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I'm a teapot

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01/12/16 04:11 PM


I must of laughed for 10 minutes straight, you deserve these :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:

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very well worded.. if more people heard that they might just realize the truth
11/03/14 08:13 AM

How fucked up though. Unbelievable this war on human rights, also known as the "War on (some) Drugs". This whole trip of "we, your loving and benevolent government are SO concerned for your health and safety that we MUST step in and stop you from yourself by locking you in a cage for years on end, destroying any future chances of employment, destroying your chances to go to school, vote, or enjoy other civil liberties all so that we can protect you from yourself and teach you a lesson".... all of which are infinitely more dangerous than any damage that would have come about as a result of simply using that drug. It's disgusting and pathetic. Makes me ashamed to call myself American. - chutney

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01/10/14 07:38 PM


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Good stuff.
11/17/13 02:55 PM


You are coming at it with ONLY the intention to debunk and disprove.

That is not the methodology of science. You already decided on the outcome you want, now all you gotta do is twist data to fit your conclusion so you can call it "real science".

Why do you keep asking why we aren't providing "facts"? Haven't we already explained that? Cherry picking Google to find links which support your pre-determined conclusion is not science, and it certainly isn't "providing facts". An objective and open mindset is a trait of all good scientists, and even when a conclusion HAS been reached, a willingness to accept emerging data which is at odds with the prevailing conclusion is the mark of a good scientist.

Years ago when I first heard about it, I didn't think global warming was being caused by humans... as the years went on and I started to hear more and more about the subject I realized I could either bite the bullet and accept the fact that my opinion was probably incorrect, or or continue to push my opinion and try to weasel around and twist any evidence I was shown so that I didn't have to admit I was mistaken. I quickly realized if I stuck to my opinion, I would have such an uphill battle attempting to deny and debunk this stuff. And at the end of the day, I just want the truth of the matter... stroking my ego by refusing to accept that I had been incorrect is just silly.

Very nice.
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11/10/13 06:09 PM

+5 for telling OP he got Nbomed and he's in denial.

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Trip tips
10/11/13 03:40 PM

The one about finding the right sound frequency
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