loc: Florida Flag
01/10/15 12:32 PM

...is a legend! Cheers!

Call me, maybe?

Registered: 12/06/14
Posts: 289
Loc: New Mexico
Last seen: 5 years, 22 days
Tough but fair.
01/05/15 05:51 PM

Dishes out knowledge and serves up justice!
Salty Sailor
 User Gallery

Registered: 02/20/14
Posts: 747
Loc: Norway Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 7 months
uhf is my shit
01/04/15 01:19 PM

thanks bro
causes burning sensations
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Registered: 10/18/05
Posts: 11,379
Loc: Fare Thee Well.
You know what's better than tigers?
01/03/15 02:00 PM

Tigers with mustard on them. :thumbup:

Tiger sharks are better still, but only because there are two deadly animals in one there. Mustard sharks would be equally awesome.
no wait... Sriracha sharks!!! Fuck yeah, sriracha sharks...
Cube Collector
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Registered: 07/09/14
Posts: 1,905
Loc: Executing TEKs... Flag
Lookin' at ma gut?
12/23/14 01:34 AM

Stop starin' at it.
KB Cubensis Fanaticus
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 03/28/14
Posts: 2,347
Loc: The Ether
Last seen: 16 days, 16 hours
Cool guy
12/23/14 12:02 AM

Fair guy, level headed, has a lot to contribute, also has a good sense of humor..  Keep posting dude.  Lots of knowledge!  +5
blue collar underworld
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/19/13
Posts: 22,008
Loc: sub-surface unseen
12/21/14 10:57 AM

sorry, long overdue
gives level headed advice, and quick to respond!
until 2 months ago, i thought ur avatar was actually a picture of you.
i don't think i'll ever be able to think differently.
Fungus Punk
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Registered: 04/20/14
Posts: 13,293
Last seen: 20 days, 12 hours
12/11/14 05:38 PM

Green eggs and haaam

Solid dude
lazy fuck
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Registered: 09/06/12
Posts: 1,251
Loc: This one place
smarter than the average tiger...
12/08/14 11:28 PM

good dude...
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Registered: 10/16/14
Posts: 18,802
Loc: Journal Land Flag
Last seen: 2 years, 1 month
Why Haven't I Done This Yet?
12/08/14 08:31 PM

Smart cookie

 User Gallery

Registered: 12/12/12
Posts: 2,976
Loc: Here, Now
From the paaaarrk!
12/08/14 11:06 AM

 User Gallery

Registered: 04/06/13
Posts: 1,704
Loc: Canada Flag
Would join your trailer park
11/28/14 02:41 PM

you need more mushrooms
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/16/12
Posts: 18,916
5 stars
11/04/14 10:44 PM

Always helping and improving the Shroomery :thumbup:
Mushroom Maharaja
 User Gallery

Registered: 06/23/11
Posts: 13,886
5 shrooms
10/27/14 09:07 PM

good sig

EDIT: that was a severely inadequate rating. you are constantly serving out the 411. great poster :thumbup:

Last Edited 12/25/14 02:05 AM
Say hello to my little friend
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Registered: 09/16/12
Posts: 36,117
Loc: Canada Flag
Good guy. . .
10/26/14 10:27 PM

Great avatar :blazed:
Good to have ya around :rockon:

some fella

Registered: 09/24/13
Posts: 1,103
Loc: Canada Flag
Last seen: 2 years, 3 months
heres five
10/26/14 09:32 PM

Great member to the community

Awesome name/avatar btw, trailer park boys r fuckin awesome
new seasons are just what we needed, NETFLIX FTW

Last Edited 10/26/14 09:35 PM
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